After a terrifying day at school, looks like Takeya has a month off for spring break. Yay, him.

Fun for a "normal boy" with a beautiful Dears at his apartment, but not to Takeya, it was a hormone raging problem to him.

Any "normal boy" would take her and take any chance they got, but Takeya was different. Maybe that's why "so" many people are attracted to him.

Too bad for him. It looks like"his" little follower will do anything for him to be hers.

"Wait!" she yelled dashing after him. He kept walking ahead. She kept repeating, "Wait. Wait!" Usually a guy would be running after a beauty like that, but he Takeya was really starting to get pissed.

He turned back and was suddenly tackled and pummeled to the ground. Yes, it was "his little dynamite". "Takeya! Takeya! I got you something!" Ren yelled holding a bag.

He got back up. 'Gosh, I wish Neneko was here. She would be able to straighten her out.'

"Hm." He took it and opened it. "LOOKIE!" She squeelled. Nothing came out of his mouth except for a sweatdrop on his head.

"Ummm...this is." he was cut off.

"Your own dress!" she squeeked loudly with a childish grin on her face. It was a dress..a blue one..with lace and stuff...He said nothing for a minute.

Surprisingly, he smiled a little.

"You idiot. You can wear it for now." he told her with a small grin on his face. Sadly. he didn't know what was coming.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" he shrieked as he was pummeled down to the ground, again. 'This is the life' he sarcasticly thought. Maybe he that sentence wasn't all full of sarcasm.

"Let's go home, now," he stated not looking at her and then, "GET OFF ME RIGHT NOW!" he yelled at Ren. He ended up dragging a Dears home.

Yeaa, this was the life.

Behind the wall was a blond girl with her hand to her lip blushing. She was chanting, "He's the one for me..."

Sorry it's so short! This my second better Dears fanfiction. By the way, Neneko's at...another place in Japan to a trip to her family. Well, anyway please r and r.