Kouden sat upon the stone head of Yondaime. Flicking a pebble off the edge with his foot, the blonde nearly jumped when a hand was placed on his shoulder. Turning around, relief flood through him.

"Oyaji… Don't do that!" Naruto laughed, his eyes closing into a very fox like grin. Sitting down, he straightened the comical hat that sat on his head.

"How's the hat fitting?" Kouden asked. Naruto sighed and took it off. Laying it on his lap, he said,

"It's oddly comforting. You know, I've been working towards this goal since I was a child." Naruto ran his thumb across the kanji that was painted onto the hat.

"How's Ka-san? Are they letting you in?" Naruto glanced at his son and shook his head.

"No, they kept saying that I was being to stressing. It's not very fair… I'm Hokage; they should be listening to me." Kouden laughed.

"Oyaji…You've been Hokage for a day." Naruto rolled his eyes. Kouden stood up and said,

"Well, Sasami-chan said that she would meet me in about 10 minutes at Ichiraku's. I gotta take off. I'll see you later tonight." Naruto shook his head.

"I doubt it. I've got so much paperwork to do, plus I've got to be awake for when your mother has the baby, since they won't let me in the hospital." Kouden watched his father stand up and was dismayed to see that the top of his head only came up to Naruto's eyes.

"You know, if you hadn't threatened to Rasengan the entire floor I'm sure Ino-san would have let you hold Ka-san's hand." Naruto sighed and put his arm around Kouden's shoulders.

"I'll walk you to Ichiraku's. I want to grab a bowl or two to go before the ANBU come looking for me." Naruto sighed louder. Kouden grinned.

"Evading work again? I hope this doesn't turn into a habit." Naruto rolled his eyes and said,

"Trust me. I'm not like Tsunade-baa-chan. I'm sure Yondaime never evaded paperwork, and people tell me that I'm a lot like him." Kouden eyed his father up and down and said,

"The Byakugan enables me to see far into the future. I can see that you will be not quite as lazy as Baa-sama, but almost." Naruto scoffed and cuffed the shorter blonde. Kouden laughed and Naruto grinned.

The two walked on to Ichiraku's, stopping only to laugh at Neji and his short hair. Neji just scowled at the two and Tenten, who was trying to hold in more laughter, helped him hobble along on crutches.

"Aah, Kouden-kun! You're late! Oh! Hokage-sama! It's always a pleasure to see you…" A girl with light pink hair bobbled a small bow and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Please. When you marry my son, I expect to be called 'father'. Anything else is not acceptable." Sasami blushed.

"A-ah…Are you joining us for a quite bite, err, Tou-sama?" Naruto sat down on a stool and waved at Ayame and her son.

"San or chan, Sasami-chan. Ahh, Ayame-ne-chan! How is Jii-chan?" Ayame smiled kindly and said,

"He's tired. He's going to retire soon, and I'll be taking over." Naruto smiled sadly.

"If you guys ever need help with like, retirement places, just talk to me. I owe you two so much. But anyone in the Ichiraku family is a friend of the Hokage." Ayame smiled and glanced at her son who was taking Kouden and Sasami's orders. She leaned forward and said quietly,

"Don't tell Tou-san, but I'd like it if we could find a place with a single floor, Tou-san can't climb the stairs like he used to." Naruto grinned.

"Done. Come see me next week sometime…I can set it all up." Ayame grinned and ruffled Naruto's hair, catching Kouden and Sasami's attention.

"I remember you when you were just a little kid. We gave you free ramen on your 8th birthday, you were so happy." Naruto's cheeks were dusted red and Kouden laughed.

"Ayame-ne-channnn…I'm Hokage now. It's not befitting the leader of the village." Ayame laughed and gave him one last pat.

Naruto found himself sitting in his office not even an hour later, three, foot high piles of paper decorated his desk. Naruto swirled his pen around his fingers, but dropped then when Tsunade entered.

"Ahh, Hokage-sama! I see you aren't doing your work… anything wrong?" Naruto narrowed his eyes at the busty Godaime.

"Why didn't you tell me that being Hokage was all paperwork and no action!? All work and no explosions make Naruto a dull Hokage." Tsunade laughed and sat down in front of Naruto.

"I did it for nearly 20 years, kid. I think you can handle it. You worked hard to earn this." Naruto sighed and swirled his pen again.

"But why did you have to give it to me yesterday? Thanks to this," Naruto swept his hands over the piles of paper, "I can't even be with my wife in the delivery room." Tsunade frowned and said,

"Well, I wasn't anticipating that…" Leaning in close, Tsunade whispered, "How about I take care of today's work, and you, calmly, go see your wife. No screaming, no Rasengans, no jutsu of any kind."

Naruto pouted, but quickly took his hat off and plopped it on the falsely young woman's head. Dashing down the hall he used chakra to run as fast as he could to the hospital. Dashing up to the nurse at the counter, the woman bowed and said,

"Good morning, Hokage-sama…can I help you?" Naruto took a few heaving breaths and said,

"Can I see Hinata-chan? I promise to behave…" The nurse looked at him for a few moments and said,

"Alright. But if I hear any trouble about you…I have permission to ban you from the hospital until Ino-sama says you can be let back in." Naruto pouted, but nodded and walked as calmly as he could to the ward that his wife was most likely in terrible pain, or whatever childbirth was like.

Opening the door to her room, he was surprised to see her sitting in bed, reading a book.

"H-Hinata-chan?" Hinata looked up and smiled widely.

"Naruto-kun! Have you calmed down? Ino said she would let you back in if you promised to behave." Naruto blushed and said,

"Are you ok? Aren't you supposed to be crying out in pain?" Hinata leafed the corner of her page and closed her book. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed she sat and said,

"Naruto-kun, I've only been in labour for a few hours…I've got quite a few more to go. Right now, the pain isn't bad." Naruto gulped.

"Alright…I guess. Well, Tsunade said she'd cover for me today, so I can stay here until the baby is born. Have you decided on a name yet?" Hinata shook her head.

"Naming Kouden was much easier…But we'll get through it. Don't worry. Instead, tell me about your day as Hokage!" Naruto smiled and settled in beside her on the bed. He swung her legs back up and said,

"It was a dream come true." Hinata smiled and Naruto grinned like Hinata had always remembered it.


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