The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

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: Just like You and I Both, in this story, there's no such thing as Power Rangers. They're just amazing teenagers with no special powers.

Chapter one: Everything needs a beginning

Groaning, Kimberly leaned down and grabbed her gym bag. Everything was a mess. It began since the very first second she stepped inside the high school. Bulk, as always, couldn't be more immature than he already had, fortuitously pushed her until her head hit the locker nearby. It would bruise tomorrow, right on her forehead.

And then came the English class. She got into a pretty heated argument with Mr. Frank that almost resulted her to being kick out of the class. Hell, that man gave her a D for her latest essay. That's just totally absurd. A D. She never got a D before. Her mom would get an instant heart attack if she found out.

Like her day hadn't been sucky enough, her routine that she thought would at least make this day a little better, had ended up equally sucks as the others thing that had happened. Her body refused to cooperate and she almost broke her neck in those nasty falls. She was tired, hungry and wanting to release all the tension in her body by kicking or punching everyone within an arm reach. Kim felt like crap.

" Hey, you don't look so good," Trini offered an encouraging smile when the worn-out gymnast pulled a chair and sat lazily. Kim rested her chin on her hands and closed her eyes.

" I feel like hell right now, thank you," Kim mumbled, her hand moving to her neck and massage it, trying to rub out the soreness. " I just want to go home, take a nice long bath and go to sleep for a thousand years or so,"

Trini smiled and got back to her homework. " You can do that as soon as you go home,"

" Except that I haven't touched that thirty five mathmatics problems yet and I most likely will be up to do that until three in the morning," Kim continued without opening her eyes. She felt like she could fall asleep right here, right now, even with all the sounds. " do you think Billy would do it for me, perhaps?"

" If he sees you right now, I think he might," Trini said half jokingly. Honestly, Kim did look terrible. It's just unlike her, to appear this lifeless. " why don't you go home? You have had enough for a day,"

Kim nodded and got to her feet, sipping her last strawberry smoothie. Her drowsy chocolate eyes looked down at Trini. " Thanks, I think I'll see you tomorrow?"

" Cool,"

When the first California air hit her face, she felt like she got a renewed strength. Rubbing her hands together, she pulled herself together. There's just one day left and yeah, weekend! Maybe she'd kill the time by working on her tan. It had been a while since she went to the beach. As for tomorrow, whatever going to happen, happen. Hopefully, today's series of misfortunes wouldn't repeat again.

Kim was walking to the bus stop when she saw a kid get cornered by a man. The little boy couldn't be older than eight and he looked terrified. She didn't say that she blamed him though. The man did look scary. He's bald and with the thick mustache and beard, he reminded her of the drug dealer in the Hollywood's production action movies that Zack loved so much.

Kim smirked. This was just what she'd ordered. What could an eight year old do to piss him off, she had no idea. But right now, she was like a nearly erupted volcano and the scene before her eyes triggered it even more. Looking around to find noone, Kim took a deep breath before crossing the street.

" Hey, stop it. You scare him," she stated, finding courage from out of nowhere, The wonder woman was in action right now. Stopping the bad guys was her job.

The bald man turned around and Kim shrinked a little bit on her place. He didn't look that big when she saw them across the road. He had a scar on his right cheek and Kim could see the dragon tattoo on his chest since he kept his shirt unbuttoned. Was it supposed to look sexy because that man was just far from it.

" None of your problem, Shorty,"

Oh no. He did not say it just now. He's dead. So dead. Every person that had enough nerve to tease her about her lack of height was dead meat. " Well, since I am here, I guess this is my problem," she amazed herself by the certainty in her voice. Her knees almost didn't hold and her palms were slightly wet. He could knock her out with one blow. She might be a great gymnast, but not a fighter. Zack had taught her a couple of stances but well, he himself was a dancer alright. " back off,"

Kim felt someone pulled her shirt and she looked down. It seemed that in the mean time, the boy had managed to slip away and go to hide behind her. The boy clutched at her shirt tightly.

" You don't want me to hurt you, Missy," the guy said menacingly, taking a step forward. " but if you don't bring your pretty face out of here, that could be arranged,"

" Run," Kim hissed at the boy, impatiently pushing him. " come on!"

" But-,"

" No but. Go!"

" Hey!" The man raised his hand, swearing loudly. Kim saw as the little boy go behind a corner. Kim blocked him before he could start running after the boy. Her eyes widened when he almost stumbled forward. His weight could kill her, she was sure of that. It was only a beginning. His steely blue eyes narrowed and in one swift move, he slipped his hand inside his jeans pocket and pulled out a switch blade. " you little bitch,"

" You don't want to do that," she heard herself saying. Great. What the hell she got herself into right now?

