Declan's child hood

Chapter 1- A new friend?

Declan was the definition of geek. He had glasses and was an A grade kid in every class. He walked into school to the familiar sounds of school. Students shouted "Geeklan" and shoved him around. A name they had coined him when he had just started this nightmare. He wanted to shout back at them and maybe even shove them around. But he knew it was no use, it would only get him beat up. So he ignored them. It was all he could do. The bell rang and he hurried into class, taking a seat at the back.

The teacher droned on about the First World War. The teacher rattled off statistics and referred the students to various spots in the set textbook. He sighed bored. He already knew all of this. Finally the class ended and none too soon. He walked out carefully scanning the hall for his usual bully's. However he didn't notice the stairs and tripped.

He winced checked his glasses. FUCK! Mums going to kill me! He stared at the cracked glasses in defeat.

He got up painfully to see almost the whole school pointing and laughing. Did he expect any different? The girls turned and whispered to their friends then laughed. Then came his familiar bullies. "You have an audience today Geeklan. Don't you just feel special?" The bully (AN: I will call him Fred) punched him. He laughed and threw him to the ground. He started kicking him with a kind of joy until he saw blood. Triumphantly laughing he called to his gang and walked away an air of finality about him. The crowd started to disappear after a few jokes and a good laugh.

He sighed defeated and tried to get up slowly. Pain filled his senses and he was forced down again breathing hard. What would he do? He had to get out of here. "Don't move, I'll get you help. Abby get the nurse" he heard a kind voice say. Was this a hallucination? Maybe he had hit his head...

Looking up he saw a girl younger than him with short black hair and green eyes (AN: I don't know her eye colour so for the purpose of the Fanfic its green). He hadn't seen her before in any of his classes. She must be a junior who had yet to learn the way of the school. It was the only explanation for helping him.

"What happened to you?" she asked in awe.

"Nothing unusual, I just got beat up" he replied in a wary but honest voice.

"Can you walk? We need to get to the school nurse" she said concerned her eyes softened in worry. He was hesitant at first to accept her help, what if it was a trick but looking at the innocent eyes of the girl he decided it was his only option. When Declan shook his head she frowned and supported him.

As the nurse cleaned and bandaged his wounds he got a chance to find out if she was for real or another joke or maybe a trick set up for him. "I'm Declan. Thanks for the help. I wouldn't have made it far" he said.

She smiled the concern still evident in her innocent eyes. "I'm Miranda, I just wanted to help" she said and he could see she was telling the truth.

"Why did you help me? Most people would laugh and leave me."

"You looked bad. I had to help. I couldn't have left you there."

Declan hesitated "well thanks for the help; you'd better get to class."