Epilogue (fancy word for the chapter that ties everything together, almost, only if you know how to write one. If you don't, it's called chapter 10. Which is non-existent…here)

Haruka & Itachi:

Isn't this obvious? She kills him. No one dares to make Haruka angry. Poor Itachi, if only he had a heart. Maybe I should make him a paper heart out of words…

Haruka trained until she was feared and loved by the people of Konoha. Then she spend her time finding Itachi's weaknesses. When she reached the age of 17 she was the best in the ninja world. THAT was the time when she decided to kill Itachi for all the pain he has cost her and her family. Also, she found out that if everyone included in the vow, died. Hiroshi would be free. There were only two people. Sasuke and Itachi. Sasuke as you all know…died. So Itachi was the only one left.

At the end of his "short" life, Itachi actually WANTED to die AND to be killed by one of his clan members. Sort of like a pay back. I killed my family. My family kills me. It works…very nicely.

Itachi's last words

"Forgive Me."

"You Are Forgiven."

Quietly, without a struggle, Itachi went to paradise (hell).

Hiroshi & Takara:

The perfect pair…don't you think so? This is my favourite. But I cannot allow them to live happily. It's a story. Not a fairy tale. So get a tissue and read. (Maybe I'll be nice for once...hmm…)

Nothing really happened in the few years that Hiroshi lived. But Takara loved him. The only one that knew was Haruka. Years after Hiroshi lost his soul, Haruka killed Itachi, Takara found Hiroshi. Not the romance scene she always imagined. Hiroshi was committing suicide. Near a river…

"No. Don't. Please Hiroshi! You got to live! With me…I love you…" Takara reached out her hand trying to reach the Hiroshi that she loved so many years ago. Hiroshi whipped his head around pushed Takara away. No one understands how he feels. Hiroshi (at that moment) hated Takara for not letting him get rid of his pain. He hated living this way. Everyone treats him like as if he still has no soul. He had no one now. Haruka had changed; she wasn't the same sister anymore. Hiroshi had no friends.


The sound of Takara's voice hung in his mind. He noticed Takara staring at him. He felt a sudden wave of guilt. She was trying so hard to get him. Hiroshi knew she would die for him. She was all he has left. Hiroshi moved towards Takara and gave her what she wanted. His love.

Years later…

Takara gave Hiroshi two sons before she left the world to a disease that killed half the population.

Hiroshi gave his sons to Haruka and left earth to join Takara.

Their names were:

Itachi and Sasuke.

A/N: Done.

No sequels. Sorry.

Now that I think about it…Hiroshi and Takara's Itachi (jr.) and Sasuke (jr.) has everyone's "genes". They should have both byuagon and Sharingan. They would have Sakura's charka control and healing abilities. They would have Itachi AND Sasuke (Sakura aka. WHORE) they would have Naruto and Hinata. AND they have the most powerful ninja in the ninja world. Haruka. She is their mother and father and teacher. Itachi (jr.) and Sasuke (jr.) would be the "ultimate" children/human/ninja/whatever you wanna call them.

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