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You Are Mine

Chapter 3

His eyes held a stormy look that involuntarily caused Kagome's entire body to hum with a burning flame. Kagome had never seen that much true emotion directed at her. His blood red eyes held an animalistic lust and desire, but also something that warmed and also terrified Kagome, they held a promise. A promise of a love that would never be stifled or die.

Inuyasha lifted his clawed hand and Kagome remained frozen by his gaze as his dangerously sharp claws lovingly brushed against her cheek and rested on the back of her head, his hands immersed deep into her silky raven locks.

"You will willingly be my mate?"

Kagome swallowed hard before nodding ever so slightly.

"I will, just please…will you not hurt him anymore?"

If Inuyasha were is hanyou self and thinking more rationally he would have realized that something was wrong, that Kagome was only submitting to him to save a friend, but he wasn't thinking rationally. All Inuyasha was thinking was that his mate was finally submitting to him. She was willingly giving herself to him fully and he could claim her so that he would be the only one to have her. The only one to claim her lips or have her fully.

'She's mine…MY mate,' Inuyasha thought with pride before picking Kagome up bridal style and using his demon speed to run off.

Kagome closed her eyes as the wind whipped by her face, causing her raven hair to mingle with the silver locks of the one who held her in his arms. She opened her eyes again and glanced up at Inuyasha who was carrying her bridal style as everything around them flew by due to Inuyasha's demonic speed. Kagome continued to gaze up into Inuyasha's face as he kept his eyes straightforward, confident in where he was going.

His eyes were still a blood red and he still had dark violet slashes staining the golden skin of his cheeks. Though he had seemed to calm down a bit, Inuyasha was still full demon and this worried and scared Kagome. Kagome had seen Inuyasha turn full demon before, when he got jealous of her cousin when he saw them at the movies together, but he had transformed back into his hanyou self not long after. Kagome didn't know what would happen if Inuyasha continued to remain in his youkai form.

"Inu…Inuyasha," Kagome spoke quietly?

Inuyasha's gaze quickly darted to Kagome's face for a split second, silently telling her that he had heard her.

"Wh…Where are we going?"

Inuyasha looked down to Kagome again and his red eyes were glazed over and held a silent promise. He stopped in front of a large mansion that if Kagome had been paying attention to it would have blown her away. But all Kagome could pay attention to was Inuyasha as he leaned down and nuzzled her cheek with his own.

"We're going to a place where we can finally be alone, where I can finally have you," Inuyasha whispered huskily as he continued to nuzzle her cheek.

Kagome shivered in a mixture of fear and…anticipation as Inuyasha leapt up to a second story balcony and flew open the dark glass doors. Inuyasha took deliberate steps to the large king size bed that took up almost one side of the room.

Gently and lovingly Inuyasha rested his soon to be mate on the bed and soon joined her, straddling her hips. Kagome gasped as Inuyasha slowly leaned down and captured her lips in their first kiss together. Inuyasha growled form the sheer pleasure he was receiving just from is lips on hers. His member was growing harder with each second.

The kiss was passionate yet demanding. Inuyasha's full demon wasn't going to let her go. His hanyou side had let their mate slip through his fingers too many times and his full demon was going to make sure it never happened again. Kagome was going to be his, and ONLY his for the rest of their lives.

Kagome closed her eyes tight in fear as Inuyasha pressed his lips aggressively against hers. What had she gotten herself into? Now she would be bound to Inuyasha! He would take her virginity, something she could never get back once taken from her! She would be his mate! His to own and control! Oh God…..

….what if she got pregnant?

Kagome had learned in her health class at school during sex Ed week that when male demons mated they almost right away would try to get their mates pregnant so that they could start their own family or "pack" right away.

She had been so foolish. She hadn't been thinking rationally when she had submitted to Inuayasha, she had thought it was the only way to save Saiya. She didn't want to be a demon's mate. She had nothing against Inuyasha really; she just couldn't be with a demon. Not after what had happened four years ago.

Kagome was pulled from her thoughts when Inuyasha's clawed hand cupped her breast through her thin t-shirt. Kagome gasped and Inuyasha took advantage of this to slip his tongue into Kagome mouth. Slowly Kagome could feel herself losing her resistance and couldn't help but let a moan escape her mouth as Inuyasha continued to paw at her breast as his tongue ravaged her mouth. Hesitantly, Kagome's tongue flicked against Inuyasha, causing both to shiver in pleasure.

