I redid the Prologue, so (I personally think) it's better. Some parts are the same, but it should be better.

"Ahh!" 8 year old Sakura was slapped back, into the ground. "P-please s-st-stop" She said, holding in her tears.

"Why should we? Your just an annoying little girl, who thinks she's good enough for Sasuke-kun." A girl, Ami, spat at her. The girls around her agreed.

"Stop." Somebody called out. The kids turned to see a 13 year old guy. He looked really annoyed. "You kids shouldn't hurt that girl." He told them.

"Why not? She's a disgrace to all of us. Look at her, she's so weak." Ami told the young man. "And ugly." The other girls agreed.

"That is not a reason to pick on someone. And she's only young, and can't really be classified as ugly. Actually, compared to you girls, she's very cute." The guy said wanting to get on the other girls nerves. It worked, as the girls got upset or tearful. "Anyway, I think you girls should leave her alone, because as far as I can see, she's done absolutely nothing to you, and picking on her, and beating her up, in the middle of the forest, is really cowardly. You were doing it here so no one would not see you. So you could gang up on this poor girl. What cowards." The other girls scowled. "Now please leave or else I'll report this incident to the Hokage, and ask special permission to keep an eye on her, and believe me, you don't want an ANBU squad leader watching you. Or if you rather, I can take care of this incident myself." The guy said, pulling out a kunai, and twirling it. The girls shook their head, and went running. Sakura faced the young man.

"Domo Arigatou. I would have been hurt so much worse if it weren't for you."

"Why were they hurting you?" The young boy asked, non-caring.

"Because they say I'm getting too confident, and because I started liking someone. And they like to pick on me because of my forehead size." Sakura responded.

"What's wrong with it?" The guy bent down and looked at it. "It's not too big, just a little bigger than normal, but you'll grow into it. Don't let them get to you, and defend yourself. No one will always be around to protect you." He said standing back up.

"I know." She said sadly. "But, thank you anyways. By the way, my name is

Haruno, Sakura. May I know yours?"

"It's Uchiha Itachi."

"There is an Uchiha, Sasuke in my class, do you know him?"

"Hai. He's my ototou." Itachi responded, walking back to Konoha with Sakura. Soon, they got to the city, and the two parted ways.

Thanks Itachi-san. I really liked talking to you. You're very nice. Ja ne!" Sakura called. He turned around and waved.

For once, Sakura felt happiness swell inside her, after being beaten up by the other girls.

'I hope I meet him again.'

End of prologue.

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