A/N: This story is about a very special girl who's past is somewhat dark, but her gifts and determination shape the future of the wizarding world. It is also a story of how two people who feel broken can become whole again through each other. If you have a problem with Snape/ Student relationships, do not read on. Some things are on canon, but because of additional characters, a few minor changes had to be made. The story has some implied adult content in the beginning and middle, but it is important to understand the character. It is not descriptive, but If it disturbs you then do not read on. If some things are unclear, please tell me and I will try to explain them. The first few chapters are basically the set up, but after that the actual story picks up. This is my first fanfic, so I hope you enjoy.

Chapter one

On the Run

He would never hurt them again, that much was certain. How did this happen? She was unsure, but she knew for her sake, as well as her sisters, they had to escape. They had no one else in the world, but they had each other. She had survived worse, and now she needed to protect her sister.

"Ada, wake up, we must be getting close now", she said to the sleeping girl in her arms. Ada woke up, rubbed her eyes, and yawned.

"Where are we going again?"

"We are going to a place called Hogwarts. It's a school, and you and I have been accepted. I just hope it is not too late."

Ada began to cry. She did nothing but cry and sleep the entire ride. It broke her sister's heart. She had failed her. She had spent her entire life trying to protect her sister, and she had failed her now. It all started when she was four years old……


She had just turned four, and her and her mother were raking the autumn leaves. Well, her mother was raking; she was jumping in the big piles that were ready to be put into bags. Her little sister was inside taking her nap. She picked up a big stick and began to have a sword fight with her invisible opponent.

"Mummy, this is just like your stick you used to play with. Where did it go?" Her mother made a strange look of pain that she didn't understand.

"I had to put it away honey, it was too dangerous. Sticks are dangerous, please put it down."

"Is it in the box where you keep all of daddy's things?" her inquisitive little mind wanted to know. Things had changed after her daddy died. Ada hadn't even been born yet, and her mummy was very sad. She didn't remember much because she was only two, but she remembered they moved away from their house. Then mummy met Joe. She didn't like Joe. He was only nice to her when mummy was around. And when mummy went to work he would yell at her and make her bring him food, or a beer. She didn't like beer. It made people act funny. He would yell and tell her and Ada to shut up. He was only nice when mummy was around, but she was too afraid to tell her mummy. Mummy was happy now, and she wanted her mummy to be happy. When mummy went to work she just made sure that she kept her and Ada away from him. Then it was okay.

"Lets finish with the leaves, okay pixie?" She loved it when her mummy called her pixie. Her mummy said with her dark hair and eyes, she looked just like the little pixies in her stories. She loved to hear about pixies, and faeries, and magic. Mummy didn't like to talk about magic anymore. Mummy always got sad after talking about magic, so she learned to read all by herself so mummy wouldn't have to read any more stories about magic. But she liked magic. Sometimes she liked to play that she could use magic. One time she thought she heard her bunny, Suekki, talk to her, but decided she was being a silly little girl. She didn't like to be too silly. She wanted to be a big girl like mummy. She loved her mummy, so she didn't tell her about Suekki.

Suddenly she heard a great crash. She looked at her Mummy and saw that she was scared. "Mummy what's going on?" she cried. Her mummy picked her up and ran inside.

"Pixie, I need you to be a big girl now. Can you be a big girl Violet?" violet nodded. "Good. I need you to go get your sister and hide. Do not come out. No matter what you hear, you cannot come out. Not until I, or someone you know, comes to get you. Do you understand?"

"Yes mummy. I will get Ada and hide. I will not come out."

"Good. You must promise me something. You must promise me to take care of Ada. You must promise to always take care of your sister. You are her big sister and she needs you."

"I promise mummy, I love you"

"I love you too pixie. Go. Run now and hide"

Violet ran. She ran as fast as her little legs would take her. She took her sister and hid in the laundry basket in the closet. Ada woke up and started to cry. Violet kissed her sister, and told her that they were playing hide and go seek with mummy, and that she needed to be quiet. She sang her sister back to sleep. Then she heard the crash and the scream, but she did just what she told mummy her to do. She didn't come out. She stayed with Ada in the closet until late into the night. When her Grandma came, she climbed out and wanted to know where her mummy was. It was her Grandma that had to break the news to the now, hysterical, four year old. Joe chose that moment to come home.

"Where is Jordana?" He asked in an irritated voice.

"She is dead." The grandmother replied, breaking into sobs.

