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Danny smiled as he stood he never expected this day to come. The music began, oh how he loved the sound of that music.

The rain fell down from the grey sky. Three days had passed. Danny stared out the window; he had wished that everything had gone differently. He had even asked Clockwork to turn back time, but he of coursed refused for an unknown reason. The rain reminded of him of her. She liked the rain; it represented a fresh start. He heard footsteps coming towards the study. He didn't feel like talking to Jazz about his problems. The footsteps stopped short of coming into the study.

"Go away Jazz." He said wistfully. The person didn't answer right away.

"Jazz, I said"- His head turned and his words faded at the sight of a dripping wet Sam standing in the doorway.

Sam glanced down at her dress, it was white. There was nothing wrong this time, she was the bride. It was almost hard to believe, but this is what she wanted. She wanted this more than anything. She trusted Danny her life, and if he wanted to take this step, then she did too. They both had been waiting so long to show their affection for each other, and now it was a rush letting them out.

Sam glanced at the ring just sitting on her dresser. It was impossible she knew, but it felt like it all the same. If he was going to give the ring to Valerie, why did it have her name in it? No matter how hard she tried not to think about it, the more she thought about him. She screamed in frustration as she fell back onto her bed. The image of Danny was engraved in her mind.

"Why won't you go away?" She hissed to no one but herself. She knew the answer, but after so many years of denial it was hard to let the truth out.

"I love him." Those words scared her more than any ghost ever could. The truth came out.

"I need to go back."

"Sam" The white dress twirled around with her. Jazz stood in the doorway.

"It's time." Those words struck fear into her heart. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

"I guess it is."

Danny couldn't breathe when Sam came in sight with her wedding dress on. She was purely stunning. He felt Tucker nudge him.

"I told you it would all work out." But Danny didn't respond.

"Sam" He asked. He wanted her so bad, maybe he was seeing things. She simply nodded.

"You came back." He said as he embraced her.

"I had to."

"Does this mean?"

"Yes." She answered him smiling into his shoulder.

"Sam." He pushed her away gently.

"You know it won't be easy, but I'm willing to take that risk." She kissed his cheek tenderly.

"I know, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"You made me the happiest man in the world." He spun her around.

"Danny." She said quiet-like.

"Yes, Sam."

"I love you." It felt good to let the truth out.

The two stood at the alter. Danny took Sam's hand and squeezed it.

"It's not too late you know." A smile spread on her lips.

"I'm not going anywhere Daniel James Fenton." Danny smiled and she smiled back.

"We are gathered here today to"- The two lovebirds let the words pass on by. For once in their life, things were going right. There was no need for a Phantom Bride anymore.

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Previews: Ok, I couldn't decide on which one to do, so you guys will have to pick one, and sadly only one. For the summaries, look on my profile.

Riding Shadow:

Fate can be cruel to people...

"I didn't do it! I swear!" Danny yelled as the cops dragged him away.

"Dad, where are you going?" The girl ran after him. He merely shook his head at the little girl.
"I'm sorry Samantha."

Or bring people together...

"Who's this?" She pointed to the guy that was standing in their doorway on her ranch.
"Why didn't I tell you Sammy?" Her eyes narrowed at the strange boy when a smirk was on her features.
"This is Danny; he is going to be staying with us for awhile."

Two strangers bonded over time...

"I can't believe it's your last day here."
"I know."
"I'm going to miss you."

They ended up falling in love...

"Danny watched her as she threw the saddle over Shadow.
"Are you coming?" She called over to him
"Yeah." He fought his way out of a daze.

Now he has to make a choice...

"You could stay here..."


"Hey, I haven't heard from you since you went to that stupid horse ranch. So when are you coming back?"

To go back to everything he knows...

"I know you would come back to your senses." Tucker slapped his back.
"It's good to have you back."

Or to stay and leave everything he knows behind...

"You're leaving aren't you? You weren't even going to say good-bye."
"Sam, don't be like that."
"You know what just forget. You haven't changed at all."
"Sam." He called out, but she kept walking towards the stables.

Total Eclipse of the Heart:

An evil plan unfolds...

The dark figure stood over the sleeping Danny.
Now this won't hurt at all." He emptied the remains of the needle into Danny's body.

New emotions grow...

"I think I'm in love."
"What?" Tucker asked.
"I think I love Sam..."

His powers grow stronger...

"Isn't this cool, I have another power."
"This is great." Tucker exclaimed.
"Yeah, great." Danny overlooked Tucker, and stared at Sam. Why wasn't she happy about this?

He's loosing touch with his friends...

Danny's eyes narrowed at Sam.
"You let the ghost get away!" His hand grabbed her arm shaking it wildly. She winced with the pain; his nails ripping into her flesh.
"Danny, you're hurting me."
"I'll find the ghost myself." He pushed her to the ground and flew off. Tucker ran over to help her. His face grew pale when he saw blood slowly trickling down her arm.

How long will it take before...

"I don't know you anymore." Danny's eyebrows knitted together. What was she talking about; he was the same old Danny that she knew ever since second grade.


"Sam." He took a step forward, and she took a step back.
"Stay away from her." Tucker growled as he stood in front of her.

He looses control of himself...

The body lay at his feet, blood staining his hands.
"Danny." Sam whispered in disbelief. Her head started to fog up with confusion. Danny was in front of her with blood covering his hands.


"Sam." Danny reached out to touch her cheek, but she pulled away.

"You hurt Tucker, you hurt me..."


"Kill her now." Vlad ordered. An ecto-blast formed in Danny's hand.
"Danny, you can fight it."
"Silence." Vlad screamed. Ocean met violet.
"It's Vlad or your friend Danny." She screamed in pain when a blast that was fire from Vlad hit her.
"What are you waiting for?" Vlad questioned.

"I'm sorry Sam..."

Breaking all the Rules-

One bet was made...

"Did I hear what I thought I did? I think what you said was bet."
"You would be correct." Tucker smug smile grew larger.

It drove the two unlike people...

"Hello, my name is Danny." Danny leaned one hand up in front of the wall blocking her way. He flashed one of his heart-melting smiles. Something is wrong, and Danny started to realize that this would be harder than he thought.
"Get out of my way." She hissed. Danny's smile faded as he looked back at all his friends watching.
"Look princess, my friends are watching, so could you pretend to swoon a little." He matched her tone.
"So you can save your face, no way." She started to walk past him. He reached out and grabbed her arm; big mistake. The next thing he knew Sam had untwisted the cap of her water and splashed it into his face before continuing on her way.

She wanted to prove him wrong...

"Why has stalking me become one of your hobbies, weren't there enough clubs at school?"
"Let's just say I saw you in a new light."
"Well you're still in the same light, so stop stalking me!"

He was determined to be right...

"You know you look prettier when your hair is down."
"What will it take for you to leave me alone?"
"A date."
"With you, forget it."
"Are you scared princess?"
"Scared of what?"
"That you'll have a good time."

That is, until love got in the way...

"I actually had a good time tonight."
"I told you I wasn't so bad." She turned to go inside, but he grabbed her hand. She turned back to him, only to be greeted by a pair of lips.

Then everything went downhill...

"He did what?"
"You mean, he didn't tell you?"
"Tell me what?"
"All this was a bet. He had a bet that he could date any girl and make sure she got the title of Prom Queen. He doesn't feel anything for you." She was too shocked to say anything.
"All I want you to do is reconsider going to Prom with me."

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