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Hermione felt the warmth of her tears as she watched the three Death Eaters kill her two best friends. Theire laugh of cruelty as Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived lived no longer, he lay still of the frozen ground of the London park with his green eyes wide open in shock, horror and utter sadness for he had failed at his destiny and didn't accomplish what was meant of him. The body of Ronald Weasley, who they called Ron lay not 10 feet away with the same look in his eyes when the tortured him to death not 5 minutes before.

The three of them were on summer holiday after their sixth year of Hogwarts School. They were visiting Harry to take him to the Burrow the home of Ron and the rest of the Weasley family. After picking up Hermione, Ron said that he had never been to a muggle park before so Harry and Hermione decided to show him some fun.

Two hours later at sunset as they were leaving the deserted park they were surrounded by Death Eaters and attacked. Now both boys lay death and Hermione watched in horror.

One Death Eater laughed in a high cruel way before he spotted Hermione backed up against a tree.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here". He said turning to the others " Isn't it Potters little Mudblood Granger. What of what should we do with her."

The others laughed and offered crude suggestions. Each making Hermione' s eyes widen a little more with fear.

The one who seemed the leader twirled his wand around his finger, and than took off his mask.

Hermione gasped, it was Lucius Malfoy, and a look of hatred burned in her eyes. HE killed the two most important people to her. HE tortored countless of helpless families without so much as a flinch, laughing at their screams and pleas of help.

Hermione's face-harden and she stepped away from the trees into the open. She wouldn't let him get away, not after everything he had done! Summoning up all of she courage and anger she raised her wand. They weren't getting her without a fight.

"Well then Malfoy, you want me? Well just try". She said with as much malice as she could.

Lucius smirked in a way the only a Malfoy could. "It seems our little friend has some nerve after all doesn't she" Hermione's eyes narrowed at his taunting voice. Lucius cast a silent spell that instantly sent Hermione's wand flying into his outstretched hand.

Lucius smiled as he placed her wand in his pocket. Hermione's fear returned ten-fold now that she realized that she was completely defenseless against some of the greatest murders in the Wizarding world.

Hermione watched as the Death Eaters surrounded her in a circle and she released that this was it. 'Well guys' she thought as she looked at the bodies of her friends 'at least I get to be with you again soon' A tear ran down her face as she prepared to meet her fate.

A bulky Death Eaters raised he wand "Lucius you always get to have all the fun when to comes to killing Mudbloods, how about allowing someone else for once" He said in a dark voice that said he would enjoy the task very much so.

Lucius pondered this, then a cruel, twisted smiled graced his face that made Hermione want to vomit, or if she was lucky die right then and there. She was praying for this when he opened his mouth and said "You know Goyle" he said slowly as he entered the circle and advanced towards Hermione who had no where to go except closer to the masked Death Eaters behind her "Our Lord will be most displeased when he find outs that we killed the Potter boy ourselves when he himself said he wanted that pleasure for himself. I wonder what he will do when he finds out about this," he pondered this as he looked at the other masked men. A few, by looking at their body movements were very scared and nervous. "Yes" he continued "most displeased". He turned his attention back to Hermione who was trying to think of a way out of this 'Oh no' she thought frantically 'this can't be happening, he can't be thinking what I think he is think. Oh please someone find us! Anyone!' She looked around at the masks again and at Lucius who was now standing directly in front of her with and canister smile in place.

He raised a long, pale finger and touched her cheek. Hermione flinch at the cold feeling his touch brought and had to swallow to rid her mouth of the need to throw-up.

Lucius sensed her feelings and slowly removed his hand, tracing her chin and cheek in the process. He leaned down until his mouth was right by her ear.

"It is such a shame that beauty such as your as well as your smarts would be wasted on someone of such foul blood like yourself. I could take you right now you know" Hermione's breath caught in her throat and she tried to back away. Only to have Lucius grasp her shoulders in a death grip as he continued, "I want you" he whispered huskily "I could take you now, in front of all the others here and in front of the bodies of your so called protectors and no one would stop me. I can see it in some of their eyes, they want you too." He ran his finger though her thick wavy hair that had be tamed down over the years as well as her on newer knowledge about beauty spells she learned last summer before sixth year.

She swallowed her tears and sobs as she saw him looking at her full curves. Over the last two years Hermione had grown from a pretty girl with large teeth and bushy hair, to a beautiful woman with a full womanly body. She wasn't as thin as those models in magazines that starved themselves or even Lavender or Paviti who mainly drank liquids to stay thin, but no one would ever call her fat. She had full round hips and a round butt to go with it, shapely legs and thighs, and flat stomach that leaded up to her decent size B-36 Beasts that were as round and ripe as apples and that made any man want to take a bite. Over the last year she had become the fantasy of many of Hogwarts boys, and more than a few wanked themselves off in the darkness of theirs beds picturing her beneath them moaning and arching while they pounded themselves in and out of her warm cavern.

Lucius himself was thinking along the same lines, but much more intense. Up against a tree until she could no longer walk was along the lines that passed though his head.

