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Reversal - Part B

Bakura, still dragging Yugi, suddenly stopped and the smaller boy bumped into him. He gripped his Millennium Ring and growled. 'She's in trouble.'

Yugi blinked at the glowing Item. 'What do you mean?' He noticed one of the tassels of the Ring was missing. 'Hey, it's incomplete!'

'The Ring isn't like the Pharaoh's Puzzle. If a small piece of the Ring is separated from the main part, it still has weak power. I gave a piece to Téa so I could be with her all the time, and help her in case she needed me.' His grip on the Ring tensed. 'I think she is in trouble now, I can sense her apprehension.'

Yugi looked at the thief's face. 'You really care about her, don't you?'

Bakura looked at the spiky haired boy. 'That is an understatement. I love her.'

Yugi's eyes enlarged. 'I had no idea…'

Bakura winced and let go of the Ring. 'He's…hurting her!'


'The Pharaoh.'

Yugi bristled. 'He would never hurt her! She's his friend.'

'The Pharaoh is not in his right mind anymore. I saw it in his eyes. He is not accepting the circumstances and it would appear that he is trying to get her to change her opinion of me. But he's using physical force and shadow magic…I can sense it.'

Yugi closed his eyes, tears welling up. 'No, you're wrong…he can't hurt her. He wouldn't hurt an innocent person.'

'You saw what happened last time,' Bakura shouted. 'He tried to destroy me with no thought for Téa at all. It was only my quick reflexes that saved her from being blasted by his Dark Magician!' Bakura looked up and suddenly bolted around the corner. Yugi ran after him.

They came upon the unconscious policeman. Bakura bent down to feel for a pulse. 'He's alive, but his mind is in the Shadow Realm.' He looked at Yugi. 'Unless Marik or Pegasus has suddenly got a hold of their Items, I can't think of anyone else with Shadow Magic.'

Yugi's tears were flowing freely now. 'It can't be…'

Bakura stood up and placed a hand gently on Yugi's shoulders. 'Help me stop him! Please!'

Yugi wiped the tears away, frowning. He saw Bakura's pleading expression and simply nodded. Bakura acknowledged his courage and they ran off again towards Téa's house.

Yami got Téa's top halfway open when a glowing light stung his eyes. He shielded them and when the glow dimmed he saw the part of the Ring around her neck. 'What is this?' he asked gripping the tassel loosely in his hand. Téa watched in horror as his face grew angrier than she had ever seen it as he realised what it was. 'You allowed him to give you a part of the Millennium Ring?' His grip tightened on the pendant. 'This must be how he is controlling you!' He ripped the chain off her neck. Téa winced as the chain dug into her neck before breaking under the pressure. Yami then tossed it across the room and it tinkled underneath her dresser.

Téa tried again to reason with him. 'Yami, please listen to me. I'm not sure what's going on in your mind, but I think you need to back away and take a few deep breaths. Can't you see what you're doing?' She struggled for effect. 'You've got me tied down and you're talking about rape.'

Yami looked at her through narrowed eyes. 'You didn't object to Bakura doing it.'

'But that was Bakura! Bakura, the Tomb Robber, your enemy. He was evil; he was likely to do that sort of thing! But you're the Pharaoh. You're good, kind hearted. You don't go around raping your friends!'

'You just said it yourself! Why would you allow yourself to fall in love with a maniac like Bakura?'

'I don't know, it just happened. And you have to admit it was for the best. He isn't the same man. He wouldn't hurt me now.'

Yami put his hand to his face, his eyes squeezed shut tight. 'I…I cannot accept that. Evil cannot be so easily banished…'

Bakura and Yugi skidded to a halt outside Téa's house.

'You go round the back, and I'll go my usual route,' Bakura said quickly.

Yugi nodded and bolted around the corner, whilst Bakura ran for his favourite drainpipe.

Yugi opened the back door gingerly and stepped into the kitchen. He walked past the unwashed dishes and into the hallway. He walked passed the living room and caught the sight of Téa's mother on the couch. He quickly went over to see if she was hurt. It looked like she was sleeping, but her brow was furrowed, as if she were in pain. Is she in the Shadow Realm? he asked himself.

He headed up the stairs for Téa's bedroom. Yami!

Yami still had his eyes shut, straddling Téa. 'Evil cannot be tamed as easily as you make it seem.'


