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Fang Vice Addiction

Chapter One: One Trickle of Pleasure

By Traingham

Evangeline Mcdowell, a vampiress who attended the all female academy of Mahora was not one to be seen as the type to talk to. She was cold, uncaring, and pretty intimidating to most of the girls who attended the same class. Now if most of them actually knew the truth about her then perhaps it would have been even worse, but then again these were the same girls who didn't seem to mind much about having an android for a classmate or even a ten year-old boy for an English teacher. Life was really interesting on the Mahora campus to say the least.

Negi finished writing the pronunciation for a few words on the board before getting down from his stool, and turning back to face his students. He was relieved at the miraculous fact that his class didn't erupt in chaos today yet, and by taking a cursory of the back of the room he could see that his "Master" wasn't paying any mind to him so that was a plus as well. The Mcdowell girl was willing to be his master in the arts of magic as long as he treated her as his actual master, which wasn't exactly his cup of tea. In fact he could even be considered a walking treat for her whenever she was thirsty, and he could never get used to that.

"Erk...tonight she turns in to a vampire." Negi said to himself nervously. The news this morning stated that the scientist were going to do a test on how tonight's full moon would effect the zoo animals, and the report almost slipped his mind. As if on cue Evangeline suddenly turned to face him before licking her lips hungrily. The boy paled in rising panic at the sight her devious smirk, all the while, veering his attention away from her, and back to the English book in his hand.

-Training with her tonight might not be in my best interest.- Negi thought with a trembling nod.

"Teacher!" called Konoka from her seat. Negi snapped out of his thoughts, and forced a smile before acknowledging her. "Are you going to pick someone to read yet?"

"O-oh yeah." he stammered. "A-Asuna, could you read please?"

The red-head flinched upon being called by him to read, and wasted no time in expressing her discomfort. "Stop calling on me already! Why don't you call somebody else instead?" At this mad protest, Ayaka had her hand raised in the air instantly to gain the young teacher's favor, but a voice called out that rarely fell upon the ears, getting everyone's attention.

"I will read." Chachamaru suddenly offered from the back of the classroom. The robot looked in to the book and read, "Richard and Maya went out for a bite the other night. Richard was a gentlemen, and allowed Maya to choose where she wanted to dine at."

"V-very good, Chachamaru." Negi praised the robot over the enthusiastic cheers of the other girls. Now he knew something was up if she of all people decided to participate in his class. She wouldn't speak unless Evangeline wanted her to. He stole a quick glance at the vampiress before sweat dropping at the sight of her evil smirk. He definitely didn't think meeting with her tonight for their usual session was a good idea, not with all the signs he was getting from her today. When the bell mercifully rang he heaved a long held sigh of relief.

"Okay, I'll see all of you tomorrow." The girls were already up, and packed to leave with the exception of the library pair who approached his desk to speak with him.

"Are you holding another study session after school, Negi-kun?" Yue asked in her usual dull tone of voice, a light blush blossoming on her face as she did. Nodoka naturally stood behind her shyly awaiting for his answer. It wasn't until after looking over their shoulders to confirm the departure of the terror pair that he answered with a yes.

[Turning to Evangeline, and Chachamaru... ]

The vampiress walked down the stair steps of the school with her loyal gynoid companion following closely behind. She took immense pleasure in tormenting the young Negi Springfield, as it was one of the only forms of amusement left to her in this world given her unfortunate circumstances, and she was sure that the boy knew what would happen tonight when the full moon rises in the evening sky. Her vampiric side would be fully awakened and her thirst for sweet blood would come down on her all at once. Being that she promised she wouldn't prey on any of the fellow girls on campus after her last real confrontation with the young magister, the tiny vampire had to resort to preserved blood in plastic packets from the hospital, with the occasional helping from Negi himself.

"I'm sure we have his attention now." She said with a devious smirk. "Knowing that scared little boy, he probably won't be planning on coming to meet with me tonight, but that's just fine with me. I like it when he runs."

