Our Tailed Burdens

InuNaru xover. They thought that the Two-tailed Cat was sealed within me by force, just like their demons. Wrong. Kirara gave her life to save mine, but Akatsuki took her away. I need to find the fox… Sango Naruto pairing.

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Chapter 1 – Human

I go by the name Yugito these days. Yugito of Kumogakure. But that's not my real name. Of course, if I did use my real name, people would get curious and suspicious and start asking questions. My real name is Sango and though I'm human, I'm well over two hundred years old.

Well, was human is more like it. No, wait, I'm human again now. They took Kirara from me. My two-tailed demon cat. My family inheritance, she'd been in my family forever. She's the last of her kind and I'm the last of my bloodline. How could they? Kirara, where are you? Why do they want you? Your power? Our power? No, no, stupid, I'm so stupid. It was never my power. It was yours, always yours. That's how you saved me. You used your power to bond with me and make me an unnatural hanyou, saving my life. But the seal on my stomach… it's gone now… Oh, Kirara…

And the rain keeps coming down. Oh, Kami, my hands, they're too numb with cold for me to feel the enormous holes in them. And they're not healing! I'm human again. One hundred percent pure, unadulterated, non-hanyou human. I'm not even blonde anymore. My hair is brown and dark again, just like it used to be, I pause and cough up blood, my mind too slurred to register how worried I should be from the amount I've lost. How much did I lose? Oh, it was a lot back there…somewhere.

I continue crawling on my hands and knees through the hidden village of Konoha. Konoha… this is a ninja village, right? How did I get in? I can't remember. All I know is that I have to get to the kitsune. I have to get to the fox. I can feel his aura nearby. Oh, Shippo, how long since I last saw you? You'll be all grown up by now. But why are you living among humans? There's something… a memory… I know why you're in this human village but I can't quite remember… Oh, Kami, more blood.

All I have to do is reach you, Shippo, and I know I'll be okay. What're these? Oh, right, they're called stairs… My eyes, oh Kami, everything's so blurred. Is it all from the rain? I can't tell. I tilt my head up. I feel you, Shippo. You're right behind this door. It's so hard to pull myself up. I'm leaning against the door on my knees. It's so hard to breathe. It's so hard to raise my fist to knock. Shippo, I want to see you again, I can't wait to see you. Kirara, they took her away. The Akatsuki took her away. Help me get her back, Shippo, I know you can help me. Miroku can't help me anymore, he's dead. He died a long time ago. I don't know if Kagome and Inuyasha are alive. They're probably dead too, they can't help me. Miroku, that pervert… Oh, Kami, it was so long ago and yet I still miss him. I never got to bear his children…

Shippo, is that you? I feel you coming closer… You heard me knocking? Oh, thank you, Kami! I was so scared I was too weak for you to hear me. What's that other aura around you? Who is that? I don't care, just open the door and help me get Kirara back.

Oh, the door's moving. Will I be able to stay upright without it's support? Oh my gosh, I can! I can! I look up. Wait, no, who's this? I don't have the wrong house. I can't have the wrong house. You're not Shippo, though. You have blonde hair and blue eyes and you're wearing orange. You're not Shippo. Shippo has reddish-brown hair and green eyes. I can't help it, I begin to cry. Where is Shippo? I want Shippo. He's the only one that can help me get Kirara back.

"Oh, man… Who are you? What happened to you, miss, are you okay? You're covered in blood." The boy who is not Shippo asks, leaning down to me. What a stupid question…

Weird, he kind of sounds like Shippo, though. Why? That aura… Shippo? Shippo are you stuck in this boy? Are you stuck inside this boy just like Kirara was stuck inside me? I cough again, right onto the boy's orange jacket. Now there's red all over it. Oh, no. I've lost too much blood. The boy looks alarmed and he's saying something but I can't hear him. I'm going to faint. No, I can't faint. Shippo, they took her, they took Kirara away!

I can't escape. The darkness is coming for me. I can't die, I have to save Kirara! They might hurt her! No escape. I feel myself falling to the ground and into darkness.



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