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"Hey Malfoy?" He asked politely.

"What is it Scarhead?"

Harry smiled sarcastically, then quick as a flash, pinned Malfoy to the wall.

"If you EVER speak to Hermione like that again, I will Avada Kedavra you from here to

Australia, got it?"

Malfoy squeaked and Harry released him, sending the pale boy tumbling to the floor. Harry looked back to see what Hermione was doing, only to see the back of a bushy haired head running around the corner. He rushed after her, turning this way and that, to find her whimpering in a corner.

"Oh 'Mione….." He said softly. And she collapsed into his arms, sobbing.

Chapter 2- The Breakdown

They sat together on the floor for what seemed like hours, her crying silently while he stood by helplessly, not knowing how to make her feel better. He hadn't had much experience with receiving love from females, let alone giving it.

"Hermione?" He asked softly, "Mione, please talk to me." She made a string on unintelligible sounds and buried her face in his shirt. "I can't say I know what you are going through, but you have to understand that Ron is a complete arse sometimes." More muffled sounds. "Mione, I can't help you if I can hear you."

"Ron was right." She said in a small voice. "I never act like a girl, I don't put make-up in, I don't like styling my hair….what am I? I must really look horrible if he mistook me for a damn boy! I know he didn't really but I thought… maybe…."

"Look…just stop." Harry said, "I know why Ron said that. It's not that you don't look like a girl- because believe me, you do" He began. blushing "We have been friends so long, we see you as dependable, comforting and our best friend in the world. As boys, we don't usually think of women that way."

'But…Ron…" Hermione interrupted

"Ron doesn't know what he's missing. He'll wait until the last minute for the most beautiful girl to ask him -which she won't- and then he'll end up going alone or have to get a friend to set him up."

"Thanks Harry." Hermione replied, wiping away tears "You cheered me up a bit…Ron walking in alone is quite a visual." They paused, laughing, "But, There is something I want to know. Now I know that Ron isn't much of a looker, but how do you know that the 'most beautiful girl' wont ask him?"

"Well," Harry began with a smile, "I was hoping she would go with me."

"Oh…" Hermione looked down and sighed, "Who is it then?"

"You make this so hard…it's you Mia!" Harry said, laughter in his eyes. He paused, and slight fear passed through his emerald orbs. " don't want to go with me"

"I would like nothing better." she replied quickly, " seems like you keep making my name shorter and shorter!"

"Well, it's not my fault you have so many syllables!" With that, Harry helped her up and left the corridor, unaware that their conversation has been watched.

The next day, they were eating breakfast in a relatively quiet Great Hall when Ron stormed in, red as a beet.

"What this I hear about you and Hermione then?" He yelled, right into Harry's face, "She's my girl, don't you try and take that away from me!"

"What are you talking about?" Harry stood, " Hermione…?"

"Don't look at me, ace! I have no idea."

Harry was about to say something. when he scanned over what Hermione just said.

"Did you just call me 'ace'?"

Hermione reddened, and replied "Well if you can call me Mia, I can call you 'ace'."

"Bit prissy isn't it?"

"Oh well I could call you worse… ickle Harrikins!"

"No!" He cried.


"Hell no!"


"Ace is looking good…"

"Thought you might say that."

All throughout this verbal combat, the entirety of the great hall looked upon them in silence, until Ron decided to break it.

"Stop!" He screamed, "This is about me! Stop making everyone look at you! Why can't I ever be the centre of attention!" After this rather childish display, he stamped his foot and stormed out of the hall.

Harry looked on in awe, and said "That…was so…."

"Ron." Hermione finished.

"Come on Mia," Harry said, and gestured to the staring eyes, "I feel like a pet in the zoo."

He led her to the double doors, but as they touched them, they felt an odd yank at their navels, similar to a portkey, and vanished from the room.

They were hurtling down in the darkness, twinkling lights spiralling around them. Harry felt his hand slipping from Hermione's, and pulled her into a tight embrace. Somehow her legs ended up around his waist in their quest to not be separated.

They flew towards a huge bright light, and before they knew it, they landed back in the Great Hall….or so it seemed.

Hermione landed on top of her friend, they were a tangle of limbs. When she looked up, she saw emerald. Her face was inches from his.

"Uh…thanks for breaking my fall Harry." She sad, rather lamely.

"No…problem.." He replied, clearly in pain. "Not that I don't like this Mia, but uh..could you…?"

She realised she was still on top of him. "Oh…Sorry!" As she got up, she noticed a huge banner in front of her. "Harry?"

"What?" He said, not looking up.

She yanked his head up, and he saw it.


"Oh lord….Harry, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

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