Three years later:

"Charity come on!" Solan called. A fire year old Charity sat up in her bedroll and the smell of rabbit stew reached her nose. She turned and smiled at her Aunt Gabby who handed her a bowl, which she quickly ate.

"Where's mama?" Charity asked Gabrielle.

"Charity, we're going to start without you and Gabby don't hurry up!" Xena yelled.

"Down by the lake with Solan, they're waiting for us, but I insisted that unlike them we liked to eat after we woke up." Gabrielle responded. Charity laughed with her and pulled her up.

"Well come on I wanna swim." Charity said. Gabrielle stood up and ran with her down to the lake. Xena was just tossing Solan in when they arrived.

"Mama!" Charity screamed when Xena grabbed her and tickled her. Before she knew it she was in the water next to Solan.

"Bath time munchkin." Xena said.

"No bath." Charity said as she swam away. Solan went after her. Xena and Gabrielle joined them in the water and had fun before Xena finally gave Charity her much needed bath. It was lucky the found this lake after all that time with not enough water to bath in and not a village for miles. Ever since Felicity had died they'd had a rocky couple of weeks before they all became a family. Xena legally adopted Charity and she seemed to be the missing link and made everyday even brighter along with Solan. Xena loved them both to death and would destroy anyone who hurt her kids.