Inuyasha groaned and slid his tongue along hers, begging for another response. His hand left her breast to rest on her hip, lightly scraping his claws up and down her side. Kagome shivered and her hands dived into his silver hair, searching and soon finding the white fuzzy triangles that sat atop his head as ears.

Although Kagome never wanted to be Inuyasha's mate she had always wondered what it would be like to caress those adorable dog ears of his. Kagome's hands gently rested at the base of his ears and slowly began to knead them softly. Inuyasha growled in pleasure and nudged his head deeper into Kagome's expert hands, urging her to continue.

Inuyasha had stopped all he was doing and, leaning on his hands to keep his weight from crushing Kagome, he closed his eyes in pleasure as she continued with her sweet torture. Kagome watched his face in awe. He was still full demon, if the purple slashes on his face were any indication, but he was acting so gentle and serene.

'Could he possibly be different,' Kagome thought with a sliver of hope, 'Can I really be wit him?'

Her thoughts had caused Kagome to stop her ministrations on Inuyasha's ears and he opened his eyes to see her in what he thought looked like a state of deep in thought. Inuyasha's demon side knew that her thinking wouldn't be good. If she had time to think then she would back out, and he couldn't have that. He wouldn't allow that.

"Less thinking, wench," Inuyasha growled out as he attacked her already bruised lips once again before breaking the kiss to continue, "And more of this."

Inuyasha then ground his hard on against Kagome's closed legs before forcefully spreading them apart. Kagome gasped and fear began to grip her heart once again as her mind cleared and rational thought began to take over once again. Even if she was willing to give Inuyasha a chance, she wasn't ready for this.

"Please, Inuyasha, Please, not yet," Kagome begged desperately, her voice drowning in fear.

Inuyasha looked up at his soon to be mate and his red eyes narrowed angrily, his fangs bared.

"You're ready, wench, your body is ready to bear my pups and I have waited long enough. You made your promise and you will go through with it. Whether you like it or not, you will be mine. You are my bitch and no one else's."

Kagome's whole body turned to ice in fear. Kagome had almost forgotten that his full demon side was never rational and would take whatever he wanted when he wanted it.

'I was wrong,' Kagome thought sadly, 'He's no different from him. All demons are the same. I can't believe I thought he was different.'

Inuyasha felt Kagome's resistance fading again and he smirked ruefully and his hand went to her cheek to graze it lovingly, choosing to ignore her flinch at his touch.

"That's a good mate, I promise I'll be gentle," He whispered confidently as he swooped down and claimed her lips again.

As his tongue broke through Kagome's lips and harshly searched her mouth, Inuyasha's hands traveled to her skirt and used a single claw to tear away the denim barrier. His hands then went to roam up and down her legs in a gentle and seductive manner.

Kagome couldn't believe this was happening. Was anyone going to help her? No, Saiya couldn't save her this time. She would be marked as Inuyasha and would be his obedient bitch; bearing his demon heirs and being used as nothing more than a plaything.

Kagome couldn't help but let a single tear fall as Inuyasha took her hands in his, giving her no means of escape. Once the first tear fell, however, more followed staining her cheek in salty trails that stung her sensitive skin.

Inuyasha was about to remove Kagome's t-shirt when he smelly it, her tears. The scent attacked his nose and he felt a sudden wave of guilt wash over him. He wasn't supposed to upset his mate, he was supposed to protect her from both physical and emotional pain, not cause it.

Gold suddenlt flooded back into Inuyasha's eyes, his claws and fangs reduced to their normal size, and the violet strips faded as Inuyasha pulled his lips from Kagome's and looked into her face.

Her eyes were clenched shut and tears were splashed all down her cheeks. How could he have done this to her? He was disgusted. He had almost…..almost raped Kagome. Had he been that desperate? Was he so weak that he had to transform to full youkai and take what he wanted from Kagome instead of earning it?

Inuyasha released Kagome's hands and watched in fear and guilt as she opened her eyes hesitantly. Her eyes held so much fear directed towards him that he now knew that he didn't deserve Kagome. He didn't deserve this kind and loving goddess. To suffer from being alone and for slowly dying from being denied his mat, that's what he deserved.

