Hey everyone! I have decided that since my Bakura/Téa fics were so popular, I'm going to put them all in one place. And So, I've created this ongoing fic which will incorporate all of the series so far. They are: The Devil's Day, Surprise and Emotion, Twisted Relationship, Reversal and Weakness (formerly known as Weakness, Needing, Passion). I am also in the middle of writing another 'chapter', which I will post as part of this fic, so even if you have already read the other fics, keep a look out for the new chapter called 'You Did What?'

I have slightly revamped 'The Devil's Day', added a few things here, taken a few things out there, so even if you have read it before, it has changed slightly.

Warnings: There are some very graphic scenes in this series. Where I can, I will point them out, but for this initial chapter, the whole thing is pretty much one big lemon. And, although it seems like Bakura is raping Téa, she isn't really resisting him.

I'll post further warnings in each 'chapter'.

So, without further ado, enjoy!

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The Devil's Day

(Téa's POV)

The news had indicated that a storm was brewing and that everyone should stay indoors. I could hear thunder in the distance, and knew it was on its way.

I was sitting on the couch curled up with my book, lost in the fantasy world of myth and magic when I noticed a figure out of the corner of my eye. My heart skipped a beat and a sudden thought screamed through my mind: I hadn't locked the front door.

'Whose there?' I asked. I looked up as the lights went out and all I could see was a male silhouette against the white walls of the apartment. A flash of lightening streaked through the room as the storm began to roll by and I could see him standing there; the thief Bakura with a blade in his hands. 'What do you want?' I asked, putting the book down. I don't know why I even bothered asking. In the forefront of my mind, I had a feeling I knew exactly what he wanted.

He took a step towards me as more lightening flashed. He was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, a look I found very sexy on him. I had always found him attractive, and his bad boy attitude, albeit very real and dangerous, was alluring. And now, with him standing in my living room, his intentions clear, I felt my heart begin to beat even faster. Suddenly, I wasn't sure if I wanted this or not. But it didn't look like I was going to get a choice in the matter.

His eyes were dark in contrast to his white hair and he had an evil smile on his face. It must have already started to rain, because his hair was damp, a few strands clinging to his face. But despite his smile and weapon, I was compelled to move towards him, as if under a spell.

When I reached him, he roughly grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close to his face. 'Slave-girl,' he said deeply and kissed my lips hard. I tried to pull away, but his grip was like a vice. His lips trailed down my neck, teeth nipping my flesh.

There was another flash of light and he sliced his knife into my shoulder. Only a small cut, but blood welled up to the surface and pain lashed through me. I winced. Looking directly into my eyes, he smiled as he licked my blood from the shiny surface. I could tell this really turned him on, and I knew the fear in my eyes was amusing to him, a bulge beginning to grow in his trousers. He chuckled slightly, then brought his mouth down onto my shoulder and began to suck my blood, like a vampire.

I knew this whole scenario was wrong, I was in potential danger. He was going to rape me for sure, possibly kill me afterwards, but I couldn't help myself. I moaned. His free hand ran up and down my spine over my silky nightdress, earning more moans from me as he reached my sensitive neck and the bottom of my spine. How did he know I was sensitive at those points? I could feel the bulge in his trousers growing harder when I moaned at his touch.

He finished with my shoulder and nibbled on my ear. 'You can't resist me,' he whispered before throwing me suddenly to the ground. He straddled me and with his blade, he cut my mightdress open from the top, freeing my breasts, which he immediately began to fondle.

Before long, he was lying just on the side of me, his leg draped over both of mine to keep me still, his tongue flicking my right breast, his knife dangerously poised near my left breast. I knew he wouldn't cut me there, he was too experienced with the weapon to make a mistake like that, but the feel of the cold steel against my skin made the nipple harder, and he delighted in seeing it.

After several more kisses on my lips, neck and breasts, he ripped the rest of my attire off to reveal my semi naked body, only my panties still in tact. With another swift movement, he brought out from hiding a pair of handcuffs and deftly pinned my hands above my head and soon I was cuffed to my heavy coffee table leg.

