Ok, this is bad. Yes, the chapter is SO CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED! But I can't finish it. Why?

Because I turned in my school laptop at the end of the year. Yes, I prepared for that, and put the chapters, and lots of other stuff, on a DVD to transport onto one of the computers in my reach. It would, in fact, be done, but I can't get it! None of the computers I have read DVD-R, only DVD+R. That sucks. So, you might have to wait for awhile until you get your BCD's fix.

Again, I'm sorry for being so retarded as to not back up the recent chapter on the website.

For those of you who ask "Why not just rewrite the chapter?" No, I REFUSE to rewrite it. I sat for a half an hour, at my computer, with my laptop, watching the beginning of an episode, then pausing it, forgetting a little part, then having to turn it back and have to REWATCH the scene. Then moving on to another one, and repeating it. I wanted to get it as close to the episodes as I can. And as described as I can.

So, expect something long. Nothing too bad in this chapter, though. Two special little guests, I wonder if you could pick up, too.

Again, Sorry.

PS. If it'd make you feel much better, I'd write either a ChaseOmi short, or a RaiOmi short. -Shurg- it doesn't matter to me.