Yami ground his teeth. This was not the time! What is it, Yugi?

Where are you? You rushed out of the house in such a hurry.

I am with Téa. Silence on Yugi's part. Yugi?

So it's true?

What is true?

'You…you are hurting her.'

Yami suddenly turned to see Yugi standing in the bedroom doorway. He had a sad look on his face. 'And you sent that policeman and Téa's mother's mind to the Shadow Realm.'

'What?' Téa exclaimed. 'You sent my mother's mind to the shadows?' Téa's eyes began to well up with tears. 'Not even Bakura would do that to my mother!'

Yami looked at her opened mouthed. 'What?'

Téa, even with tears in her eyes, was frowning in anger. 'Bakura may have been a bastard and raped me, but he never directly hurt my mother!'

'But…' Yami turned back towards Yugi. 'They are not in the Shadow Realm, just sleeping.'

Yugi closed his eyes and shook his head. 'You sent them to the Shadow Realm.' He noticed a movement at Téa's window. 'That's not something I expected from you, Pharaoh.'

Yami stared intently at his lighter half. He didn't notice Bakura sneak up behind him.

Bakura lunged at the unwitting Pharaoh and knocked him off the bed. With a cry, Yami hit the floor and rolled over and straight up onto his feet. With cat like grace, he straightened to his full height and glared at the Tomb Robber. 'Come back for more, have you?'

'Yes, and I see you've done half the job for me, Pharaoh,' Bakura said indicating the bound and dishevelled Téa. 'We make a good team of evil rapists!'

Yami growled. 'I am nothing like you!'

'Oh no?' Bakura said inching his way over to the bed. 'Just what were you planning to do with Téa before we crashed your private party?' He leaned over and was about to undo Téa's bonds when a blast of Shadow Magic threw him across the room. Téa screamed.

Yugi stood frozen in place. He still couldn't believe what was happening to his friend. He watched as Yami advanced on Bakura.

Bakura struggled up and manoeuvred around the bed, trying to get Yami away from Téa. Yami eyed him warily.

While Yami was distracted by Bakura, Yugi ran over to the bed and pulled Téa off and dragged her underneath it for cover.

Téa had tears in her eyes. 'Oh my god, what have I done?' she cried.

Yugi attempted to get the cuffs off her. 'It's not your fault. Yami's gone crazy!'

Téa looked at Yugi, his eyes were clouded over with concern and sadness. 'Are you okay?' she asked temporarily forgetting her own pain.

Yugi stopped his futile attempts. It wasn't an easy release pair of cuffs and required a key. 'I'm fine,' he said. He frowned. 'I mean, as fine as I can be in the circumstances.' He sighed. 'Why couldn't I sense it coming from him? I knew he wasn't happy about it, but I never suspected he would take it this far!' He looked ashamed. 'I almost feel responsible. We are almost the same person so it's like I nearly…'

'It wasn't you, by any means, so don't feel like that! And you couldn't have known. He must have been hiding the feelings from you.'

They suddenly gripped each other in fear as another blast sounded above them and they closed their eyes waiting for subsidence.

Bakura jumped up and looked around the room. Quite a few of Téa's things were scorched. 'Pharaoh!' he roared at the figure on the floor. 'If you're going to insist we carry on fighting like this, I suggest we take it elsewhere!' His ring began to glow and darkness began to envelope the room. He was taking this fight to the Shadow Realm.

Yami got off the floor, which had now disappeared and shook his head clear of the blast Bakura had sent his way. 'Bakura, are you insane?' He looked towards the bed, which had disappeared and uncovered the two frightened mortals. 'Their minds are not strong enough to withstand the Shadow Realm!'

Bakura smirked. 'I am not the insane one here!' He held his arm out and the missing tassel of the Ring flew into his hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small key and deftly threw it towards Téa and Yugi.

Yugi, who'd had slightly more experience of the Shadow Realm, was still conscious and caught the two items. Holding onto the tassel made him feel instantly better. He unlocked Téa's bonds and held her now freed hand whilst gripping tightly onto the tassel. Téa's eyes flickered open and her mouth widened when she saw where they were. A quick explanation from Yugi was all she needed to understand what was going on.

Satisfied that Téa was okay, Bakura set his sights on the Pharaoh. 'Now that we are finally here, let's finish this once and for all!' He reached into another pocket and pulled out his deck.

