Well peoples this is my first fanfiction that I've actually posted so hopefully you'll like it. This fic is probably the result of my unhealthy obsession with Shikamaru and the show Project Runway, thus I named it Project Shikamaru. It probably won't have much to do with project runway actually but whatever. On with the fic!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxProject Shikamaru xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shikamaru inspected the apple in his hand, knowing all to well what kind of trouble he would be in if he picked out faulty fruits. 'Man, helping mom with the groceries was almost as troublesome as dealing with Ino on a week long mission. Well okay so maybe its not that troublesome... but still.' he thought to himself as he put the apples in his bag and payed the shopkeeper.

"Hey, you there with the ponytail!" an unfamiliar voice called trying to get Shikamarus attention.

"Huh...?" Shikamaru said halfheartedly after realizing he was the only one with a ponytail in the area.

"How would you like to be a model for my clothing line?" The overly energetic man said as he held out a business card in his hand.

'You've got to be kidding me...' Shikamaru thought as he looked at the brightly colored card in the mans hand. Since when was he model material? "Nope, sorry not interested." he said as he turned his back to the man and looked around for his mother.

"But w-wait!" The man said as he grabbed Shikamarus shoulder. Apparently he wasn't used to getting no for an answer. "I don't think you fully understand ...I mean, the pay is great and you'll be famous!"

Oh Shikamaru understood alright. His brilliant mind had already ran though every scenario this could possibly have led too and he didn't like the end result of any of them. "I've already told you no, go ask someone else. I have one job and I certainly don't want another one." Shikamaru said as he pushed the mans girly pampered hand off his shoulder. He was getting quite annoyed now. Here he was stuck running errands on this beautiful cloud watching day and now this man wouldn't leave him alone. There was no way in hell he was going to be a model. Not unless-

"Shikamaru what are you doing? Slacking off again I see! I told you to pick up the fruit and here you are chatting away with your friend!" Shikamarus pushy mother lectured as she came behind them.

"He's not a friend." Shikamaru said simply. He wanted to get away from this man before-

"Hi! I'm Kyabi Hayako from Hoshi Works INC. I'm sure you've heard of us somewhere, we make some of the finest desinger clothing." He said as he shook her hand. "And I'm assuming this handsome young man here is your son? We were just talking about business and I think that he would be an excellent model for our new Fall line!"

"You think my Shikamaru could be a model?" She said in awe as she scratched her chin.

'Oh no mom don't...' Shikamau thought in horror.

"Of course! He has this whole 'whatever' vibe that defines the new generation. You can see the apathy surging from every pore in his body! His stance, his expression, the messy ponytail!" he said with enthusiasm as he put his hands into a rectangle shape and acted like he was taking a picture of Shikamaru. "He would be on the front cover of every magazine! His name in lights! Girls would want him, and men would want to be him!"

Shikamarus mother was clearly starstruck at the fact that her son, that lazy Shikamaru could be a clothing model. "When would he start?" She asked with a smile.

Shikamaru hung his head in defeat. His mom had made up her mind and there was no arguing with her now. He was doomed.

"So your accepting the job? Great! Here's the paperwork you'll need to sign..." he said as he

reached into his bag and handed them to Shikas mother. "And here's my business card with the studio address. So meet me there at 10:00 next Monday! I can't wait!" He said as he went on his way.

"Wow this is great! And here I was thinking you would never amount to anything more than an average ninja! I'm so proud of you!" She said with a smile as she patted Shikamaru on the head.

"Gee thanks mom..." Shikamaru said sarcastically. He couldn't remember the last time he was this annoyed. There were oh so many things that could go wrong with this troublesome model plan...


Well there's the first chapter! Its kinda short, but please tell me what you think! I'm not really sure exactly where this is going, it may become a ShikaxTemari fic... but probably not... there's a good chance of it becoming a ShikaxEveryone fic. Most likely it will be just a general Shika fic though.