Chrono Guardians

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. Nor do I own the extremely kick arse classic console role-playing game, Chrono Trigger. The glory of that honor forever goes to Square Co., Ltd. However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series, although original idea to cross the two worlds together came from LordofDarkness2099's story challenge.

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This story/prologue was created/written in October 2006.

"Do you guys think that we'll ever catch a break from this Guardian gig of ours? You know, having to travel to Metamoor to take down more of Phobos's useless cronies in the middle of the school day? Right when I was about to head to gym class and see Andrew Hornby!" exhaled the curvaceous Guardian of Water, Irma Lair, after roughly wiping away beads of sweat from her brow in exhaustion.

The traditionally sarcastic and good humored brunette was now exuding a rare occurrence of agitation, as she and her best friends and fellow Guardians of the Veil had spent a good hour or so (or so it had certainly felt like) battling the tyrant prince's minions he'd deployed (yet another desperate attempt to maintain his ironclad hold over the dilapidated and suffering city of Meridian).

Tossing several strands of her long river of gorgeous blonde locks over her strong shoulder as she sat tiredly upon the soft dirt ground, Cornelia Hale, the Guardian of Earth (which worked out perfectly in a way, in Irma's mind, as Cornelia was the eldest of the five and acted as a bit of a "Mother Hen" type figure on frequent occasions -- whether she was asked to or not), let out a loud scoff before smirking up at her comrade.

"Oh, sure, Irma! How about we try to storm the palace again and leave a memo with one of the guards that says: 'Please excuse Irma Lair and the other Guardians for the rest of the semester, as she has grown tired of your incessant desire to rule over the world.' Yeah, try again with that one . . . Although, I wouldn't mind a bit of time off, myself. Have to catch up on my beauty sleep."

The smallest and youngest Guardian, the energetic as she was a bit flighty Hay Lin began to softly giggle from behind Cornelia, before using her unique power over Air to gently whisk the startled blue-eyed beauty from off of the ground and back onto her feet.

"Oh, Heaven forbid Cornelia not look as flawless as she always does!" she stated with a bit of "Irmaesque" attitude, causing Irma to grin appreciatively and Cornelia playfully frown in the process. Given that Hay Lin was Irma's best friend, it was not at all a surprise to any of them that some of Irma's brand of humor would inevitably rub off onto the artistic girl.

The usually shy and reserved intellect, Taranee Cook (also the most fierce and strongest in an ironic twist of fate, as she was the Guardian of Fire), cheerfully chimed in as she adjusted her broad, round glasses upon her mocha tinted face with one hand and wrapped her arm around Irma's bare waist with the other.

"Honestly, I'm just surprised that Irma's annoyed at the fact that she's missing school -- even if it's about a boy as it usually is for her. If anything, you'd think that she'd be jumping for joy and kissing Prince Phobos's feet in gratitude," she joked with a wink at the girl next to her, before all of them erupted into a small fit of giggles (mainly induced by great fatigue more than anything else).

That is, all of them, save one.

The most quiet and thoughtful of the quintet, the fiery redhead, Wilhelmina "Will" Vandom, had found herself mute and suddenly trailing behind the mobile group as they headed away from the area that had been their battlefield and towards the still open portal (one of many magical pore-like rips within the Veil that separated the Earth from Metamoor that the Guardians have found, traveled through, and closed) in the distance.

Although relieved to finally be going back home to Earth after yet another successful mission to the otherworld of Metamoor, a greatly precarious feeling was eating away at her . . .

Finally, it had been Cornelia to take notice of the Keeper of the Heart of Candracar's odd behavior, as she turned around and walked over to Will with a small furrow of her delicately waxed brow.

". . . And what's the status report for you, young lady? Not looking forward to having to take that dreaded math test of yours you'd been stressing over about all weekend?" she inquired with a stern look upon her peaches and cream visage and an air of lightheartedness within her voice.

Surprised, Will immediately looked up at the slightly taller girl and blinked her reddish-brown eyes a few times before responding.

"Huh? Oh . . . Sure . . . I'mallreadytotakeit . . ." she softly responded, slurring the last of her sentence as though drunk, when in reality it was mere distraction.

Irma, whose formerly sour mood had by then completely evaporated, did an about face of her own and left Taranee and Hay Lin behind before rushing to Will's side with a broad grin plastered straight across her face.

"Wow! And the prize for 'most-confusing-and-garbled-sentence-of-the-day' goes toooooooo . . ." she trailed off with a giggle, causing the others to follow suit. "Cornelia's right, though, Will. What's your damage? You've been pretty . . . 'off' since arriving on campus this morning."