Yami, ever the quick draw, pulled out his deck too. 'You presume to fight me with your pathetic deck?' He held his arm out and a Duel Disk manifested. It was merely cosmetic. The monsters would be real here, but they needed to be able to bring an army out to counter each other's moves. 'You could not beat me last time with it!'

Bakura did the same thing. 'I have a few surprises up my sleeve.'

Yugi's eyes widened. This was bad. If Yami won the duel, what would happen to Téa? On the other hand, what would happen to Yami if Bakura won? He looked at Téa, who had her eyes closed, tears falling down her face. Maybe he could talk them out of the duel before it started!

He let go of Téa's hand and stood up, walking over to the two who were facing off with each other. The Shadow Realm began clouding his mind. 'Stop this right now!' he yelled.

Both Yami and Bakura looked at him. 'Yugi, you need to have contact with the tassel to prevent your mind from being swallowed by the shadows!' Bakura said through grit teeth. He didn't want Yugi to be hurt, despite his allegiance with the Pharaoh. Téa would never forgive him.

Yugi shook his head. 'I would rather be swallowed by the shadows than see you two fight here. Don't you see, there will be no winner!' He turned to Bakura. 'If you beat Yami, how do you think Tea will feel about it? How do you think Ryou will feel about it?' He turned to Yami. 'Just what do you intend to do if you beat Bakura? You can't banish him indefinitely to the shadows, and again, how do you think Téa and Ryou will feel about you?' He closed his eyes. 'How do you think it will make me feel?' He opened them again, and Yami was surprised to see fierceness in his light's eyes like he'd never seen before. 'You two need to think of the consequences of your actions before you start this duel!' he said to both of them He turned to Yami again. 'You have not been acting yourself! You nearly hurt Téa last time you guys fought and you were about to hurt her again before we showed up to stop you! Do you comprehend that?'

Yami looked at Yugi. 'I am doing what I think is right to protect Téa from Bakura.'

'You keep saying that! But she has told you hundreds of times that she doesn't need rescuing from him!'

'I have had a couple of visions that she is in danger, and every time, it involves him!' Yami pointed towards Bakura.

Yugi swayed under the pressure of the Shadow Realm. 'You…know they are not real…they are you feelings mixing up your true senses! Just like the Orichalchos did…' He dropped to his knees and Téa rushed over to make contact with him. He smiled weakly at her as he felt his strength returning. 'If you look in your heart and your head, you'll realise that what you are doing…what you have been doing, is wrong.'

Yami blinked at his other half and looked at Bakura. Bakura's duel disk had disappeared. 'Too scared to fight me?' he growled before he had thought. He regretted it.

Bakura held his hands up. 'Your light is correct. You obviously have serious issues that you need to sort out and I think it will be best if I step aside.'

Téa stood up, still holding onto Yugi. 'What? No!'

Bakura looked mournfully at Téa. 'I am sorry, Téa, but I am the bad guy here. I should never have gone this deep with you.' The shadows began to dissipate and soon they all found themselves back in Téa's room. Bakura turned to leave via the window.

'But I don't want you to leave me!' Téa cried rushing over to him. She grabbed his arm. 'I love you, and I know you feel the same way!' This was said more quietly.

Bakura leaned in to whisper in her ear. 'This is all my fault, and I need to make it right. The Pharaoh is a formidable person and I don't want him to hurt you.' He rubbed her cheek with a thumb. 'He needs time to realise what happened between us and accept it. He'll do what's right…in the end.'

Téa frowned, but she knew what he was saying made sense. 'It's almost like he wins,' she said sadly.

Bakura smiled. 'You know the Pharaoh always wins.' He kissed her lightly and slipped out of the window. Téa didn't bother looking to see if he landed safely, she knew he would. She sat heavily on her bed.

Yugi sat on the floor cross-legged, his head in his hands. He looked up at Yami, who was staring blankly at his arm where the duel disk had been.

What's happened to you, Yami?

Yami looked at him slowly. What?

What happened in your mind? Why have you been blocking this from me? I could have helped you.

I…do not know.

Yugi got up, angry. 'You don't know? You don't know? You've gone crazy! I know you don't have to like the fact that Téa is with Bakura, and trying to break them up is slightly twisted – most guys would try to sweep the girl off her feet - but to come here, and think that duplicating his previous actions would have any good effect is completely and utterly mad!' He'd been saying this and stepping closer and closer to Yami.