"Should I escort him then?" Chachamaru asked, standing patiently for a response from her mistress, which she took some time in providing before answering with a slow shake of her head. It wouldn't look well on her part to send a servant to seek out another. If she wanted to make a point then she would have to meet him herself. Besides, even if she herself refused to admit it, she held more respect for the boy than she outwardly expressed, something that had much to do with the fact that her one and only unrequited love happened to have been his father. She really wouldn't have minded if he started to show a little more qualities similar to his old man, though.

"I'll do it myself." Mcdowell replied, crossing her arms as she looked back at the school. "He scheduled some after school tutoring, so he'll be walking home alone tonight."

For a moment hesitation etched itself across Chachamaru's normally stoic features, lost on Evangeline since she her focus had remained on the school as it happened. "Permission to speak, mistress?" She addressed her master's attention humbly with the usual bow. Evangeline tore her gaze away from the school with reluctance, making it appear as though it annoyed her to do so.

"Go ahead." The vampiress responded, somewhat, curtly.

"You intend to duel with him again?"

"Why do you ask?"

"You do not wish for my assistance?"

"I can confront the boy alone if I want."

"...Negi-sensei is starting to become much like his father, mistress." Chachamaru said after a purposeful pause.

"That's what I'm counting on." The dark little girl retorted, uncrossing her arms. "However, I'm not going to duel with my own apprentice. All I want is for him to take me out for a nice satisfying drink." Chachamaru nodded with an "affirmative", and left for the dorm building. Evangeline watched the android curiously as she walked away, raising an eyebrow in mild interest.

"She's asking a lot of questions today."

"Hey, Asuna?" Konoka called to her roommate. The red-head turned to face her friend quickly, causing the bells in her hair to jingle lightly. The twins, who were walking nearby in the background, narrowly escaped injury from a stack of books that unexpectedly fell over in their direction.

"Um...What's up?" Asuna asked awkwardly.

"Didn't Negi-sensei seem a little uptight in class today? Kind of like he was expecting something bad to happen today."

"I wasn't really paying attention to him most of the time." Was Asuna's answer, eliciting a soft sigh from Konoka Konoe. Sometimes she couldn't help but feel annoyed by her close friend's inability to squeeze out enough attention to focus on anything other than Takahata-sensei.

"See? This is exactly why you're so terrible in school, Asuna."

"N-not true!" Asuna cried out, blushing in embarrassment at the undeniably accurate statement. "I'm really good in P.E!" Both girls could swear that they heard the class president's sinister laughter in the distance at that very moment. It was very apparent to them that Ayaka somehow heard that outburst, wherever she was at the moment.

"...Anyway I saw little Negi sweating bullets in the class earlier. Maybe he was having some problems."

"I could care less!" Asuna exclaimed irritably. "I have other things to worry about that doesn't concern that annoying little brat. I still haven't started on that history report yet so the last thing I need is to deal with more trouble."

"You know that it's due tomorrow right?"

"I know, I know." Asuna said with a panicked nod that caused the bells in her hair to jingle yet again. Setsuna who was undercover to watch Konoka didn't have enough time to dodge the stack of books near her that Ako mistakenly bumped in to. Both conversing girls heard the sudden commotion, but shrugged their shoulders anyway.

"What were we talking about earlier?"

"I forgot."

Negi packed his lesson planner along with other things in to his messenger bag and looked out the faculty room window before his eyes widened in horror. It was already getting quite dark outside, and he still had a long way to go from here to the girl's dorm building way across the campus grounds. Someone flickered the lights on and off, getting the young magister to whip his head in the direction of the door where he saw Takamichi standing with his hand on the light switch.

"You're here a little late Negi." Takamichi said with a gentle smile.

"Yeah...I held another after school tutoring for my students so they could get a little more understanding on the current chapter." Negi replied with a nervous chuckle. He seriously hoped this exchange wasn't going to hold him up too long because time was very precious right now.

"That's great to hear." said the elder teacher. "So is this helping the girls out much?"

"Th-they're improving."

"And how about Mcdowell? Is she behaving well in your class?" Negi paused for a moment at the thought of his master's stoic face. Slowly a grin crossed her lips before she licked them and bared her fangs at him all predatory-like. The thought bubble over his head popped and he answered quickly, "She doesn't misbehave."

