Disclaimer: I own Jeff Carter. A reminder to first time readers of this story, you must read 'It's All in the Handwriting' to understand what's really going on.

Summary: This sequel is the years before Mesogog until the mid-2005.

Chapter 1 Something I Have Never Noticed About You

July 24, 1998

Jason and Zack's karate school was off for a week, so they decided to visit some old friends in Angel Grove. The two of them had moved to New York to start the school after graduation.

"They're going to be so surprised," Jason said, knocking on Kim and Tommy's door.

Zack smiled as Kim opened the door.

"Oh my God! When did you two get in," Kim asked.

"About an hour ago," Zack said.

For a moment in time, Kim seemed to have forgotten what had happened a little over a year ago. She wished that she could tell the rest. There was just something stopping her from doing it.

"Well, come in," Kim said, shaking off her thoughts.

Tommy walked out of the bedroom to find Jason and Zack sitting on the couch.

"Hey guys. Didn't expect for you to be here," was how he greeted them.

"The school's on break, so we decided to come visit," Jason said.

"You're just in time. We're all going to meet at the basketball court to play some ball," Tommy informed them.

"Alright," Zack smiled.

Zack was always up for a game of basketball.

"Kim's just finishing up making sandwiches," Tommy said.

"Alright," Jason smiled.


All the girls sat on a bench as the guys played basketball. Kim looked over at Kat, who was eyeing Jason. She gave a little giggle and tapped Kat's shoulder.

"Want a sandwich, Kat," Kim asked.

Kat never turned to answer.

"Kat," Kim yelled.

"Wh… what," she asked.

"Are you going to eat a sandwich," Kim laughed.

"Ah, maybe later," Kat said, returning her attention back to Jason.

"At least she turned her attention away from Tommy," Kim told herself.

"Man, someone's crushing," Aisha whispered to Trini.

"Yeah, no kidding," Trini laughed.

Tanya couldn't help but notice her friend's peculiar behavior. She had never seen her friend this infatuated with someone before.

"Kat, what's up with you girl," Tanya asked.

She turned towards Tanya, but her eyes were still on Jason.

"Is it me, or has Jason gotten hotter since the last time he came," Kat asked.

Tanya looked over at Kim, who covered her mouth to block the laughing.

"You're falling for him, aren't you," Kim asked.

"Yeah, I think I am," Kat admitted.

There was just something about him. Something Kat had never saw before.


During lunch, there was much eye glancing between Kim and Kat, Jason and Kim, and Tommy and Kim. Tommy seemed to be the only one knowing what Kim was trying to get out.

"I think someone has a crush on you bro," Tommy said.

Jason gave Tommy a weird look as they walked back on to the court after eating.

"Who," he asked.

Tommy quickly glanced at Kat.

"Kat? Tommy, doesn't she have the crush on you," Jason asked.

"Used to," he admitted. "Kat's a great girl, but I'm meant to be with Kim."

Jason nodded.

"Kat's been nothing more but a friend to me," he said.

Jason didn't really see Kat in that way. He had to admit though, there had been a few what ifs going through his mind.

"Well, maybe your feelings for her will change," Tommy said.


July 30, 1998

Jason and Zack had been in town for six days now. During that time, Tommy, Kim, Tanya, and Adam had been trying to get Kat and Jason to talk, but nothing seemed to work.

"It was really good to see you two again," Kim said, hugging Jason and Zack.

"Where were Adam and Rocky," Jason asked.

"Yeah," Zack said, "we didn't see them the whole time we were here. Well, we did see Adam for two days."

"They've been real busy with the dojo," Tommy informed them.

"Yeah, you probably pulled poor Adam out of work to help with yall's scheme to get Kat and me together," Jason laughed.

"Why would we do something like that," Kim asked.

"It was so obvious," Jason said.

"Busted," Zack laughed.

"Guys, if I really think there can be something between the both of us, I'll let you know," Jason said.

Kim bit her lower lip and looked down.

"Why weren't you at the dojo then, Tommy," Jason asked, quickly changing the subject. "I thought you worked there."

"Oh, um, I gave my position to Adam," he said.

"Why would you do that," Zack asked.

"Because," Kim said, wrapping her hands around Tommy's waist, "our Tommy here is trying to get his PhD."

"Oh yeah, in what," Jason asked.

"Paleontology," Tommy said.


August 24, 1998

Kim walked into the newly named Ape and Frog Dojo. Tanya got up from her seat and hugged her.

"Hey, Kim, the guy's classes are about to end," she said.

"Cool," she smiled.

Tanya noticed that Kim was alone.

"Say, where's your other half," she asked.

"Oh, I don't know. He didn't tell me where he was going. All he said was to meet him here," Kim said.

The phone call between the two had been short to say the least.

"Well, he's not here yet," Tanya said.

"Yeah, I could tell," Kim laughed, using her hands to indicate the nearly empty room.

"Hey, Kim," Rocky and Adam said in unison.

"Where's Aisha, Rocky," she asked.

"Oh, she'll be here. Says Tommy said to come," he said.

"Come to think of it, I think everyone but Jason and Zack are going to be here," Adam replied.

"Excuse me," Kim asked. "Did you say everyone but Jason and Zack?"

"Oh," Adam said, "we'll, also minus Billy and Justin."

"Justin has his own life now," Tanya sighed.

Ever since the other Turbo Rangers went into space, he had kept a low profile.

"What does Tommy have up that sleeve of his," Kim wondered.

"Wonder no more," Aisha said, walking into the dojo with Trini and Kat.

Kim raised one eyebrow. Kat walked beside her.

"What's going on," Kim asked.

"You're going to love it," Kat smiled.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Trini said as Aisha walked up beside Kim, "I'd like to introduce Mr. Thomas Oliver."

Everyone covered their mouths as Tommy walked in, hair cut all off.

"Oh my gosh," Rocky said.

"Well, interesting," Adam laughed.

Kim just shook her head.

"Wow," she said.

"Weird, right," Trini asked.

"I'm going to have to get use to the short hair now I guess," Kim said.

"You like," Tommy asked.

She walked over to him and hugged him.

"I love it. It's like I'm meeting a whole new Tommy," Kim said.

Adam walked over to Kat and Tanya.

"Alright, who put him up to it," he asked.

"We both did," Tanya admitted.

"Trini and Aisha too," Kat said.


Chapter 2 coming soon.