Yami had never seen Yugi so angry before. He'd even taken a few steps back thinking he might attack him. 'Yugi, please, I thought she was in danger, and I was confused. I got carried away.'

'You would never have forgiven yourself if you had gone through with hurting her…raping her even! She would never have forgiven you, because you are her friend. I would never have forgiven you! No one would have. You are the good guy!' Yugi was now in Yami's face, the Pharaoh looking scared. 'You're going to have to look long and hard at your action and see how you can rectify this, if at all.' He looked round at Téa, who was sitting on her bed crying. 'And you're going to have to do it quickly!' Giving Yami one last devastating look, he turned on his heel and strode purposefully over to Téa and sat next to her.

Yami watched as the two people he cared for most seemed to turn their backs on him, but he knew why, and he was disgusted. He saw Téa lean her head on Yugi's shoulder. Yugi put his arm around her. The two did not acknowledge him.

He lowered his head and closed his eyes. Yugi was right, of course. He had to make this right, but he still couldn't shake the bad feelings from his head. Yugi's mini rampage had certainly opened his eyes to what he'd been about to do, and now what he needed to do next.

He opened his eyes and clenched his fists. He turned to walk out.

What are you going to do?

I am not sure yet, he turned to look at Yugi who was still not looking at him. But I will make this right, somehow. He left the two still sitting on the bed.

Bakura trudged down the street towards his house, cigarette in hand. I'm trudging? Since when do I trudge? He straightened up and took a few steps before slumping again. Okay, so I'm trudging. He laughed weakly. I guess I'm upset about this. He looked up as he approached the house. Going to have to make myself scarce.

He silently opened the door and slipped in. He quickly looked in on Ryou, who was sleeping on his bed, face down, arm hanging off the side. Bakura smiled and shut the door. He went to his room and had a look around. He grabbed a small backpack and started throwing things in. Just a few essentials, he thought throwing in his hairbrush that he'd 'borrowed' from Ryou, a toothbrush and some clothes. Wherever I end up, I'll get the things I need once I'm there.

He grabbed a picture he had of Téa and him. He stuffed that in his bag as well and closed it. He walked out of the room and downstairs into the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a quick note to Ryou.

Hikari - I know you'll be completely beaten up about this, but I'm leaving (that was sarcasm, by the way). I've made a real mess of things and I'm not getting any joy from it, like I would have before. She really did change me, something I didn't think was possible! Anyway, I'm sure you'll be better off without me too. Thanks for putting up with me. He crossed out the last sentence. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. He crossed that out as well. Ra damn it, I'm not good with this sort of thing. Goodbye!

He tossed the note on the kitchen counter near the kettle and opened the door to leave. He took one last look around and closed it behind him, heading for destination unknown.

Yami opened his eyes and found himself in the park. What the…? He sat up. He was on a bench and the sun was rising. I must have been too tired to get home. He got off the bench and stretched the aches and pains out of his body from sleeping on a park bench. He then decided to head straight for Ryou's place. He needed to find Bakura and apologise.

The thought of apologising to the Tomb Robber made him shudder. After 5000 years of rivalry, swallowing his pride would be difficult, but he had to do it, for Téa.

He reached the front door and knocked softly. It was still early and he didn't really want to wake anyone. He thought at least if Bakura were awake, he would hear the knocking.

After a few minutes, he decided to go round the back and see if anyone was in the kitchen. He found the light was on and Ryou was up making some tea. He knocked softly on the door and watched as Ryou turned round at the sound. The boy then approached the door and opened it.

Yami was shocked to see Ryou's face was flushed and his eyes red from crying. 'Ryou?'

Ryou's face scrunched up in a frown. 'You,' he said deeply, deeper than usual. 'You're the cause of this!'

Yami raised an eyebrow. 'What has happened?'

Ryou shoved something against his chest. 'This!'

Yami rubbed his chest from Ryou's ferocity and un-crumpled the piece of paper. He read it and understood what had upset the white-haired boy. Despite the past actions of Bakura against Ryou, Ryou still thought the world of him, and now he was gone. 'Ryou, I…' But Ryou had already slammed the door closed. Yami looked through the window and saw Ryou sit at the table and begin to cry again.