"I see." Takamichi said unconvincingly, his spectacles capturing the reflection of the full moon as if to remind the young man of the possible danger he was facing by remaining in the school any longer. Negi saw it and grabbed his staff before politely excusing himself from the conversation with a farewell. As soon as he got out of the faculty room he ran through the halls as though his life depended on it. Shizuna came around the corner and offered him a cheerful wave, but Negi was in such a rush that he simply ran past her in a blur without returning the kind gesture. When he finally got to the exit way out of the school he opened the door slowly, and peered outside to make sure that the coast was clear.

"I can do this." Negi said to himself in a desperate attempt to gather the courage to step out to face what may or may not have been awaiting him. "I can do it!" With those words he sprinted out like a startled fox, jumped from the top stair step with his staff, and flew out in to the evening sky. He stayed calm, and everything was running smoothly until a black, and yellow blur shot past in front of him.

"W-what was that?" the young sorcerer asked grimly, trying to see where it went, but the sudden feeling of warm breath on his neck gave him the answer in a form he feared most. "U-uh...Ma-master?" The boy stammered nervously.

"Good guess." Evangeline said as she rested her chin on his shoulder. Her blonde hair tumbled over his chest, and Negi could smell the scent of roses all over her hair. He couldn't see her since she was sitting behind him on the staff, but he was sure that she was still in her young form because the staff didn't need to shift for the extra weight, and her voice had not changed either. Not to say that it made things easier for him, but he just didn't know how to deal with her whenever she took on such an unfamiliar appearance. That, and with the way she was resting against him now...well, things would have been rather awkward with a fully developed body.

"D-do you want me to land?" Negi's voice rose in fear when he felt the vampiress wrap her slender arm around his waist and place her other hand on the side of his right arm.

"Did I order you to land?"


"Then don't." replied Evangeline simply. They stayed silent as the staff continued to soar until Negi felt her shift her head a little closer to the side of his neck. Her breath made every hair on his neck and back stand up and tingle.

He could restrain his fears no longer, "Please don't bite me!" He cried out.

"So the little boy is afraid of a bite?" the vampiress asked, moving her hand up his arm towards his neck. "No apprentice of mine should be afraid of a little bite."

"Don't you have blood packs instead?"

"I'm not in the mood for those lousy things tonight. Besides, your blood is something that I would kill for." Negi paled even more if possible at the way the vampiress emphasized the word "kill." He looked down, and panicked when he saw the dorm-building pass under them.

"We...just passed over-"

"So? I didn't order you to stop, did I boya? Now I want to know why you were trying to skip out on our session for the evening."

"I wasn't trying to-"

"Don't worry, Negi..." Evangeline bared her fangs. "You'll make it up to me tonight, and we will pick up where we left off tomorrow night. Won't we, Negi-sensei?"

"Mast-" Negi stopped talking when he felt a very pleasurable sensation rushing through his body at that very moment.

Yep, she was already in...



Konoka Konoe's well manicured digits tapped the table rhythmically as she turned to her dorm mate who was currently typing at the computer like a maniac, her fingers indistinguishable from one another in the flurry of blurs they had become.

"Are you almost done?"

"No time!" The Asuna shot at her in a near breathless voice, taxed from the seemingly endless session she was engaged in. The dead-line for the report was due tomorrow, and she still couldn't see the end of it in sight. "Can't talk!"

"Don't you have delivery duty tomorrow morning?"

"No time to talk!" Asuna snapped wildly, anguished tears welling up at the sides of her eyes. The red-head felt a shiver run up her right leg, and glared at Chamomile when he hopped on her lap.

"Where is big brother Negi?" the ferret asked in worry." It's a full moon out tonight, and he still isn't here!"

"Get off of me! The little squirt is probably with Mcdowell studying or something!" Asuna yelled before realization smacked her across the face. Her fingers slowed down until they came to a stop, and she stood up quickly making the chair fall over. "This isn't good."

To Be Continued...

Well this is my first try at Negi fiction since I usually do Eva fiction, but I figured I should explore a bit. So what do you think?