I absolutely love Supernatural and decided after watching the entire Season 1 on dvd and the two new episodes from season 2, I wanted to write a fanfiction. Not sure if it is that good just yet, but I am working at it. Please read this and review if u want a fast update.

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Lancaster Pennsylvania

It was a pitch black night, the moon hidden behind the dark clouds. An owl sat in a gnarled old tree. A lone house sat on the land, no neighbors for miles. It was a small red brick ranch house, a barn full of horses outside. A young woman moved among the darkness, spreading pure salt around the entire house. She had already spread the salt around the horse barn, she couldn't bare for anything to happen to her precious horses.

She had long wavy dark brown hair that cascaded over her shoulder. She wore a black tank top and blue jeans. Around her slender neck was a beautiful silver pentagram. She knew that the demon was coming tonight, she had seen all the signs. Being a psychic was hard enough, having demons coming after her for a power she never asked for doesn't help.

She had been afraid of her powers at first, first with telekinesis, then pyrokinesis. Her twin sister Jayden had telekinesis and visions. But demons seemed to ignore Jayden and go after Selena, maybe because Selena decided to become a hunter. She was the threat, the powerful sister.

Selena learned everything from a man named John Winchester. John had saved Selena and Jayden from a werewolf when they were about ten. John learned that Selena and Jayden were orphaned as infants, their father had left them and their mother had been killed, just like Mary had been. John had his own children, two sons, but they hadn't come with him on the hunt. Selena idolized the man, while Jayden wanted nothing to do with hunting, her powers, or any of the creatures. She wanted a safe normal life, since her childhood had been screwed up.

Jayden wanted to grow up and have a family, have children, she didn't want to spend her life killing things, risking her life every time. But she owed Selena, Selena had taken care of Jayden, she kept her safe. After their mother had been killed, the two girls had been taken to an orphanage. No one ever seemed to look their way for adoption, but the attendants were horrible to them. The first time Selena learned she had powers, an attendant went to hit Jayden for crying. They never were one for children crying. Selena's anger surfaced and the attendant went sailing through the air and hit into the wall.

Once the girls turned ten they ran from the orphanage. Selena used her new power to get food, stealing it from stores to feed her and her sister. It wasn't the life Selena or Jayden wanted, but it was all they had, all they had was each other.

Selena felt an eerie chill in the air and knew that the time was coming. She ran into the house and locked all the doors. She placed the salt in front of the door and went through the house locking all the windows and putting salt on the windowsills. She resisted calling Jayden.

Jayden was miles away, safe in her own little apartment. She had moved away once she turned eighteen, tired of all the hunting, tired of being scared. She wanted away from it all, she had a nice little job, away from the demons, away from the hunting, away from her sister. She stopped calling for help, not wanting to bring her sister back into the fights. Jayden stopped calling when she had visions, she tried to make it seem like they weren't happening.

Selena walked up into her room to try and relax. She knew the demon was coming because yesterday, out of the blue, Jayden had called. Jayden had a vision that Selena would be attacked tonight. She didn't see the outcome but she knew the demon had been strong. Jayden offered to come and help, but Selena refused. It could be a trap for all they knew to bring Jayden out so they could die together and it wasn't a risk Selena was willing to take.

Selena sat on her bed and closed her eyes. The unlit candles all around her bed lit up on their own. Selena slowly rose in the air. She could hear her sister in her mind. They were able to share a telepathic connection together. "Selena, I should be there helping you!"

"No Jayden, I can't risk you getting hurt, even if..." Selena felt despair coming from her sister. "Is there something you aren't telling me Jade?"

A hundred miles away, Jayden sat on her bed. Her eyes closed, tear stains on her red cheeks. She had long black hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a white nightgown and had tan skin. Her vision had left her with a feeling of dread, she couldn't bare to lose her sister. "Selena, please let me come, you may need my power."

"Jayden, you chose your path, now follow it. I will be fine, I haven't been beaten before and I won't know." Without another word Selena cut Jayden off. She focused on feeling around, probing the area around the ranch for any signs of demonic activity. Suddenly she felt a surge of evil and cried out in pain. She fell back on the bed, her mind felt as though it was burning. He was close.

A demon appeared at her front door, a grin on his face. He had chosen to appear in a human body, made things easier. He had possessed one of the hardest people to possess, a powerful psychic. This psychic had given up fighting, knowing it was futile. The demon had been sent here on a mission from his father, his older brother and sister were dead, killed by those damn Winchesters. But his father would soon take care of them, first their father, then Dean. Sam had a special place in his father's plans, as did the two psychics that he had been sent after.

He had a power his siblings didn't, he could absorb and trap a psychics power. This particular psychic in the house was strong, but she would not be much of a challenge. She had been the one chosen to die, the other sister would fit better into his father's plan. He stepped up to the house and stopped, looking down at the pure salt circled around the house. "Oh please, you have got to be kidding me."

He blew the salt out of the way, simple enough. Normal lower demons were unable to cross salt, but he was far from being normal or lower. He unlocked the door and walked into the house. He could feel the fear in the psychic upstairs. She was trapped.