Yami looked at the piece of paper again and decided he now needed to find Bakura and bring him back. For Téa and Ryou.

Where would he go, I wonder? The Pharaoh turned and walked away from the house. He headed over to the nightclub Bakura usually went to and found it was closed. He knocked on the door and a cleaner opened the door.

'You're too early for deliveries,' the guy said.

'I need to speak to the Manager of the Club,' he said. 'Please, it is important.'

'He ain't here,' the man said.

'Do you know if a white haired man was here last night? About this tall, brown eyes…'

'Ya mean, Bakura?' Yami nodded. 'Yeah, he was here, for a while, but he took off early this morning.'

'Do you know where he was going?'

'No, I don't pry into his personal life!' The man shooed him away. 'Now clear off. I've got work to be gettin' on with!' He closed the door.

Yami sighed. He considered using the puzzle to try and locate him, but he was sure the Ring would block that ability, plus Tea still had a part of the Ring, and…

That's it! He began to head back towards Téa's house. He needed the Tassel, and then he was sure he'd be able to find Bakura.

He walked passed the area where the policeman was. He was still there. Amazingly, no one seemed to have found him. Yami knelt down and released his mind from the shadows and quickly left before he saw him.

Yugi opened his eyes at the sound of shuffling in the room. He sat up and saw Yami searching under the bed and all around the room for something. He put his arm protectively around Téa, who was still asleep next to him. What are you doing?

I need to find the Tassel from Bakura's Millennium Ring so I can track him down. He has left.

Yugi got off the bed slowly and walked over to his dark half. He left? Yami handed him the note and Yugi read it. Oh. Ryou must be…

Very upset, yes. Yami sighed. Yugi, I am very sorry. I have to make this right, for everyone. I do not know what came over me, but I am fine now. I have to find Bakura, apologise to him and get him to come back. Ryou and Téa's happiness depend on it.

Yugi smiled and yawned. Yay! My Yami is back! He hugged Yami and squeezed. I forgive you.

Yami smiled. Don't forgive me yet, Yugi. I have to get Bakura back first, but I need the Tassel. Do you know where it is?

Yugi crept over to the bed and gently pried Téa's hand open. She was clutching onto the golden object tightly, but relinquished it, still asleep. Yugi handed it to Yami without a second thought.

Yami smiled again. He really does trust me, and he is quick to forgive, he thought to himself. Yugi was looking at him brightly. He nodded, no longer needing to say or think anything else. He turned and walked out of the room. A quick backwards glance showed Yugi getting back onto the bed with Téa.

As he walked down the stairs, he went into the living room and quickly released Mrs. Gardner's mind from the shadows. She fell into a normal sleep. She would be fine when she woke up, maybe have a bit of a headache. He headed out the door and held the tassel by its chain. 'Okay then,' he told it, not sure how to tap into it's power. 'Find Bakura.' The tassel whirled around and finally Yami felt a tugging. He headed in the direction it pulled him towards.

Bakura sat in a run down coffee shop just outside of town, a steaming mug of coffee in front of him. It was early afternoon. He dragged slowly and thoughtfully on a cigarette, contemplating where to go next.

He'd gone to the nightclub last night, not knowing where else to go. He spoke to Mr. Angel, who seemed to never judge him, and without much of an explanation, he told him that he and Téa were taking some time apart and could Mr. Angel think of various places Bakura could go. Mr. Angel had given him the number of his brother, who ran another nightclub in Tokyo and told him that if he head there, he would be welcome. He was also currently looking for a lodger to take the spare room in his apartment.

Mr. Angel tried asking other questions and said that if he wanted, he could work in the club and use the small lodgings above the club until he found something else if he was going to stay in Domino, but Bakura had declined the offer, taken Mr. Angel's brother's number and left before the sun rose. Bakura also politely asked Mr. Angel not to tell Téa or anyone where he was heading.

Bakura gulped his coffee, trying to relax. He was sure Téa wouldn't try to find him. She wouldn't have the means. He took another drag on his cigarette.

The waitress came over and offered more coffee. He accepted, even though his mug was still half full.

Then a thought occurred to him. She still had the tassel of the Ring and could find him if she really wanted to. He smiled at that thought. She would try. She had the determination. The only thing that would stop her was resources, or lack thereof. And, she probably didn't know how to use it.