"What do you mean, She's dead?" He asked, furious. "I just saw her this morning, she was fine".

"For your information, she was murdered." She screamed, forgetting Violet was listening to every word.

"What happened? Who? Why?"

"People from her past. You would know nothing about it." Her grandmother said defiantly.

"Well this is just great," he said in a sarcastic tone. "After all I did for her, she goes and gets herself killed." Her grandmother had had it then.


"Well fine, if that's how you feel. But what am I supposed to do with these stupid brats?"


And they did. For seven glorious years they lived with their grandmother. But their grandmother was old, very old. And it wasn't long before she too was taken out of their lives. But who else was left to care for them? Their grandmother's house was now theirs, but they needed a guardian, and the courts could only think of one person. And this was the beginning of Violet's personal hell.

She was now eleven. She was quite a beauty for her age. With thick black hair that fell in waves down her back, dark brown eyes, and full lips. Her complexion was clear and pale. She was also quite tall for her age. Ada was almost her opposite. At nine years old, she was small, with blond hair and blue eyes. Their personalities also could not have been any more different. Ada spoke often, and without thought. Her emotions were worn on her sleeve. She was more interested in her play than in her schoolwork. Violet was a bookworm to the core. It helped her escape from life. She was quiet, but not quite shy. She learned how to get what she wanted by more cunning ways. She lived for only one thing. Her sister. And that is why she felt like a failure.

About six months into their life with Joe, things began to spin out of control. He would drink, and then loose his temper. Violet always made sure to get Ada out of the way when the hitting began. The hitting she could deal with. It was his next line of thinking that broke her spirit.

One day, while Ada was at a friend's house, Violet brought him his dinner. She tried to leave his room, but he blocked her path. "You know", he said," You sure are becoming such a pretty little thing".

"Thanks, I guess. I should go do the dishes." She answered nervously.

"No, I think you should come over here. I bet you don't even know how pretty you are. You know, you shouldn't be so tempting. Some people wont be able to control themselves around you."

And that is when it started. She tried to say no, but he wouldn't listen. Suddenly his next sentence scared her enough to comply.

"You know," he said menacingly," If you don't want to, maybe Ada might." And that was enough. She looked him straight in the eye and said she would do whatever he wanted to, as long as he never laid a hand on her sister. And for the next year and a half, he did just that.

After that first day, violet began to let the numbness set in. her heart became cold to everyone but Ada. She went through everyday mechanically. About two months later, She went to put some boxes in the attic, and found it. It was the box. She was so overwhelmed she almost began to cry, but then remembered she didn't do that anymore. She was the strong one. She opened the box that had once belonged to her father. Her grandmother must have had it all this time. She was truly amazed at what she found in there. It was full of books. Strange books, about subjects she had never heard of before. Potions, Divination, and Transfiguration, what did these mean? She also found some strange polished sticks. And to her amazement, she found a letter addressed to her. It was from a place called Hogwarts, and she was accepted. This must have came right before her Grandmother died. Why had she never shown her? She could go, she wanted to, but what about Ada? Well as nice as this place sounds, she would never leave her sister. But she studied. Every night after Joe was finished, and took himself to bed, she snuck up into the attic to study. She had read book after book, learned theory after theory. She had read from a rule book that she could not actually practice with a wand unless she was at school, so she did her best to learn everything else. What else was there for her to do?

This continued until the summer of the following year. Then something interesting happened. An owl came to the window, with a letter, addressed to Miss Ada Madison. What should she do? Should she tell her? How would Ada handle the news that magic was real, and that she had kept it from her? She decided to wait to tell her sister until she could figure things out. That was best, so she stuck the letter under her mattress.

The next week passed like any other, until her worst fears came to life. She had stayed after school to discuss a project for her English class. When she came home, she began to make dinner. Then she heard her sister crying. "Please, don't, I don't want to do that." Still carrying the frying pan, she noiselessly made her way to Ada's bedroom. When she saw Joe trying to force himself on her sister, she did the first thing that came to mind. She hit him in the back of the head with the pan. He was breathing, but out cold. Immediately she began to pack.

"Get up, get dressed, we are out of here."

End flash back

And that is when Violet stole her neighbor's horse. Gavin was mistreated from the day he was brought there, so she felt no guilt, and they needed a getaway. She tried her best to explain to Ada where they were going, and she hoped that one day her sister would forgive her for not being there for her. But she would try to make up for that now. She arrived at the gates of a large castle.

"Ada, we're here, we're home."

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