A new start?


Marissa was standing on a hill looking down at the cabins below. They moved again from after the last incident. Stretching her arms above her head she let out a soft sigh. Gabriel and Vivianne had once again opened a new inn called The Green Hind. Smiling to herself she walked down the path slowly, feeling the ferns and brush against her bare ankles and tickling her feet. Three years have passed and a peacefulness has again been restored. When she got to the bottom of the hill she reached down and picked her clothing up and slid her second skin not losing her pace. Vivian was standing outside the inn grabbing an empty bucket to bring inside. Marissa raised her hand and waved to her, a smile coming over her lips.

"Mama" the voice of a little girl called and raised her hands to be picked up once she got to her home. Marissa picked up her daughter Eilan who is two now, the daughter of her beloved mate Bucky. With leaving civilization and resuming the life meant for their kind things felt in their natural balance the child against her hip she opened the door and stepped inside. The fireplace warmed the who two story cabin as she closed the door behind her. The Rocky Moutains was quite a ways away from the people populated areas. The pack can hunt without worry or care. Bucky hearing the door close he walked to the railing on the second floor and looked down.

"There are my girls"he said and walked down the steps and approached them. Bending forward he kissed the little girl's forehead and smiled at his wife. They had been togather since she turned seventeen and became his mate in all ways, and married as well. Kissing his wife on the lips he looked into her eyes, a warmth in his expression.

"Whats on the schedule today my dear?" Marissa asked, the warmth unmistakable in her voice. Bucky slid his arms around her waist and placed his forehead against hers and smiled widely. "Myself and the boys are planning on going hunting. We will bring back some delicious stuff back"he said, raising his hand and stroking her cheek lightly. Marissa smiled and nodded her head. Lisa, one of her sisters were going to work at the bar and inn today. The pack these days has returned to its time before the fire and the last move. Bucky ticked Eilan and smiled at his wife and walked out the door having no need for a rifle or a flint to hunt in these woods. Marissa turned and watched him go then took Eilan upstairs to give her a bath and then take her to daycare.

The daycare was where all the children of the pack stayed during the day. Naturally the pack children needed to be watched over well the adults went about working. The pack was far enough from society that they weren't often bothered by them, but close enough to get supplies. The inn was to those traveling through the Rocky Mountain's but that was very rare, as if it was sensed that the woods where they have established isn't campable.

It was noon when she got to the Inn and saw Lisa standing there and smiled closing the door behind her. "Hey Lisa"she said calmly and walked behind the bar and grabbed a cloth and started to wipe it down. "Hey Marissa. Hows Eilan?"she asked curiously. Lisa smiled "Shes good"she said. Jane their other sister was getting supplies from the far away town.

The door opened and a man walked into the empty inn, the afternoon light filtered through the inn. The first thing she noticed was the silver earring hanging from his ear. He was dressed in a pair of dark black jeans and a black shirt. Over his shoulder he carried a holstered rifle. The man had a stubbed face and the most pierceing blue eyes. Lisa was standing there unable to stop her eyes from gazing at the stranger. Marissa felt uneasy and intrigued as well, but more uneased. Behind him three other men walked in after him.

"How can I help you?" Lisa said before her sister could even open her mouth. "Scotch for the four of us."he said his voice soft with a clear Scottish accent. Marissa flashed her a warning glass and went to get the drinks. "What brings you all the way out here, gentlemen?" Marissa asked calmly.

"We are hunting...a creature that almost uncatchable" he replied raising his eyebrows as looked at the two young women behind the bar...

(I dunno if this is an the true ending or the beginning of a new story. I don't want to disappoint anyone in starting a story and not ending it. I might leave this as a guess the ending type of thing. I haven't decided yet)