He sighed. He didn't want her to find him. That part of his life was over now. He had his own body and had made a few changes to his attitude. Maybe he could start over again.

The waitress came over again. He was her only customer. 'What's eatin' ya, honey?'

Bakura looked up at her. Before Téa, he would have told her to mind her own business, but he knew better now. 'I'm on the run.'

She sat down opposite him. 'Do tell! I could use an exciting story right about now.'

He smiled and proceeded to tell her his story. He left out certain parts, like the fact he was an ancient spirit who was trapped for millennia in an artefact, but he was honest about how he'd 'forced himself' on Téa, but they fell in love and how eventually, for her own safety and the sanity of her friends, he decided to leave.

'Sounds like this Yami person was jealous.'

'That is an understatement,' Bakura said draining the last dregs of his coffee.

'Well, I don't approve of 'forced sex',' she said using his terminology. 'But it seems you and Téa really are really in love and Yami should have accepted it!' She filled his mug again.

'I should have accepted it, but old habits die hard.'

Bakura and the waitress looked up. They saw Yami standing at the booth. 'Oh great!' Bakura exclaimed. The waitress looked at him questioningly. 'That's Yami.'

'Oh,' she said frowning at the spiky haired man. 'I see.'

Yami looked at her, but addressed them both. 'Look, I know what I did was wrong. I was out of my mind. I did not let Yugi help me deal with the emotions I was feeling.' He held his hand out and showed Bakura the tassel.

'Hey, that belongs to Téa!' the waitress said sharply.

'I know, but I needed it to find him.'

The waitress stood up when the door tinkled, indicating another customer had arrived. 'Well, I think you two need to be alone.' She leaned closer to Bakura. 'Let me know if you need anything.'

After she had left, Yami sat in her place. 'It is not like you to share information about your life with complete strangers.'

'Well, people can change. You and I have both proved that!'

Yami put the tassel in front of him. 'I have come to apologise and to ask you to come back.'

'I don't think so, Pharaoh. I wouldn't want people to think I'm weak.'

'Weak? You think coming back after leaving because of me is weak? I think you will find that Ryou and Téa will not think that.'

Bakura raised an eyebrow. 'You saw Ryou?'

'Yes, and he is very upset.'

'What did Téa say when you got the tassel?'

'She was asleep.'

Bakura emitted a low growl. 'And so you just took it?'

'No, Yugi was there with her and he gave it to me.'

'That boy needs to learn not to forgive so easily.'

Yami smiled. 'It's in his nature and I am extremely grateful for it. A lot of others would not be so forgiving.'

Bakura and Yami just looked at each other for a while, staring in silence. Finally Yami sighed. 'I am truly sorry, Bakura. And Téa and Ryou need you to come back. Is there anything else I can say to make you see I am being sincere?'

Bakura snorted. 'No, I know you are sincere. It's in your nature.'

'Will you come back with me?'

'Say 'please'.'

'Please, Bakura.'

'Say 'Pretty please with a cherry on top'.'

Yami frowned. 'Pretty please with a cherry on top.'

Bakura smirked. 'Now say 'I am a stupid Pharaoh, and need to think before I try and break couples up when it doesn't suit me'!'

Yami growled. 'You are pushing your luck, Tomb Robber.'

Bakura laughed. 'Okay, okay, I was just seeing how far you would go with it!' He dug out his wallet and slapped some money on the table for the waitress, grabbed the tassel and they both stood up. He waved goodbye to the waitress. She waved back. The two headed back to the city.

It was early evening by the time the two yamis got back to Domino. The journey in had been pleasant. They'd taken a bus and sat in silence, getting off in the town centre and walking the rest of the way. They headed straight for Ryou's house.

'Do you really have to follow me in?' Bakura asked Yami.

'I need to make sure the next place you go is Téa's house.'

'That would be my next stop, but I would prefer to go there alone.' Not having thought to leave his key, Bakura dug in his pockets and pulled the keys out. He opened the front door.

'I'll come with you to Téa's house, to show her that I am sincere and then leave you,' Yami said.

Bakura sighed. The Pharaoh may have apologised and brought him back, but he knew they still didn't like each other. 'Fine, just keep out of the way if Ryou is home.'

'Bakura?' a voice from upstairs came. 'Is that you?'


A flash of white shot down the stairs and flew into his arms. The two boys tumbled to the floor in a heap. 'I missed you so much!' Ryou was nuzzling him.