Kagome's eyes lost some of their fear and held caution as she began to sit up. Inuyasha quickly got off of her and jumped off the bed, knowing that he didn't deserve to be in the same room as her, let alone the same bed. Kagome's eyes searched his and he couldn't force his eyes from hers. It almost seemed as if he was searching his soul, looking for his reason for why he had done that to her.

Without a second thought Inuyasha rushed out of the room, leaving Kagome alone ponder the impact on what had happened. Kagome soon realized that Inuyasha had just left her in a room in a mansion that she was unfamiliar with.

She had nowhere to go because she didn't know where she was. That and she couldn't very well leave in only her shirt and panties. Thanks to Inuyasha her skirt was completely destroyed and would serve her no good.

All of these things began to matter less and less as the events of the day began to take its toll on Kagome and slowly she fell back onto the bed and curled up before sleep overcame her.


Miroku ran through the halls knowing deep down that no matter how fast he ran he wouldn't be able to get to Inuyasha in time before he did something stupid. He made it outside and turned the corner and began walking before bumping into someone walking out of the cafeteria.

"What's the rush, Houshi-sama? Don't you have class right now?"

Miroku looked down to see the owner of the voice, though he would recognize that voice anywhere, to see Sango staring at him questioningly. Miroku sighed in relief; Sango would be able to help him calm Inuyasha down. She was a very strong taijiya and would be able to help him restrain his transformed friend.

"Sango, thank the kamis you are here, my love," Miroku exclaimed happily as he gripped Sango's hand in his, "Inuyasha ran out of class after seeing Lady Kagome-sama embracing Sakemotou-san outside. I fear he has transformed into full demon."

Miroku looked up when he heard not only Sango gasp but another female. He looked up to see Saiya's twin sister and Kagome and Sango's dear friend Shia their as well. He hadn't noticed her before, he had only had eyes for Sango, but he was glad she was their as well. It would be helpful to have another miko, besides Kagome, be there to stop Inuyasha.

"We were just coming outside to try ad find Kagome," Shia said, "Miroku, where did you see her and Saiya?"

"Follow me."

Miroku ran, the girls running alongside him as he headed in the direction where he knew Inuyasha had run to. The three came upon the area that Miroku had led them to only to see no inu-youkai nor miko in sight.

Shia gasped and ran to one lone sakura tree when she did see her brother passed out on the ground under the tree. Both Sango and Miroku rushed over as well and Sango knelt down beside Shia and inspected his wounds.

All around his neck, Saiya had deep puncture wounds that were still bleeding profusely. His breathing was shallow and ragged and he was continuing to loose more and more blood.

"We have to get him to the hospital, Shia," Sango said supportively to the girl who had remained silent, transfixed by her brother's bloody and battered body, "He'll be alright, he just needs to get help or before he looses too much blood."

"We can take him in my car," Miroku said solemnly, "Sango, will you help me carry him?"

Sango nodded and helped Miroku lift Saiya up and headed to the student parking lot, Shia following in a zombie-like state behind them.


"You agreed to be with a demon, this is what you get! You know what you were agreeing to you little slut! You will be mine! I'm going to have your virginity, whether you like it or not."

His icy cold hands gripped her legs and split them apart, pressing so hard on her inner thigh that she let out a yelp of pain. A loud slap resounded in the darkness of the abandoned boat house and tears welled up in her eyes as her head snapped to the side and pain washed over her.

Her tears continued to fall as she felt him begin to unzip her denim shorts. She couldn't believe it, she had trusted him. She had thought she had loved him and that he had loved her back. Now she realized it, a demon couldn't love, only lust and desire. Desire for sex and domination.

"Now Now, don't cry. Believe me, this will be VERY pleasurable," the man said as he went to bind her hands to keep her from fighting back….

Kagome bolted from the bed in a cold sweat. That dream was far too familiar for her liking.

'It's fine, Kagome, get a hold of yourself. It's in the past, it's over,' Kagome thought, trying to convince herself.

She shook her head before nodding her head in determination. That was all in the past and was to remain in the past. She had told herself that she would move on and she had. She had continued her life. She had great friends, good grades, and was looking at a bright future. She wasn't going to let what had happened four years ago ruin her life. She was stronger than that, but there was one problem.


He was keeping her from letting her move on with and control her life. He was no different than him. What had happened earlier in that very room only proved that. Deep down, however, Kagome couldn't really believe that. He had transformed and lost control, lost himself. And when He had transformed back to normal she could have sworn she saw immense regret in his golden orbs.

