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Summary: Kagura decides to write a love poem for Kyou, seeing as that her other "methods" don't work. The only problem: She can't write! So who better to teach her than Shigure? Shigure x Kagura

Notes: This should've been uploaded a long time ago but my laptop crashed! ARRGH! It makes me so mad! But anyway this is the rewrite version. This fic isn't going to be too dramatic but a little lighthearted. I'm new to this kind of writing so don't throw any bricks!

Writing Lessons

Ink flew everywhere as Kagura broke her pen. She growled in frustration and crumpled the unusable paper and pen in her hands before throwing them both into the waste basket.

Longingly, she looked out the window, watching as big whip cream shaped clouds wandered by and summer made its presence known. She should be out there right now, splashing in the river close to her house but she had other rivers to deal with; rivers of ink.

A fresh paper and new pen in hand, Kagura was ready to tackle the problem once in for all. But as the pen touched the paper and the thoughts started to flow, the characters stopped. She looked down at the jumble of words and meanings before her and pounded her fist on the table, a string of obscene words coming out of her mouth.

All she had wanted to was to write a poem for Kyou!

It was high time, she decided, that she express her feelings in a more feminine ways and what better than writing poems?

It was blatantly obvious that Kyou didn't understand the love behind her punches and kicks. Of course she had tried this tactic before but had failed miserably at it. Anyone who knew Kagura knew that she loved to sew, and she was very good at it too.So it was no surprise when the college aged girl made dozens of cute animals for her beloved, each with a special message.

The bad part was when he proceeded to hurl each one of them to the ground. That earned him an ass kicking.

So here she was, trying to pour out her heart in a single, supposed to be perfect poem.

But that was precisely the problem.

Kagura was a terrible writer; after all, she did have more interesting ways to show her emotions…

If only someone could help her.

Her mind ran through all possible candidates before…



Her elder cousin wrote books for a living, and with all the novels he'd written, writing a few pesky poems must be a joke to him. And if she asked nicely enough, she knew he would help her.

Standing with renewed vigor, Kagura pumped a fist into the air. She was one step closer to Kyou's heart.