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Chapter 7:

Annie sat in a building unsure what to do. She had been led to a private building after her flight to London. Her family believed she was going to get a flight from there to Scotland but now being in the secret services she had other plans. She would be heading for Scotland but for the time being she was staying in London. She was sat in a huge comfortable chair, one of many around a large dark oak table. There were mirrors all around her and she had the feeling she was being watched. She nervously sat fiddling with her necklace.

"Hello" a voice said from the corner of the room and a man appeared. He was tall, dark and extremely handsome. "I guess you are the new girl that Marcus is excited about" he said walking forward. He had a thick Scottish accent, dark short brown hair and big brown eyes. Annie couldn't help smiling as his stunning looks even from an Orange County standard blew her away.

"That's me! I'm Anyanna Atwood" she held out her hand

"I'm Aidan Carter" he took her soft hand and shook it

"So have you been staring at me for long?" she asked

"Long enough to figure you out. You have no training which is obvious as you are not on your guard. You are very young, I'd guess around 15?" Annie nodded "Thought so, and you are far way from home Miss Atwood. But there is one good thing I learnt from watching you" he explained walking around the table to stand right in front of her

"Only one? I am intrigued" she said with a soft smile

"Your one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen in my life" he took her right hand in his left and softly kissed it

"I can't believe that" Annie replied softly

"Why not?" Aidan asked so softly he was nearly whispering to her

"Even though I've had no training I can tell when a person is lying to me, no matter how charming, sophisticated and handsome he is. Growing up in Orange County aka the Plastic Land as I like to call it you learn a lot of the rules of high modern society very quickly. That is why Marcus took me on for this job" Annie replied so softly she was nearly whispering then pulling her hand out of his grasp

"Can I ask you something?" she nodded slowly "Is there a boyfriend on the horizon in your life Miss Atwood?" he asked and she shook her head slowly

"Unfortunately no so if you know anyone you will let me know won't you?" she asked suggestively and felt a giggle coming to her lips but she managed to stop herself from laughing

"I'll keep that in mind. So why don't you tell me a little about yourself" he asked and sat on a chair next to her

"That's not fair, you already have played your little game and asked your questions. Why can't I?" She asked and he nodded

"Valid point, so what will it be first?"

"What's your real name?"

"I already told you it's Aidan Carter" Annie shook her head

"Ok I'm not an idiot. I know that behind each and every one of these mirrors are people. People I've never met but they all know every little detail about me. They are listening and watching our conversation to see how I react to things and how well I can see right through you. Now tell me your real name" Silence fell over the room and he smiled softly

"Finn Buckley is my real name. I'm 21 years old from Glasgow, Scotland. I specialize in ancient languages and have been work for the international secret service since I was 15 years old. So what about you?"

"I already told you my background Mr. Buckley. If you want to find out more then check out my file, no doubt Marcus has already given you a copy" Finn stood up and laughed

"Your better then I thought. You'll be a valuable member to out team" Just then the door opened and Marcus stepped into the room

"So do I pass?" Annie asked as she smiled at Marcus

"With flying colours, by the way Finn Buckley is his real name and yes I did give him a copy of your file"

"Yes but mine didn't have a picture" Finn said and stood up

"So what now?" Annie asked confused

"Now we begin training. You'll call home and say you're in London and there has been a delay on your plane due to bad English weather, thus the call from London will be justified. All three of us will head for Scotland and you can do your training there. You'll write in your spare time and you can get to know Finn because as of today he's your new partner. So we'll leave you now to make your phone call home and when your done, come out and we'll catch our plane" Marcus explained and gave Annie a cordless phone. Marcus left the room first but as Finn left he turned to Annie.

"I hope this partnership works well. The guy I got stuck with when I started was a complete bossy boots but he taught me a lot of great things. Oh and by the way, when I said you were the most beautiful creature I'd seen, I meant it" Finn smiled and headed for the door

"Are you lying this time?" she called to him

"That's for me to know and you to figure out" he replied and closed the door behind him


Dear Diary,

Every year when a new diary is purchased I use the opening few pages to explain a little about myself. Well it is a new year and so a new diary has been purchased. Here are a few things about me. My name is May Atwood and I'm 15 years old. I live in Orange County with my parents, Ryan and Marissa and my annoying older brother Anthony who is 20 today. Anthony currently is at college in LA studying medicine as he is planning to be a doctor. I guess you could say I miss him when he's away but as it is only a few hours drive from Orange County he comes home every weekend to see the family. He's seeing a girl called Sarah who he goes to collage with and they've been dating for a few months. I have a sister call Annie, she's now 25 and is a best selling author living in the UK. She's about to release her fifth book and all her previous ones had been best sellers. She lives in Scotland, England and is a huge hit in the fiction section of book shops across the world. She is seeing a guy called Finn Buckley who she said she met at her job in a small book store before her first book was published and became a best seller. He's an archeologist and she helped his find a book he needed. He asked her out and the rest is history. They've known each other for ten years and had an on off romance since then but they didn't start their romance officially until four years ago. Neither has mentioned marriage as far as I know so the chances of them walking down the aisle are zero!

My mother runs her own fashion business with my aunt Summer. My father is an architect who's associated his business with Gregory Collins – a famous architect and member of the British Royal Family. His son Nick used to date my sister Annie while she lived here in Orange County. He's gone onto law school and has joined the DA office in the OC. I guess Grandpa Sandy has helped him out there as that is what he does when he isn't running the Newport Group. All my grandparents are still here and I swear they will live forever under the Californian sun. As for me you may ask? Well I'm a student at Harbour school and am enjoying life as a Newport teenager. I'm not seeing anyone and besides there is hardly anyone around here that can catch my eye. I guess I've grown up like my sister in that sense. Always wanting to break free and fly away. I wonder when my day will come, or if it will ever come. My sister's influences on me surrounding literature have made me want to write like her when I'm older. Either that or pursue my art work. I love making sculptures. Well as my dad puts it, 'go out and make your destiny, don't wait for your destiny to find you'

"MAY!" May dropped her pen with frustration and opened her bedroom door after hearing her mother call her name

"What?" May called

"Can you get the front door my hands are full with Anthony's birthday dinner at the minute" May rolled her eyes and rushed downstairs

"It's probably Uncle Seth playing games again! Can't he open a door himself?" May muttered as she headed downstairs. She hated when her private time was interrupted. She opened the door and her breath caught in her chest. She couldn't move, everything was like it was in slow motion.


May slowly walked into the back garden to see the whole family plus Sarah (Anthony's girlfriend), Gregory and Nick getting ready to have a barbeque to celebrate a New Year and Anthony's birthday.

"Come on May, sit down so we can tuck in" Ryan said and saw the serious look across May's face.

"May what is it?" Marissa asked and everyone looked at May as a tear fell from her right eye

"I think you are going to have to make the table up for two more seats" May said softly then smiled. From behind her two people stepped forward and shock appeared on everyone's face

"Hello dad"

"Annie" he said softly and instantly pulled her into a hug. Annie felt tears form in her eyes as that was a hug she had been missing everyday for ten years. She had changed over the years. Her hair was longer, she had a lighter tan and she had a few tattoos.

"There is someone I'd like you to meet, this is Finn"