Lucius raised his head to look around the other Death Eaters who were waiting instructions. "Leave" was all he said. The Death Eaters looked at one another. Did he really mean that they should leave here before killing her? Hermione however almost collapsed with relief. 'If it is just him' she though quickly, 'then maybe I could out smart him and get away'. Even to herself she sounded desperate and hopeless, but it was all she had. 'Dammit!' she cursed mentally 'where the hell are the Order members. You would think that they would be out looking for Harry. We were supposed to be back hours ago'

Lucius frowned at his follow masked comrades, and when he saw that they didn't follow directions grew angry. He placed a binding spell of Hermione making it impossible for her to get away and stalked to the nearest Death Eaters. "Well" he said in a cold voice, "why aren't you leaving?" he said in a barely heard voice.

"We can't leave with that Mudblood Granger alive" shouted out Goyle. "And if you won't do it I will" he said marching to where Hermione was frantically trying to think of a spell that would help her.

"Stop right now Goyle" yelled Lucius. Goyle stopped; no matter what people thought he was no fool. "We are not going to keep her alive and let her go free, you fool" he spat. He walked to the center of the circle and paced in front of them.

"The Dark Lord will be most upset when he learns of Harry Potter's unfortunate death, so lets give him the girl, as a, let us say, consolations prize" he finished with wicked grin, just thinking of all the things that could be done to the girl. 'Aw' he thought 'what pleasures'

The Death Eaters looked at one another and grinned 'this would be a sight to see'

"Aright Malfoy" said one "we will leave here now and tell the Lord of your coming"

And with that the Death Eaters save Lucius Malfoy Disapperated with loud cracks.

Hermione was paralyzed with fear 'No, No, NO!' she thought as she saw Malfoy advanced towards her 'let him kill me now, anything but don't' let me go to Voldemort' tears were streaking down her face and she having to bite her tongue to keep from sobbing uncontrollably. 'He won't see me plead, I won't beg, I will die with the last bit of dignity I have left' Hermione drew herself up to her full height, back straight and with a determined look in her eyes ready to face whatever would happen to her.

Lucius stopped in front of her and saw that look. "I want to back you against that tree behind you" Hermione froze 'Not this again' she pleaded in her mind 'Voldemort is bad but not this'.

Lucius continued in a husky voice. He kept walking to Hermione who kept walking backwards until she was literary backed against a tree. 'Oh no' she pleaded 'please someone stop this' now unable to stopped the large flow of tears

"I want to press my lips against your neck and feel you shuddering in my arms. I want my tongue in your month tasting all of the your flavor, then moving on to you ears lops, cheeks, chin, throat and neck with my lips, my tongue, and my neck nipping at you and leaving my mark all over you marking you as mine" He pressed himself up against Hermione and she felt his erection throbbing against her. "Then I will kiss her breasts and suckle them like a babe until you are groaning and panting." His breathing was raspy and his voice full of need. "Then I will push up your skirt and rip those kickers out of the way, wrapping those legs around my waist leaving you completely exposed to me and my body. I will stoke your folds and slip my fingers into you pumping in and out as my tongue does the same thing to your mouth. You'll be panting and arching your back against that tree, sweating and moaning, begging me to thrust inside of you, to have me in you filling you to the very core of your being" He stopped, and panted for breath. "But I can't. And do you know why? Do you?" Hermione shook her head silently, praying for this torture to be over. "Because", he finished "you are of dirty blood" he spat. "And that is what makes it so disgusting in itself. That even knowing that, I still want to undo my trousers and thrust my member as deeply as possible into you, and then deeper still. Over and over again until you climax screaming my name taking me with you as I shoot my seed deep inside of you, so deep that so other man will ever claim what is mine" He growled out the last bit. Then to Hermione' s horror begin to undo the clasp that hold his robe together with a determined looked in his eye and she knew what he was going to do with her.

Hermione began struggling and fighting. She bite, scathed and pulled anything she could get her hands on, but the fighting earlier and her fear made her weak and Lucius was easily able to restrain her. Hermione began to cry, all dignity gone. He didn't speak, kept doing what he planned to do as he attached his lips to her neck and sucked, marking her.

Suddenly he drew back and stumbled several feet away, his face in agony as he claspclasps his left forearm. Hermione smelled the burning flesh. She darted as fast as she could, but didn't get far until Lucius sent another binding charm at her.

"Well my dear" he panted, no longer in desire, but in exhaustion from pain, "I have to take you to my master now. I seems as if he grew tired of the wait". He smiled in twisted satisfaction "Well if I can't have you, the Dark Lord will make a good toy out of you before he kills you. Shame though" he mused "Such a pretty thing gone to waste"

Hermione's mind was in despise 'from one torture to another' she thought, now too upset to worry about what would happen to her. ' Just let them kill me and get it done with, them I will be in peace with Ron and Harry' it was with these thoughts that Lucius apperated both of them to where the Dark Lord was waiting.