Title: Vigoratus

Genre: Romance/Tragedy

Summary: " Even after he betrayed us, hurt us, and stomped all over our love...we'll both still love him." Serena didn't want to admit it, but Cassandra was right." We're both the same right now- we need someon to turn to."Oneshot-SerenaxCassandra.

A/N: I know this pairing is highly unimaginable, but right now, I'm in the mood 4 a weird pairing! Lol. So don't bash saying this pairing sux or anything, say that to DerekxTianna or something. Jk, jk:D


Serena sat on a bench, palms sweaty and eyes glued to her lap. Yesterday, everything in her lif fell apart, shattered. During a rough, frightening battle with Lambert, something terrible had happened. Catty, her best friend, her fellow sister, had vanished after being hit with one of Lambert's powerful energy blasts. Now, no one knows were Catty is, or if she's even alive. Her eyes darkened, as the other incident rewound in her head.

Stanton. He had given her a ring for protection. And it was this ring, that deflected the hit, sending it hurdling toward Catty. Although it did save her, she felt horrible for giving her fate to Catty. But then, he had done something she would never forgive hi for. He joined the Atrox once more. It was in order to save her, but now, all sense of him would gone. She hated him...

" What are you doing here?" a gentle, yet cold, voice asked. Serena turned slightly, only to see Cassandra, staring at her. She fought the urge to just lunge at Cassandra, and give her bruises that would give her pain for the rest of the month.

" What does it look like?" she replied sarcasticly, " I'm sitting."

" Ten at night?" Cassandra asked, cocking an eyebrow. It was true. She had stopped to take a rest after leaving her cello lesson, but that rest, had turned into an hour of thinking and contemplating.

" I'm just thinking. Now leave me alone", Serena growled, irritation rising. Despite Serena's angry mood, Cassandra sat down next to her, making Serena more frustrated.

"...He'll always be cruel..." Cassandra whispered. Serena jerked back, eyes puzzled.

" But, even after he betrayed us, hurt us...we'll both still love him..." Cassandra continued. Serena tunred her head away, ashamed. She didn't want to admit it, but it was true. The love she felt for him was still beating painfully at her heart.

" That's why we need soemone to turn to." Serena looked at her, wondering if Cassandra was telling the truth. After all, she wanted comfort from the girl who stole away her only love?

Cassandra shivered as a gust of cold air rushed by. As on que, Serena huddled closer, warmth radiating from her fuzzy sweater. Cassandra gazed up at full moon, and rested her hand on top of Serena's.

" It's a cold night..." Serena said, trying to relax her uncomfortable feelings inside of her. Cassandra nodded.

" Always is..."


I know, I know. A short oneshot. But, I'll add this as humour:

Stanton skimmed across the air, eyes scanning the street for Serena. He had become Prince of the Night, second in line for the- Wait a second? Cassandra and Serena...huddling...close...together...?

" What the f--k?!?" But strangely, that was hot...