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Sam leaned against the van, the sun shining down brightly on him. The first fight he had gotten into where he didn't have too many scratches on him, him and Dean. Jayden was a bit worse for ware and poor Selena. They had taken Selena back to the house where they bandaged her wounds as best as they could. She had what they guessed were at least two broken ribs, but that was the most they had to worry about. Her swollen eye seemed better earlier that morning, her bruises and scratches were healing and she was already arguing with Jayden.

Jayden was either with Selena or sleeping, she had been up all night with her sister, tending to her wounds. Sam and Dean helped when they could, but other then that they couldn't really do anything. Jayden wasn't sure where she would go now. The demon had escaped, which meant that Sam and Dean would continue hunting as would Selena. Could Jayden go back to her life after hunting, her apartment and job at the bookstore? She probably could have before she met Sam, before she learned a terrible secret about Selena, Jayden, and the demon.

Jayden walked out of the house, she wore a red halter top and jeans. Her long hair was pulled back. She walked over to Sam smiling. "Selena pushed me out of the room so she and Dean could talk."

Sam laughed. "Should I be afraid?"

Jayden shook her head. "Nope, they can get to know each other and they won't be bugging us."

Sam wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. "I like that already."

She grinned and wrapped her arms around Sam's neck, pulling him down in a tender kiss. When it began to get more serious, Sam and Jayden heard. "Really?"

Jayden pulled away and smiled as Dean and Selena came out of the house. Selena wore a dark blue tank top and jean shorts, her long wavy hair over her shoulders. "Yeah, that vampire had no chance against me." Dean looked like he was bragging and Selena looked almost genuinely impressed...almost.

Then she got a big grin on her face. "I can't imagine how the vampire missed your head, it's such a large target." Dean glared at her, just making her laugh. They both walked over to Sam and Jayden.

Jayden looked up at Sam. "Those two make such an interesting couple, don't you think?"

"As if I needed yet another annoying sibling." Sam enjoyed the connection between Jayden and him, it made things so much easier.

Once Selena and Dean joined the other two, Sam put his arm around Jayden's shoulder. Dean tried to do the same to Selena, but she just lifted his arm off her shoulder with her power, he would have to earn that.

Dean smiled, he liked a challenge.

"So what now, we have one incredibly handsome guy and one nerd." He laughed as Sam flipped him off. "And we have to amazingly hot broads."

Dean realized his mistake too late.

"Broads!" Both sisters exclaimed.

"Aw crap." Dean backed up slowly, his hands in front of him as the two sisters stalked towards him, a dangerous glint in their eyes. "Uh, Sammy, a little help here."

Sam was trying his hardest to keep a straight face and he wasn't doing very well. "Not a chance Dean, you got yourself into this one."

Dean found himself suddenly lifted into the air, suspended in front of the sisters. "You know Dean, I could always make you into a macho pig on a spit, I'll provide the fire."

Dean gulped as Selena got closer."Ok I got it, no calling you broads."

"Aw Dean, you are so cute when you actually think." Both girls released their hold on him, causing him to fall for the ground.

Jayden laughed and walked back over to Sam while Selena helped Dean up to his feet

"I was right." Jayden watched as Selena gave Dean a flirtatious smile. She really liked him. Dean seemed to really like her as well, he grabbed Selena's hand and pulled her towards the back of the house for some privacy.

Sam laughed. "I don't even want to know." He looked down at Jayden and sighed. Sam knew what was to happen next, he had to leave yet another girl he had fallen for behind, to find and kill the demon. He hated to say goodbye, especially after all this. Jayden looked up into his eyes and knew what he was thinking. "I don't want to say goodbye."

Jayden shook her head. "Then don't." She leaned up and gave him a passionate kiss.

Dean sat in the drivers seat of the van. "Come on Sammy."

Selena walked over and leaned against the hood of the car. "Let them be for a few minutes Dean, they are the mushy type."

Selena smiled and smacked the top of the van. "Funny, I never pictured you as a soccer mom van driving kind of guy."

Dean looked at her for a minute. "This isn't my ride, my baby got all smashed up and I am fixing her up, this is only a temporary replacement."

"Looks like a hunk of junk to me."

Dean smiled and opened the door, Selena jumped in on Dean's lap. Dean laughed. "You aren't like any girl I have ever met before."