Had everything been an accident? Had he really not meant to hurt her? She wasn't so sure and wasn't so ready to trust him so easily, but she now knew that she had to give Inuyasha a chance.

She knew that eventually if a demon didn't ever fully be with their mate once found then they would slowly die. If Inuyasha was truly different than she did not wish to be the one who was the cause of his death.

It was decided; Kagome would forgive Inuyasha and would give him a chance at friendship. If she could learn to trust him, then maybe she could learn to love him? It was worth a shot because she didn't know how much longer she could keep fighting with Inuyasha.

Kagome stood up to go find Inuyasha when she felt a cool breeze hit her thighs. She looked down and remembered that Inuyasha had torn her skirt during their little "escapade".

Kagome looked around the room for the first time and noticed an open door on the same side as the bed that led to what looked like a bathroom. The room was huge! The walls were a blood red and Kagome couldn't help but chuckle. Over the years she had come to notice that Inuyasha's favorite color was red.

Across from the bed on the other side of the room was a large plasma screen TV mounted on the wall and a huge stereo system beside it. A sleek black leather couch was in front of the TV and the floor was littered with video games and different systems.

At the other end of that side of the wall Kagome found what she was looking for. It was a door that she suspected was a closet. She found her assumptions correct when she opened the door and gasped to see a huge walk-in closet. Inuyasha had more clothes than her it seemed!

Kagome looked among the clothes and then into one of the drawers of the dresser inside the closet and found exactly what she was looking for. She pulled out the pair of Inuyasha's cotton gray sweatpants and slipped them on, adjusting the string tighter so that the pants wouldn't slip down around her ankles.

She looked in the mirror to see that though the elastic string was pulled to its tightest, the pants still hung low around her hips revealing her midriff. The pants also bunched all around her legs making her look frumpy, but it would have to do.

Kagome then looked on the floor of the closet among the shoes. Sneakers, boots, dress shoes, ahhhhhh…sandals. She slipped on a pair of brown flip flops that were about three sizes too big for her.

'mmmmm….big feet, big….'

Kagome blushed a beet red and shook her head. Oh god, she couldn't believe she just thought that! And after everything that had happened!

Kagome shut off the light and headed for the door to the room. She took a deep breath, knowing she was about to make a decision that would impact her life and others tremendously, before she opened the door and headed out into a very long hallway.

Kagome walked down the hallway and found a large grand staircase that reminded her of the Cinderella fairy tale. She made her way down and once she reached the first floor her nose was bombarded by the sweetest and most delicious scent.

She followed the delectable smell to the kitchen that was off to the left side of the staircase. Kagome pushed open the swinging door and entered a warm yellow kitchen that was being occupied by someone baking.

The woman in the kitchen was older than Kagome, around her mom's age. She had waist length chocolate brown hair and had beautiful cerulean blue eyes. Her lips were a healthy pink and she wore a pair of loose jeans and a creamy white sweater.

The woman turned to put what looked like a batch of cupcakes into the oven and when she turned back her gaze fell on Kagome and noticed her for the first time. The two women looked at each other for a long time before the older woman walked over to Kagome until she was standing right in front of her.

The older woman was the same height as Kagome but had more curves and a more feminine look about her, making Kagome feel more like a male than a female.

"You're Kagome," the older woman said more than asked.

Kagome nodded her head and the woman smiled before pulling Kagome into a hug. Kagome stood shocked before returning the hug. The older woman released her, but held her hands.

"I've waited so long to meet the woman that my son had chosen as his mate," the older woman said warmly, "I am Izayoi, Inuyasha's mother."

"Ummm, Kagome Higurashi," Kagome replied sheepishly.

Izayoi smiled and Kagome felt more at ease. She liked Izayoi instantly and felt that they could become fast friends.

"Well, Kagome," Izayoi said pleasantly, "would you like to help me frost some cupcakes? I woke up this morning with the sudden craving for cupcakes and have been baking ever since!"

Kagome giggled and followed Izayoi to the island counter. Izayoi pulled up an extra stool and Kagome sat down and the two began to add white frosting to the chocolate cupcakes.

"So tell me, Kagome dear," Izayoi asked, "Why are you afraid of being Inuyasha's mate?"

Kagome sighed, knowing this question was going to come up. How to answer was the question. She liked Izayoi and didn't want to lie to her, but was too embarrassed to tell the whole truth.

