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"Her…her-mi-no-eeh…hermy-nee…" little Cedric Diggory struggled for the right pronunciation of her name. He had absolutely no idea how to say her name. It was just too complicated. He stuck his little tongue out for emphasis. He lifted his hands to his head, acting out a headache.

"Pweese! Say my name wite!" Hermione Granger had looked hopelessly at her playmate, turning her Little Alphabet Book to the next page.

"It's too hard! Why does it have to be so long?" he stood up and stomped his feet angrily. He pouted, and crossed his tiny arms across his well-rounded chest. A short lock of his golden hair was right across the middle of his forehead, making him look more like Georgie Porgie.

"C'mon, Cedwick! You'we older than I am! And I can say my name wite!" certainly, Hermione had some symptoms of know-it-all-ness, although this did not bother her playmate that much. It had, however, bothered most of the grown-ups. She was definitely not the normal little girl.

"Oh yeah? Say it then, little miss i-can-say-my-name-wite!" he mimicked her three-year-old accent mockingly. He did not like it when kids younger than him, especially girls, could do things that he couldn't…this included saying a fairly complicated name.

"Hewmione." She answered proudly.

Little Cedric took a deep breath and started. "Her-" he stopped, and thought for a second. "Don't you have another name? a nickname? Anything other than hermy…hemryno…herminee…"

"Well, my second name is Jane…" she though, lifting a finger to her chin, tapping it gently, just as the grown-ups did when they read the back of the newspaper. She had gotten this from her dad.

"Phew! It's settled, then… I shall call you Janey!" he smiled victoriously. He did not need to say the horrid name anymore. "Janey…hey…I like that name. It suits you." He smiled as her cheeks grew to a light shade of pink.

"You only call me that cause you can't say my name…hmph…" Hermione mumbled quietly, taking her eyes back to her Alphabet Book. She had a smile on her face, for she had found herself a new friend.

Cedric walked away as his parents called him. "I'll see you again, Janey!" he waved goodbye to his playmate, a smile on his face.

"See you soon!" Hermione called back, waving goodbye.

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