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Chapter 1:

Anyanna heard soft waltz music in the distance so she slowly opened her eyes to see a full moon and millions of stars in the sky. It was then she realized she was ok, not hot from the blaze, no cuts, no injury to speak of from the fire. She was lying on a bench under a white rose bush wearing a beautiful floor length white gown. She sat up unsure what to do but the waltz music grew louder behind her drawing her to it. Behind her was a huge country mansion, much like the house in London and she could see couples dancing through the large windows. She couldn't help marveling at the beauty of the roses so she picked one off the bush and placed it behind her right ear. She checked herself over and entered the building into a reception room. As soon as she did everyone around her reacted to her presence. She recognized them all; they were people from her school and Newport Society. A girl of about 15 ran to her and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

"Come of Annie, it's time to go" she said with a broad smile

"W … Where?" she asked causing the girl to giggle

"Ok, I know people get cold feet on the wedding day but not cold brains!"

"M … My what?" Annie asked nearly dropping the flowers in her hands

"Your wedding silly! Come on Dad's waiting!"

"Dad? … May? You're May?" May looked concerned at her

"Ok seriously you are freaking me out! Who else am I going to be? Come on your fiancée is waiting" May took her hand and lead her through a series of rooms and found their father waiting in the final room wearing a tuxedo.

"Hey sweetheart, you look beautiful" he kissed Annie's hand and May turned to him

"Dad, I think she's got cold feet. I'll let them know we're ready" May walked away leaving a very confused Annie with Ryan

"Dad, please you have to tell me, who am I marrying?"

"Annie stop playing around. I know you're nervous but as soon as you see him you'll be fine" she shook her head and grasped his hand

"Please tell me!" her voice broke with emotion and tears formed in her eyes. Ryan looked at her shocked for a moment. He opened his mouth to respond but the wedding march began.

"Ok, it's time to go" May said returning and a pair of double doors opened in front of them. As she was lead down the aisle she looked around to see all her family and friends but Gregory and Nicholas weren't there, that was when she saw three empty seats in the front row. She was at the end of aisle and a cold hand ran over her right forearm distracting her from the chairs.

"Are you ready babe?" that voice made her eyes widen and sent a chill down her spine. She slowly turned to see her fiancés who had both her hands in his tight grip. She gasped and couldn't speak as the minister began.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Anyanna Atwood and Benjamin Hanson£ Ben grinned at her making her feel sick.

"If anyone knows any reason why they may not be joined in matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace" she instantly responded

"I do! I won't marry him!" she continued to speak but no one took notice. The minister continued as she tried to escape Ben's grasp but couldn't no matter how she tried. She stopped struggling when she saw the occupancy of the three chairs. In the chair of the right sat Christy, Ben's real life bride glaring at her with tears falling down her cheeks. The centre chair had a small baby car seat on it with Ben and Christy's child asleep within. She stared open mouthed in shock to the final chair. Charlie sat in the chair all cut and bloody with a huge gash running across his forehead bleeding heavily. He looked at her with absolute sympathy causing her to cry.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" she instantly turned back to the minister in chock and received a kiss from Ben which she tried to prevent but did not succeed. Everyone in the room stood and applauded. She looked back to the seats to see Christy and the baby were still their but Charlie had gone, only a trial of blood to identify where he went. She struggled once more and was finally released from his grasp. As soon as she was free she ran from the room following the trail through the building and the gravel paths of the garden. She came across a maze where the trail stopped.

She instantly ran in running down many paths, unsure where she was going. "CHARLIE! WHERE ARE YOU?" she kept on screaming as she ran but received no response. She could hardly see anything in the darkness of the maze but kept on going. She had been running for what felt like hours until she came to the centre of the maze. Charlie stood at the central point of the maze and she slowly walked towards him.

"ANNIE!" she could hear someone frantically calling in the distance but she couldn't take notice with Charlie stood in front of her. She didn't notice the soft rain that began to fall.

"Charlie … I –" he instantly placed his left palm against her cheek to stop her and realized how cold he was.

"I miss you Annie. I love you, I always have. So please wake up" she looked confused and he slowly pulled her towards him and kissed her softly on the lips. The rain had become heavier and as he pulled away she noticed what was happening. She was now knee deep in water which was rising as quickly as the rain fell. Charlie stood in front of her for a moment before taking a few steps back.

"Charlie help me" she tried to move her feet but couldn't

"ANNIE" the voice grew louder

"Jut wake up" Charlie responded taking a few more steps back. The water was too high and she fell below the waterline. The rose behind her ear came loose and floated above her head like flowers on a grave. She frantically tried to make it to the surface but couldn't. "Just wake up Annie! Wake up!" Charlie's voice echoed through the water

"ANNIE! IT'S ME" the caller's voice was loader than Charlie's and a bare arm reached out to her from above. She instantly took it and was pulled free from the water into the dark and silence of the maze. She panted as the person held her close on the ground

"Annie, you're safe now, I'm here" the person said but she became light headed and her vision began to blur. He picked her up in his arms and held her close. She sighed with relief when she realized the owner of that voice, those words, that touch.

"Nick" she whispered softly before everything went black


Annie's eyes shot open and she instantly gasped for air. She began to cough fiercely which made her body shake violently. She was in so much pain that she closed her eyes to get through it

"I'll go get a doctor" she heard someone say before they left the room

"Annie, Annie, its ok. I'm here, but you have to put this on. It'll help" she felt someone place an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. "Deep breaths now" she complied and after a few minutes her coughed seized and she could breath normally once more. She slowly opened her eyes and as her vision cleared a familiar smiling face greeted her.

"S … Sandy" she said softly and he placed his hand on her cheek

"Hey kid. We've been so worried about you. You mustn't talk as it will hurt you too mush. You took in a lot of smoke and hurt your head as well as braking your wrist" Kirsten entered the room followed by a doctor but Annie didn't take notice

"M … mum …dad" she asked

"What did I just say young lady? Your as stubborn as your dad you know that?" he said making Annie smile. "They're ok. They went home to get some rest. They've been here everyday since the fire. But I'll call them while you get examined ok?" Annie felt light headed and soon everything went black once more.