"Izayoi, when you became Inuyasha's fathers mate were you afraid?"

"Of course I was, Darling," Izayoi chuckled, "When Inutaisho wished to make me his mate it was during a time when humans and demons were not on the best of terms. I had grown up hearing horrible stories about demons and was taught to fear them.

When he came to claim me as his mate I was terrified. I had heard of the possessive and angry nature of Inu youkai. But Inutashio gave me time and we just spent time together and after a while I grew to love him. So when he next asked me to be his mate, I said yes."

Kagome smiled, but couldn't help but wonder about something that Izayoi had said.

"So was it true about Inu youkai being possessive and angry?"

Izayoi chuckled again and licked a dab of frosting off of her finger before responding.

"It's true, I'm afraid. Inu youkai are very possessive of their mates, but I have come to find it endearing. It means that Inutaisho doesn't wish to have me shared with anyone else; it's a way he shows his love. As for the anger, that's just something you have to learn to deal with. I also find it fuels desire."

Izayoi winked and Kagome couldn't help but blush. Once the two finished frosting the cooled batch of cupcakes, Izayoi set them on a crystal platter and handed them to Kagome. Kagome looked up at Izayoi, confused.

"Bring those out onto the patio and wait there. I have a feeling you and my son need to talk. I'll go get him."

Kagome nodded, knowing that talking to Inuyasha was unavoidable and the longer she waited the easier it would be for her to chicken out. She stood up from the stool and, carrying the tray of cupcakes, walked out the double glass doors and onto the patio.


"Inuyasha, if you are going to continue to pace back and forth then please do it somewhere else," Inutaisho sighed as he looked up from his laptop.

Inuyasha looked over at his father before grumbling and sitting down in a large chair opposite his father's desk. He was restless. He had run out of his room leaving Kagome alone almost an hour ago and he had yet to hear from her. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Guilt still plagued him. He had lost control and almost raped the woman he wanted for his life's mate. How was he ever going to be able to convince her to be his mate now? Of course he didn't even deserve her. Inuyasha growled again at the thought of what he had almost done, he could NEVER lose control and turn full demon ever again.

"Alright, Inuyasha, what's wrong," Inutaisho said as he closed his laptop and leaned back in his chair.

Inuyasha's eyes went to his fathers, and wondered if he should tell him. What would his father say if he knew what had happened.

'No, I've always been able to trust Dad,' Inuyasha thought rationally.

"Dad, I almost hurt Kagome," Inuyasha said, hanging his head.

Inutaisho sighed.

"Kagome, your mate? Did you turn full demon?"

Inuyasha nodded.

"How far?"

"I stopped when I smelt her tears. I didn't claim her, but I still scared her," Inuyasha said in the tone of a broken man.

"Well," Inutaisho said calmly, "You'll just have to keep yourself in control around her and try and receive her forgiveness."

Inuyasha looked up at his father in shock. That was all? Inuyasha was about to say something in response when his mother entered the study. Both Takahashi men turned and smiled at Izayoi. She warmed both of their hearts in different ways.

"Hey, Inu-Sweetie," Izayoi greeted as she went up and rubbed Inuyasha's ears and kissed the top of his head before making her way to stand beside Inutaisho's desk.

"Hey Mom," Inuyasha said sadly.

"Cheer up, Sweetie," Izayoi said as Inutaisho took her hand lovingly, "You have a guest waiting for you on the patio."

Inuyasha looked up to his mother and silently asked with his eyes. His mother smiled and Inuyasha stood up and rushed out the door, convincing himself to go down to the patio instead of running like a part of him wanted to.

Inuyasha reached the doors to the patio and stopped to gain some confidence. He took a deep breath and opened the door and walking out into the sun filled patio. He looked over to the patio table and there he saw his reason for living.

Kagome sat at the table and was eating a chocolate cupcake that he knew his mother had made. He couldn't seem to move his legs and just continued to watch her. She wore what looked like his sweatpants and he couldn't help but feel guilty again. He had been so bent on getting out of his room as fast as he could after he had returned back to normal that he had forgotten that he had left her their with no pants to wear.

Kagome popped a piece of the cupcake into her mouth and chewed it as she stared off into space, lost in thought.

'She's beautiful,' Inuyasha thought in wonder, 'A hanyou like me truly doesn't deserve her.'