Offering up a small smile to her surrounding friends, Will let out a faint sigh as she stopped in her tracks.

". . . I'm fine, Irma; you guys. Really. It's just . . ." she began, unsure of how to put how she was feeling into words.

"'It's just . . .' what, Will?" pressed Taranee in intermingled curiosity and concern, both she and Hay Lin approaching the crimson haired teenager before them.

Frowning lightly, Will paused a moment before attempting to explain her feelings once more.

"Okay . . . it's like . . . like this . . . nagging sort of feeling I've been having since last night -- but especially this morning when I woke up," she murmured while running a tawny hued hand through her cardinal colored bob hairstyle. "I wish I could attach an official word or definition to it, but . . . I don't know. It's kind of like 'anticipation' or something . . . like of something happening . . ."

Hay Lin let out an uncharacteristic scoff at this, before beaming her patented toothy grin at her now perplexed looking friends.

"Chyeah! It's called 'it just happened,' your 'something,' Will! Relax, will you? It's probably just nerves about your test," she reassured with a wink, playfully tugging upon both of her long, glossy raven colored pigtails.

"Leave it to Hay Lin to always look on the bright side! Even on today of all days," commented Irma boisterously before resuming her walk, with the rest of the girls following close behind.

At this, Will scowled once more in confusion while summoning forth the mystical jewel, the Heart of Candracar, from out of her right palm to close the portal after they'd made it back to Earth.

"W-wait a sec, Irma. Why would you say that? I mean, what's so special about today?" she inquired a bit anxiously, despite trying to calm her increasingly stimulated nerves.

Cornelia rolled her light blue eyes heavenward at this and took it upon herself to answer for the voluptuous Water Goddess.

"Oh, whatever, Irma! You've been going on forever about the fact that today is 'six-six-six.' We're like, what? Already in the afternoon time of . . . one twenty-four, and absolutely nothing 'apocalyptic' has happened! Nor will it! So just 'chillax' with that 'end of the world' mumbo-jumbo nonsense," she scolded with a wave of her hand, after looking down at the green colored watch that was around her wrist.

Gasping in remembrance, Will's brown eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh, my God! That's right! Today is June sixth, isn't it? I don't' know how I'd forgotten! Maybe that's why I'm so jumpy today . . ." she breathed, her insides churning with a faint, queasy nature as though for emphasis.

Taranee shivered uncontrollably before wrapping her bare arms around herself in comfort.

"Eww . . . I guess I was too wrapped up in our battle thatI completely blanked out on my own anxiety from this creepy day . . . Suddenly, I'm missing Phobos's brutes," she grumbled apprehensively, turning her dread lock riddled head to gaze fearfully at the open portal crackling from behind her.

Throwing her arms up in frustration, Cornelia began to storm towards their only exit from the mystical plane of existence, while at the same time exhaling in defeat and her friends, for the most part, reluctantly followed close behind.

"Oh, not you too, Taranee! Nice going, Irma, you blabbermouth! Look, let's settle this once and for all! This whole thing with 'six-six-six' being a revelatory number is just hearsay! And today is just a coincidence -- besides, it's technically 'six-six-zero-six,' anyway. Whatever! The point is, nothing -- I repeat, nothing is going to happen to the world today!"

-- End of Prologue

(A.N. Oh, no. Did I . . . Yes. I did. I did another cliffhanger on you! Durnit! LoL I WAS going to go past this and end the prologue with more "Oh, my God"-ness, but I said nah. I'll put it in the beginning of chapter one and go from there. At least NOW, in this way, I'm more motivated to continue . . . for NOW. LoL Anyway, since I don't know what day the girls get out of school normally each year is, I said they'd still be in school by this time. When I was in middle/high school, myself, I had classes until June 20-something, so yeah. Thank GOD for college, in that respect . . . Out by May 10, usually. :Dances: LoL As for the time that Cornelia stated, I did that on purpose. Because while the day was never stated and only the year, 1999 A.D. that "Day of Lavos" occurred, the time was. Which, obviously, was 1:24 p.m. But I said, why not 6/6/06 instead to be more "Oooh . . . Creepy" about it since '99's long gone. LoL MAN, now I gotta go play the game. LoL I LOVE that freaking game, AND C.C. Anyway, stay tuned for the next chapter/episode/whatever. LoL Might change the story name cuz I don't really like it, but wanted it to be a hybrid of both series. Meh. 'Bye! LoL)