Selena grinned. "Honey, you ain't ever gonna find any girl like me."

"Thank God for that." Selena raised a brow at Dean, so he hurried. "I can only handle one of you at a time."

"Who says you are can handle me at all?"

Dean liked the challenge in her voice, he leaned forward. "I do." He pulled her forward and kissed her.

Sam walked over to the van holding Jayden's hand, he leaned down and kissed her one last time before turning and getting into the van.

Selena walked over to Jayden and the sisters embraced tightly. Sam looked back as Dean started the engine and sighed. Jayden belonged with her sister, it was good that he hadn't asked her to come with him.

"Want to stay longer?" Dean looked at Sam, who looked straight out the window. "No, let's go."

Dean nodded and they drove down the driveway. At least Sam had their connection.

Jayden pulled back from Selena and looked in her eyes, she saw understanding from her sister, the demon had told Selena about their connection to the demon. "Where to now?"

Selena sighed. "I don't understand why you didn't jump in the car along with Sam."

"I couldn't leave you alone after all this, we need to stick together." Jayden kept herself from watching the van leave.

Selena smiled. "The only reason I didn't go with Dean was because of my horses, other then that I would be with them."

"Well..." Jayden got a big smile on her face. "Doesn't Jared owe you that favor?"

Selena grinned and ran in the house carrying the phone. "I like the way you think sis." Jayden ran in the house while Selena talked on the phone. She tossed her hunting journal into a bag and filled it with plenty of clothes. She jammed more clothes in another duffel bag for Selena. "Sam wait!"

"Jayden, what's wrong?!" Jayden smiled at the concern in his voice.

"Nothin's wrong, you just forgot a few important things, hurry back."

"Alright, we will be right there."

Jayden grabbed a few more items and stuffed them into the bag before running outside. Selena just got off the phone. "All taken care of, Jared's coming over and staying with the horses."

Jayden and Selena walked over to the stable to say goodbye to their babies. Jayden gave Belle a big hug and a kiss on the nose. "You be good for Jared Belle, don't give him a hard time."

Selena had a bit of a harder time, she gave each horse a big hug and a kiss on the noses, then gave them sugar cubes. "Let's go before I change my mind."

They walked out of the stable, each carrying a duffle bag.

Both girls turned when the van pulled back in the driveway. Sam opened his door and got out while Dean waited in the car impatiently. "What the hell did we forget?" Dean asked.

Selena smiled and opened his door, jumping into his lap. "Me." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Sam smiled as Jayden walked over to him. "What's going on?"

Jayden smiled. "You have left enough broken hearts behind, I won't be one of them. I am coming with you."

Sam couldn't have been happier, he embraced her tightly. They both walked over to the van, hand in hand. What they saw made them laugh. Selena held the van keys over Dean's head with her power.

"Everyone get in the van, I'm driving." Sam and Jayden obeyed, getting into the backseat. Dean glared at her. "If you weren't a girl I would kick your ass."

Selena got real close. "Sad thing is, I could kick your ass, even sadder thing is you would enjoy it."

Dean got a big grin on his face and got into the passengers side while Selena let the keys drop in her hand and got into the drivers seat. "Sorry to tell you Dean, but your taste in cars kinda sucks."

Sam laughed as Dean growled. "This isn't my freakin car, my car is an Impala, I just need to work on it some more."

Selena started the van and drove down the driveway. Jayden looked out the window, a flicker of gold appeared in her green eyes, up front a flicker of red appeared in Selena's dark blue eyes, it was starting.


A black mist floated over a remote town. It slowly descended into a small flat brick ranch on the outskirts of the town. There was only one light on in the tiny house, it was in the basement. The mist materialized into a dark form in the basement. It watched as a small man leaned over a young girl, her eyes were closed, she was terrified. She looked about fifteen, short blonde hair, tan skin. Sweat poured from her brow.

The demon waited as the man exerted more force into the girl, she screamed loudly then went completely still. The man turned around, his eyes black and void of emotion. "You have returned alone, so it seems your plan has failed." His voice was low and monotone.

The demon bristled for a moment, his yellow eyes narrowing for a moment before calming down. "Not failed, merely delayed, it seems your services are needed after all."

The demon turned and looked at the body of the girl, a malicious grin on his face. "Sounds like fun, who's the target?"

Pure hate radiated from the demon's voice. "Dean Winchester."

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