Inuyasha was lost in thought as he gazed at the woman he wished to spend the rest of his life with when her featherlike voice rushed him back into reality.

"Will you come sit with me, Inuyasha," Kagome asked as she nervously twisted her fingers in her lap?

Inuyasha gulped before nodding and heading over to sit across from her at the small glass table. The two were silent for a long time, each too scared to speak first. Kagome looked around her at the gardens, filled with roses and other beautiful and fragrant flowers. She then turned and looked back at the back of the mansion building.

"You have a very beautiful house, Inuyasha," Kagome said conversationally, not looking Inuyasha in the eyes.

Inuyasha looked at her, shocked for two reasons. One, she was not even bringing the subject of what had happened earlier up and she was also referring to him by his first name. She had always made sure that she called him Takahashi in the past so that she could clearly draw a line saying that she didn't want to be familiar with him. What was going on?

"Uh, thanks," Inuyasha said, playing along with Kagome's game, "My dad had it built for my mom a while back."

"That's sweet," Kagome said almost to herself, "That's adorable that he loved her so much that he would do things like that for her."

Inuyasha caught Kagome's eyes and his gaze locked with hers.

"I would be like that too, Kagome," Inuyasha said seriously, "I would give you everything so you would never be left wanting. I would take care of you."

Kagome's heart skipped a beat. Never had anyone ever made her an offer like that before, but was it true? Would he really take her wants and needs into consideration if they had a relationship? Or would he just take and take until she was left hollow, a shell of whom she once was?

She had to know if he was genuine before she made any sort of decision on their relationship status. She was going to go through with her plan and see what came from it. Kagome sighed, it was now or never.

"Inuyasha, I don't know if I'm ready to become your mate just yet."

Inuyasha's head shot up in shock. Wait did she just say….

"Are you saying that you're willing to become my mate in the future," Inuyasha asked hopefully?

"I don't know. All I know is that I think we should start out as friends first, we barely even know each other. So maybe, after some time, I'll be able to make an informed decision."

Inuyasha nodded, he'd take what he could get. He was lucky she wasn't running from him after what he had done.

"We could be friends," Inuyasha agreed, "but you have to know something Kagome. I will not be able to just be your 'friend' forever and there are going to be times when I may lose control and won't want to be just friends."

Kagome nodded in understanding.

"I know, but I think I will be able to handle it. I just think this is the best way to go."

The two remained silent until, once again, Kagome broke the silence.

"So, friends," Kagome asked as she held out her hand?

"Friends," Inuyasha replied as he took her hand.

When their hands met a jolt of electricity went through the too, but they kept their hands locked as they looked into each others eyes. The two were jolted out of their trance by the sound of Kagome's cell phone going off.

"Uhh," Inuyasha responded as Kagome flipped open her cell phone.

She had taken her cell phone out of the pocket of her destroyed skirt and into the pocket of Inuyasha's sweatpants.

"Hey, Sango," Kagome said, still nervous about what had happened just seconds before.

"Kagome, you have to get down to the hospital quick," Sango exclaimed in panic, "It's Saiya."

Fear gripped Inuyasha's heart. She had forgotten about Saiya! How could she have done that? He had gotten hurt trying to protect her! And she had just forgotten about him!

"I'll be right there, Inuyasha will drive me," Kagome said as she looked over to the hanyou for confirmation.

Inuyasha nodded. His sensitive hearing had heard the whole conversation and he was bombarded by a swirl of emotions. He felt guilty because he was the one that had put Kagome's friend in the hospital and he was jealous because Kagome was caring so much about another man.

Inuyasha squashed down his jealousy, for the sake of his mate's happiness and stood up as Kagome said goodbye to Sango.

"Come on," Inuyasha said as he grabbed Kagome's hand and led her to the garage.


"Is she coming," Miroku said in the waiting room of the hospital as she rested her hand on Sango's shoulder.

"Uh, yeah," Sango said as she stared at her cell phone in shock.

She had just gotten off the phone with Kagome to tell her of Saiya's condition.

"What's the matter, Sango," Miroku asked and Shia looked up from her seat to hear as well.

"She said that Inuyasha was giving her a ride to the hospital."

End of Chapter

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Thank you all so much! I now have 79 reviews for this fanfic! I feel so loved! I love you all! Hey maybe if I get more reviews I may even try and post chapter four during vacation as well! That's if I get reviews!

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