Kissing my body from my lips down to my belly button, he made his way towards my most sensitive area. He gently parted my legs and quickly made another small incision on my inner thigh. I cried in pain, and was instantly stifled by his lips on mine again. As the pain died away, he moved away, back down my body and began to lick the blood that had run down my thigh and headed for the wound. He sucked the blood from there gently.

His hand found it's way up my leg and touched me through my panties. I was already wet down there. Despite the pain and fear generated from the blade's actions, and his forceful intention, I was still enthralled by him. I couldn't run away or scream for help even if I tried. I was helpless to resist. And apart from the pain from the cutting, his touches sent pleasureable shivers down my spine.

Finishing with my new cut, he trailed his tongue further up my leg and flicked it over my panties. Both his hands ran up my side and on their way back down, he gripped my underwear and pulled them off smoothly. I gasped a little at the sudden chill and after depositing my garment to the side, he started to lick and probe my womanhood and it's jewel, sometime gently licking it, and at other times taking it in his mouth and sucking. I started to writhe in ecstasy, but he held my hips firmly, keeping me where he wanted me. He quickly and expertly brought me to the brink of an orgasm.

Just as I was about to come, he stopped, got up and stood over me, looking down t me like I was a piece of meat. He laughed at my expression. I must have been scowling, either from the frustration of his sudden lack of attention to my pleasure, or I was trying to show him I wansn't afraid of him.

Without a worry that I might defend myself by kicking him, he stood over me and began to undo his trousers. He wasn't wearing any boxers underneath, and I was shocked to see his member protrude so suddenly, but was also still half dazed and powerless to stop him.

He knelt over me, his penis dangling above my head. 'Suck it, slave-girl.' He shoved it into my mouth and I had no choice but to comply. It was his turn to groan as I moved my head up and down, as much as I could from this position. He moved slowly in and out as well, and soon was very caught up in the moment. He shoved a little too hard and I choked, tears running down my face.

Upon seeing this, he smirked and pulled it away. 'Too much for the poor little slave-girl,' he laughed. He leaned over me and flung his legs between mine forcing them apart and he plunged his member into my wet centre.

I cried out in pain and this seemed to urge him on. He continued to rock back and forth, deeper and deeper until he was fully submerged. The pain began to die away and made way for sensations I never thought this situation could bring on. I bit back the moans of pleasure. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I was partly enjoying this.

After awhile, he grew bored and pulled out. He flipped me over onto my stomach and pushed me in such away, so I was on my knees and my arms were outstretched in front of me, still tied, my bottom in the air.

'That's it, slave-girl. Bow before your Master.' He proceeded to plunge back into me, the pain returning from the depth at which he was going in this position.

Once again, the pain subsided and made was for pleasure and as he pounded in and out, the sound of flesh meeting flesh, I felt my climax coming back. From his fevered movements, I thought he must be close as well. A loud moan escaped involuntarily from my lips, and felt him tense up. He grabbed the back of my head and almost rode me, using my hair as reins. 'Come on, slave! You like it, I know you do. Scream for me.'

His deeply intoxicating voice was too much to bear. I did as I was told and let the moment take me. He was already inside of me, there was nothing I could do to stop him now. I could only help it along to make him come faster and hope he would leave without hurting me any more.

My cries of pleasure were punctuated by the storm around us growing. Loud thunder rolled in and flashes of lightening grew more frequent.

When there was almost no distance between the flash and the peal of the thunder, I reached my climax. A few seconds later, he followed suit, groaning loudly and when he'd spilled his load, he flopping over me panting.

He pulled out of me and proceeded to pull on his trousers. He picked up his knife and pocketed it. He undid my cuffs and looked at me, his dark eyes piercing my soul as he kissed me gently on the lips. I resisted the urge to slap him across the face. I didn't want to give him a reason to stay any longer.

'That was fun, Téa. Let's do it again sometime.'

The storm moved on and as I gathered my tattered clothing from around the room and I heard him close the door behind him, I could only wonder what brought that on. It was then I looked at the calendar and saw the date.


I shuddered. The Devil had come out to play.


I was really, really pleased with this one. it was my first graphic sex scene, and I hope for those of you who are reading it for the first time, that you enjoyed it. If you're a Téa/Bakura fan, put this fic on your alert list, coz there is more to come. As I said before, this is the first of a series of fics I wrote with these two as the main pairing.

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