'Get off me, Ryou! I've only been gone for a day!'

'Yes, but your note said you were leaving for good so I was in mourning mode.' The two got up. It was then that Ryou noticed Yami. 'Did you fetch him back?'

Yami nodded, waiting for the scolding. Suddenly, Ryou wrapped his arms around his neck and hugged him. 'Thank you!'

Yami pat him on the back and they broke apart. 'I do not deserve it, but I appreciate it.'

Ryou waved his hand like he was wiping away the past. 'What you did was stupid, but hey, Bakura has done worse and he's been forgiven. We can't do any less for you.'

Yami smiled. 'I only hope Téa sees it the same way. Her friendship means the world to me.'

'Well, you nearly ruined that,' Bakura said about to light up a cigarette. One look from Ryou told him he may have missed him, but he didn't miss the cigarettes. He stopped and put it away. 'But at least you've come to your senses. Let's just hope Téa manages to overlook the incident and you'll be okay.'

Yami nodded. He couldn't blame anyone if they hated him, although the justice would be unfair considering Bakura had done the evil thing and came out smelling like roses.

The three of them left the house and headed for Téa's. Yami, using his mind link, probed for Yugi and found him still there. Yugi was a rock, and would always be there to support anyone who needed it. He backed down when he felt Yugi detect his presence. He didn't want Yugi to know he'd found Bakura just yet. He wanted it to be a surprise for Téa.

When they got to Téa's place, Yami said he felt Yugi around the back, and they walked up the side of the building to find Téa sitting on the grass while Yugi was showing her his deck. Yugi looked up when they all appeared and the look on his face must have alerted Téa to the group. She looked up and her face brightened when she saw them.

She got up and ran towards them. She threw herself at Bakura and they tumbled on the grass. Bakura rolled them to prevent injury and ended up on top of Téa. He immediately began kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Yami, Ryou and Yugi all looked away to give them some sort of privacy.

'Shall we go inside?' Ryou asked covering his eyes.

'I think that's a good idea,' Yugi agreed looking at the floor with a blush on his face.

Yami just laughed and followed the two innocents into the house.

Bakura broke the kiss. 'I love you,' he said.

Téa had tears in her eyes. 'I love you too.'

Bakura smiled and got off her. He helped her up and brushed some grass and leaves out of her hair. 'He apologised, and he meant it. I know him. It must have been very hard to do, being so proud and all.'

Téa nodded.

Bakura looked her in the eye. 'Do you forgive him?'

Téa looked surprised. 'You're asking me to forgive him?'

Bakura looked serious. 'You forgave me.'

Téa looked at the grass, made a decision and looked back at him. 'Of course I can forgive him!'

Bakura beamed at her. He may not like the Pharaoh, but he wanted to make sure Téa was happy. He glanced at the house. 'He'll be happy to know that.' He saw the Pharaoh looking at them. When he smiled, Yami nodded and turned away and walked into a different room.

'Well, I do value his friendship, but I just don't understand what happened. He went crazy!' Téa was saying.

'That's for him and Yugi to figure out. No doubt they will have an in depth conversation about it later, but right now, I just want you all to myself.' He snaked his arms around her waist and kissed her fully on the mouth.

Later that night, Yami lay in his room staring at the ceiling. He though about the events of the last day or so and groaned at the memories of what he had done…and almost done.

After he brought Bakura back, the five of them had stayed at Téa's house for some dinner, which Ryou offered to prepare. It was peaceful and Yami kept his head down for most of the evening. After a while, Téa took him aside and they chatted about what had happened. Yami apologised profusely and Téa laughed at his 'not very royal' attitude. He was basically on his knees begging for forgiveness. He told him she forgave him and they would never mention the incident again!

After leaving her house, Yami and Yugi walked in silence together. When they got home, they'd talked it out what happened in Yami's mind. Yami promised Yugi he would always let him know what was going on, if for nothing else, but to trust that Yugi would help him, and not judge him.

Yami turned over and tried to sleep, afraid of what his dreams might bring, but in the end, sleep claimed him, and it was dreamless.

Bakura lay on his side watching Téa sleep. He ran a finger down her spine and chuckled when she shivered. She turned over, half asleep. 'Bakura?'

'I want to go again.' And without waiting for a response, he enveloped her in his arms and kissed her fiercely.


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