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Seventeen year old Danny Fenton closed his school locker.'Sam, I need to talk to you…you see the thing is, I'm moving, but it won't be as bad as you think it will be. No, that won't work. Sam, we need to talk. Sam, I like you, but the thing is, I'm moving. That won't work either. Sam, I really like you …'-

"Hey Danny." The voice stopped him in his tracts.

"Sam." His voice held no emotion to it. He just couldn't face the truth; he was going to leave her and the rest of Amity, the only problem was; they didn't know it yet. His eyes lingered over her figure. She had really grown up, and was become more beautiful every day. It seemed like every day more guys would start taking notice of her. One guy was Dash which made his blood boil. Sam was his. Of this he was sure; out of everyone, he would miss her the most. Sam's eyes held confusion.

"Is something wrong? You've been avoiding me all week." She paused for a mere second seeing no reaction on his face.

"You're not mad at me, are you?" Danny felt his heart stop for the moment, but he couldn't tell her...at least, not yet.

"No, Sam- I'm not mad, it's just"- He sighed.

"I have some things I have to work out." Sam's lips parted, as if she was going to say something, but closed them. He was being all secretive, and she didn't know why.

"You know you can tell me anything right Danny?" A rush of guilt ran through his body as he heard her utter those words past her purple lips.

"I have to go talk to Mrs. Dunn."- He rushed off before Sam could protest or maybe even figure out that he didn't have Mrs. Dunn as one of his teachers. It was killing him inside more than anything, because Daniel James Fenton wasn't clueless anymore. He was in love with his best friend Samantha Manson. For the last week he had kept a secret from both of his friends. He was moving far away from Amity Park. He just couldn't bare life without them. Maybe he figured that if he didn't tell them, then the harsh truth wouldn't happen.
"Danny." He heard his other friend yell.

"Yeah Tucker."

"I saw you two lovebirds getting cozy over there." Danny said nothing. Tucker just stood there gawking that his best friend didn't deny the lovebirds comment.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm in love with Sam." Tucker's face brightened as he let out a chuckle.

"I knew it! I could set you up a date with her and then"-

"No you can't." Danny's eyes avoided Tucker.

"Why not?" Tucker protested. He watched his friend, and knew something was terribly wrong.

"I'm moving Tucker."

"You're joking right?" Tucker waited for Danny's mood to suddenly change, laughing, anything that would show him that he was joking.

"I wish I was." Reality hit in. Danny really was moving. Danny wouldn't joke with something like this.

"When are you going?" Danny's head fell.

"In two days."

"Does Sam know about this?" Danny shook his head. He just couldn't do it.

"She needs to know Danny."

"I know." He said meekly.

"I'll tell her tomorrow."

One day before departure

Sam flopped on her bed feeling heartbroken. She knew something was wrong, and now she knew what. Danny was moving. He had approached her after school.


"Hey Sammy."

"Hey Danny, did you talk to Mrs. Dunn?"

"Oh yeah." He took a deep breath.

"Sam, I need to tell you something." Sam felt her breath getting caught in her throat.

"What is it?" She felt cheeks heat up.

"There's no easy way of telling you this Sam; I'm moving."

"Oh." Was all that she could manage to say. Her eyed found the floor.'Try to be supportive Manson.'


"Florida." Sam's eyes found the ground.

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow." Danny forced his eyes on Sam waiting for some kind of reaction.

"But Sam." He proceeded to try and tell her his feelings, but Sam had other plans.

"I have to go..."

"Sam." She ran without looking back.

End flashback

"How could he do this to me?" She cried into her pillow. Lately things were hinting that things would get more romantic between the two of them, and then Danny went into withdraw. She figured it was something she did. He confronted her a day before he would be leaving. Tears spilled over.

"He wasn't even planning on telling me that he was leaving." She tried to be happy for him, but all thoughts led to him betraying her, by simply not telling her. Her knees rose up allowing her to rest her chin on them. It wasn't fair, who would save her from ghosts, who would take her flying, and more importantly, what about the feelings she was always trying to hide. What would happen to them?

A couple hours before Departure

Danny stuffed the last part of the boxed into the moving truck. He looked back to Tucker, who shook his head sadly. Danny's eyes fell to the ground. She would come say good-bye right?

"Sam, will come. Trust me." He told his friend, and then muttered under his breath.

"She has to." He offered a small smile to his friend. He had come over to help them move boxes, but the conversations were silent. No words needed to be said in the empty house. The house started to look normal when they took down the Fenton Works sign, and turned the ops center into the blimp. Harsh reality was taking a toll on the friends as well as the mother and father, for they had never caught the ghost boy. They were moving across the country, and everyone knew life wouldn't be the same. Dash wouldn't have Danny to pick on, Paulina couldn't tease him anymore, and the trio would be reduced to a duo. Dash hadn't even try to pick on him during his last week, but Danny knew he would give up everything, even the special treatment from Dash, to stay in Amity Park. In a couple hours, Danny would leave Amity Park, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Danny, sweetie, it's time to go."

"Just a couple more minutes, Sam will come I know she will." Maddie only agreed because she heard the desperateness in his voice. She knew the move was the best for the entire family. She was offered a job she couldn't refuse that had to do with hunting ghosts. Danny would get over his simple crush that he had on Sam, there were girls in Florida after all. She only hoped, for Danny's sake that Sam would show to say good-bye.

