Declan's childhood

Chapter 2 – Leave it alone

Declan and Miranda walked home together. Declan like her company and she didn't seem to mind his. He wasn't sure if they were friends yet but hanging out with her was the closest thing he had come to friends in his life. She lived further away than him in the richer suburbs.

"What does your dad do?" she asked curiously.

"His a dentist. He always wanted me to be a doctor or something similar" Declan faded out unhappily. He never wanted to be a doctor. The sight of blood scared him.

"What do you want to be?" she asked as if she really wanted to know.

"Not sure" he shrugged "but I've always liked history" he said unhappily. "But I can't…dad said he wouldn't pay my uni fees unless I chose a doctor's degree" he shrugged and looked away.

Miranda fell silent, not sure what to say. What was there to say? They turned a corner and stopped. "Well here I am. You can go to your home now. Thanks for walking with me" he said and run to the door.

Miranda couldn't help but stare after the strange boy.

She flung her bag on the floor and flopped on the bed. She had all she could ever need and this boy had just enough. She had a mansion on the other side of town where all the other rich kids lived. They all went to private schools. They loved being rich and they weren't shy about it. She was different.

She had always been a little embarrassed at her wealth. When she saw how other lower class families lived she felt a pang of guilt. But it wasn't her fault her family raised her in luxury. Still if she could do more.

She loved going to a public school with all the "common" kids. It made her feel better and she fit in better.

Her parents weren't worried; they were convinced she was going through a phase of some kind. After all she was still a child and yet to take her true place. Her place in the family required her to dine with the other rich families. To keep up appearances and not associate with the lower society. That way they defended their reputation and she was allowed to continue with the impression being she would change. What if she didn't? Would she be cast aside like a commoner herself? She didn't let it worry her though.

The next day at school he avoided her before school. In class he seemed quieter and more sedate than usual. He avoided her eye and ignore her repeated attempts to get his attention.

"Hey" she greeted, testing his reaction.

He looked startled for a moment and a guarded expression crossed his face. After a moment he relaxed, only a slightly guarded look. "Hey" he said softly.

"What's wrong?" she asked immediately.

"Nothing, why would anything be wrong" he said warily.

"Bullies beat you up?" she tried softly trying to understand.

"Just leave it, okay? It's nothing you could understand" he said surprisingly gently.

"Make me understand! What could be that bad?" she replied determined.

"Listen, if you want to know I need absolute trust you won't tell" he said looking her in the eye. The intensity scared her but she forced herself to remain calm. She looked into his eyes and saw what she had missed. What he had hid so well.

She saw anger, desperation and sadness. She bit her lip to stop her face turning to worry.

"Okay" she said.