" Oh yeah? Wanna bet? Wanna see what can I do with this?" the man lifted the knife higher and before he could say anything, Kim did the only thing in her mind. Run!

Kim run as fast as her legs could take her. She didn't even pay attention to the direction she was taking. Behind her, she could hear the man chasing her and shouting, saying all the words that were not appropriate to say in front of your mother. Thank God, she was a pretty good runner and the guy had a tough time to catch her. If he could catch her. Which she thought he couldn't. Maybe later, after he lost about 200 pounds of his weight.

Oh boy. She's supposed to lay on her bed right now, having a hot chocolate in her hands, NOT running like crazy and having a pyscho right on her tail. But well, she couldn't just let that man hassle the kid. He should be ashamed, bullying an eight year old was not-,


The loud honk surprised her and Kim turned her head. She didn't realize that she had crossed the street without looking. Now a black jeep was driving to her direction. She tripped and fell forward, closing her eyes tightly, knowing that her death was near. Tomorrow she would make the headline. She didn't even get to say goodbye to her mother, Trini, Billy, Zack…

" Are you okay?"

…and Ernie too. There're so many people th-… Wait. She's not dead. Kim slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was still on her knees, her hands pressed against the road. Glancing to her left, she found the jeep had stopped about one meter from her face. That was really, really, really close.

" You okay?"

This time, she felt a hand touching her shoulder and she looked up. There's a guy. A guy from school, from her Geometry class. Tommy Oliver. Ha! It's a good thing that he succedeed in stopping the car at the last second, if not all the girls in school would probably faint when they heard about their dream guy almost hit her.

Still reeling from the shock, Kim peered over her shoulder and saw the guy standing at the corner, leaning against the wall to catch his breath. His lips formed a sickening smile and his eyes were full of satisfaction, like a tiger eyeing its prey. NO! That guy! She almost forgot about him. Still in all panic mode, Kim tried to stand up but cringed. It seemed that she had sprained her ankle. Double damn.

Running out of fresh ideas, Kim closed her eyes and leaned against Tommy, pretending to be half conscious. She put her hand on her chest and breathed heavily. " I, I can't breathe,"

" What? Are you sure?"

That line nearly cracked her laughing but she managed to hold them back. She nodded. " Yes," she nearly gasped when all of a sudden, she was swept off the ground. Her mouth hung open when he carried her to the jeep. Before Kim could find her voice, he had seated her on the passenger seat, walking around and jumped in.

" We'd better get you to the hospital," he said and started the engine.

Kim didn't answer. She craned her neck and saw the dragon-guy was running towards the jeep, panting heavily. The switch blade was still in his grasp. She released a breath of relief when they started driving away. Wow, what a day.

" Don't think you'll get away from this!" the guy still had enough energy to yell at her and Kim chuckled, leaning her head back against the seat. She patted her chest, her heart was still beating like a drum.

" What that was all about?" Tommy asked, startled her. Oh yeah. She forgot that she should be having a breathing difficulty. " who's that man?"

Kim shrugged. " Just a guy. He's harrassing a little kid and then got like he had been possessed like that," she didn't know Tommy too well, so she didn't say anything else. Tommy, as always, kept silence. Well, that was his trademark alright. Always talking when it's needed. Many girls would willingly die to sit in Tommy's jeep like she did right now.

Almost all her girlfriends had gushed about how cool he was, how calm and how hot he was at least once. Even Trini complimented him for being such a great martial artist. As for Kim, she didn't know him that well to say something. But yes, he was indeed a good looking guy, and it seemed that he was not aware of that fact. That was something these days.

" Thanks. You saved my life," Kim said breathlessly.

" You almost got yourself killed back then," he scolded her softly. His face indicated nothing but she could sense the relief in his voice. He kept his eyes on the road. " you should be more careful next time,"

" I will," when she didn't have a lunatic chasing her like crazy, that is. Kim gnawed her lips, wondering if Tommy would actually take her to the hospital like he said he would. "look, I'm alright. You can put me down here,"

He turned her head and smiled lightly. " So you can breathe right now?"

If she didn't owe him, she would smack him good for that comment. And of course, she couldn't just smack him. They're not even friends. There're only probably about two hundred words that had ever been said between them. " Yes. Now, you can pull over and-,"

" So I saved your life, right?" Tommy said, stopping the jeep when the traffic light changed red. He looked at her and Kim suddenly felt flustered. " so I take it that you can do something to repay me…, uhm..," he stopped and looked a bit bashful. Kim generously filled in for him.

" Kimberly," did this guy even realize that they were together in geometry? Ah, and History too. Maybe he was too cool to notice. " you were saying?"

Tommy surprised the hell out of her when he reached out his hand and grasped hers tightly. Kim swallowed hard.

" Kimberly, will you be my girlfriend?"

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