"We really need to go Danny." Danny kept his eyes out on the outstretched road in disbelief.

"She didn't come. I won't even get to say bye." Tucker looked at Danny with sympathy.

"I'll watch over her Danny. I promise." He nudged Danny's side.

"You know make sure no guys mistreat her." Danny smiled.

'No, Sam deserves only the best.'

"I guess this is it." Danny started headed into the RV.

"Danny." He heard a voice whisper behind him. His heart began to beat faster. He turned around and pulled her into a tight embrace taking in her scent. The scent he had fallen in love with.

"So you're really leaving?" She whispered in his ear, desperately hoping that it wasn't true.

"I have to Sam. I don't have a choice..."

"We'll keep in touch…" Her voice faded.

"Something." She finished.

"I'll come visit you in the night." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. She hit his arm making him yelp out in pain.

"I was being serious." She tried to hide her blushing cheeks. The two teen's laugher faded away leaving awkward silence. He rested his forehead on hers.

'Say something.' Her mind screamed.

"I'm going to miss you."

'Anything.' Her mind yelled, but she couldn't speak. Danny stayed silent. There was more awkward silence.

'Last chance.' Her mind warned her.

"So I guess this is good-bye." She forced herself to look into his eyes; those piercing eyes."No." He said rather forcefully; it almost scared her. He gently kissed her forehead.

"Friends never say good-bye." She hugged him one last time letting his arms settle around her waist. This was right, but the moment left her soon enough. He smiled at her and then Tucker before disappearing into the Fenton Assault Vehicle. Jazz was the next one to go through the line of hugs. When she hugged Sam she whispered,

"I'm glad you came." Sam fought the tears in her eyes; she couldn't break down not in front of them. Tucker put his hand on her shoulder. She could barely watch the RV drive into the distance.

"I'm sorry Sam."

"What are you sorry for?" The two teen's eyes met.

"That you never got a chance to tell him your feelings." Sam adverted her eyes.

"It doesn't matter now, I'm going home. I have some thinking to do."
Tucker watched her stroll in the direction of her house. He shook his head sadly. The only time she would admit it, and he was already gone. Things would be different, but life would move on. He looked back to Sam's shadow which was fading over a hill. He had to look after her now. He had promised him.

"For your sake Sam." His eyes switch to the house Danny used to live in.

"I hope he does come back, because it does matter." Tucker Foley started to walk back to his home, and his new life.

One Week Later-

"Where you going Freak?" Dash had corner Sam once again.

"Leave me along Dash." She snarled.

"What are you going to do about it? Have your loser boyfriend come back and defend you, if you haven't noticed he's not around to protect you anymore. He's not coming back."

"Don't you ever talk about Danny like that!" She tried to slap him, but Dash caught her arm and twisted it behind her back.

"Kitty has claws when it comes to her boyfriend." Dash laughed with his friends. He pushed her up against the lockers.

"I'm telling you what's going to happen. We're going into the back room, and I'm going to show you a good time." Sam took her chance and bit his other arm that was coming dangerously close to her. Dash screamed out in pain while throwing her to the floor.

"You miserable little"- He raised his hand to slap her.

"Don't you lay a hand on her." Sam's eyes locked with the owner of the voice; Valerie. Valerie was a black belt and not afraid to use it.

"G-Grey…" Dash managed to stutter out. Val held her position to show them she was serious. Dash was scared, but he didn't want anyone to know that.

"Come on guys, let's go." They pushed past Val to class. She hurried over to her.

"Sam, are you alright?" She held out a hand, but Sam ignored it and stood herself fine.

"Yeah, fine." She brushed past Val.

"You're sure?" Her voice stopped her from walking away.


"Sam, I know we're not the best of friends, but Danny was both of our friends. I know he meant a lot to you. You know you can talk to me about anything." Sam said nothing at first. She was stunned.

"Thank you." She hurried off to her class not wanting to be late. Val sighed. Whatever Sam wasn't telling her, she would find out sooner or later. Danny's move affected Sam more than she thought it would. It affected everyone pretty hard. They just had to live life without Danny Fenton in it, if only Sam would learn that soon.

"Danny come on, you'll be late to school." Jazz called down the hall.

"You should be at college." Danny grumbled. He kept looking out the window.

"Sulking won't make us move back."

"I can sulk if I want to." He huffed.

"Sulking won't make Sam be with you." Jazz crossed her arms.

"Go away." He picked up the nearest item and tried to throw it at her, but he missed her.

"Wow. Youreally are getting worse without her." Jazz taunted.

"Would you shut-up?" He yelled. Jazz smiled a know-it-all smile. They were in a war and Danny's anger wasn't winning.

"Now, that you're out of your sulking mood, get ready for school." Jazz left the room leaving Danny in a huff. He eyed the computer. Maybe he could send her an email. He promised he would stay in contact with her. A smile graced his lips for the first time since he had moved there when he remembered what he had even suggested. While she just took it coming to visit her in the night as a joke, he was dead serious. Even though down here he could explore his dreams of being an astronaut further, nothing would replace Amity Park. He couldn't believe how well everyone had already adapted to the move; like Amity Park had no longer resisted. He just couldn't forget it. Two members of team Phantom were still there, one his best friend, the other the girl of his dreams. No where would feel like home, he couldn't sleep, nothing tasted right. He couldn't live without them. He just hoped that they missed him as much as he missed them.

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