An Inuyasha/Kikyo Flashback poem

AN: ohmigosh, cant believe i just never posted this. Mainly Kikyo's hardships with the jewel and how she wishes things had been different. . . and Inuyasha's take on the situation. Hope ya like!

disclaimer: erm, ain't mine?

All she ever wanted was to be ordinary.


To have a feel of carelessness to her,

All the burdens of her heritance

Taken by the wind.

He, of all,

Was the one to understand.

Only through the weight of his own soul,

His own anguish and uselessness,

Could he feel her agony, her fear. . .

But his lips never felt the sensation of even one word of comfort.

She toiled inside her mind,

Forcing her limbs to carry on tasks

She forced herself not to accept. . .

But acceptance wasn't her decision.

Birthright had made that decision long, long ago.

He knew every word of it,

Was told every feeling,

Every longing,

Every fear,

Through those beautiful, wet eyes

He met only sparingly.

Yet still.

No condolence.

No comfort.

For all the sake of sound reputation, he could stand by her side through hatred.

And judgment.

And insolence;

Easing her pain by causing her more.

So, she continued wordlessly,

Breaking her soul over yearnings that could never be hers,

Feeling the strength of her shackles much more than it was.

And for all things spoken at her expense,

For all judgments that flew from his very lips,

She only wanted one word.

One word of kindness,

Of love,

Of anything but this,

Speaking only for her in a voice that only her own ears could cherish.

Telling her she wasn't strange, or erratic;

That her burdens were numerous,

But in no way abnormal or crude.

Yet he didn't give her that.

He refused to.

Even in her death did he hold her astray of that pleasure.

Because she just wasn't ordinary, not in any way he could possibly think of . . .

. . .She was better than that.