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Hermione made it to charms and stopped outside the door. 'Oh my God', she thought. Over and over the words played in her head as she struggled to breathe. She replayed the entire encounter in her mind. She nearly screamed. 'I kissed him! I bloody freaky kissed him! What was I thinking', she shouted mentally to herself. What kind of person just goes kissing strange guys on the cheek? She didn't even know his name for crying out loud. Well she certainly knew NOW! 'Tom Riddle! That was Tom Riddle. Voldemort. The Dark Lord. And I kissed him. The reason I came here to begin with was to change the past by not getting him to love me. And what did I do? I made the freaking first move!' Hermione felt ready to cry. 'No, no, no.' she thought. 'Just keep going, forget it, and don ever go near him again'. Taking a deep breath and steadying herself she calmly walked into the classroom.

The Ravenclaw's shared this class with the Hufflepuff's, but the houses still tended to stay separate of each other. Hermione looked around for her friends. "Hey Laura", someone shouted", she turned and saw Emily waving her over from the front of the class.

"Hey", she said cheerfully putting the thought of Tom Riddle from her mind.

"Sorry about leaving you to yourself today, we were worried that you wouldn't make it on time", said Emily.

Sarah looked up from her book and smiled at Hermione, "You'll like this class, it's great. The professor is really old but is the best of what he does." She glanced that the clock, "you better get your things out, the Professor may by nice but he works from one bell to the other".

Hermione chuckled, 'I wish we made teachers like that in my time'. She looked around to find a sit. Emily and Sarah were in two front seats together. Derrick and Vivian were sitting two seats backs. Hermione smiled at them. Derrick looked up and smiled sleepily and then lead his head back down onto his books. It was clear that he was not a morning person and didn't like charms as he had said last night. Vivian was fixing her hair and make-up and gave Hermione a dirty look. 'Well', she snorted, 'pretty you'. She had noticed that all the guys were sending Vi looks. It didn't go by her that these looks were directed to her too. Sometimes much more suggestive. No empty sets.

Then she spotted David, all by himself in the front row seat furthest from the others. An empty seat was beside him. She smiled and made her way over. "Hey David", she said cheerfully and smiled at him, "do you mind if I seat here?" There was an empty seat close to Emily and Sarah but Hermione liked David, and even thought him cute. Even with the hair cut and acne.

David's head snapped up as if he couldn't believe that someone was talking to him, or even asking to set beside him. He looked up and Hermione had to bit her tongue to keep from laughing. David saw who was looking at him and just like all last night, he blushed deep red. "Ah… really? … I mean don't… don't… you want to be with your, I mean our friends?". Hermione was shocked he could even finish that somewhat sentence, with all his stuttering. Her cheeks were hurting from keeping in her laughter. She shook her head and sat down. "No, I like this seat," she explained. It was her old seat from back home.

"Besides," she explained as she took you her books and quill. "You are my friend. Aren't you?", she asked him in a sideways glance.

David burnt red. "Ah…yes". He smiled. Hermione thought he looked very cute and sweet when he did this. "I don't have many friends". David looked at his papers. "People don't talk to me much because of my looks. I'am a nerd. And I study too much, even for a Ravenclaw. The other four are nice but I don't really fit in there. I'am a loner, but its okay I don't mind. It's nice."

Hermione thought that was so sad. It sounded just like her life at school, especially during the beginning of her first year when she didn't have Harry and Ron there to be with her. David looked so lonely. He was clearly a nice, sweet guy. Perhaps that was the problem. People here wanted the cool, tough guys. The bad boys with the rep. That seemed like Rick, but David was a complete opposite. Hermione let her eyes travel over him. His looks didn't help, but that just made Hermione mad. Idiots, she fumed. Even Emily and the others didn't talk to him much and let him seat all alone. 'Well', she thought, 'He needs a friend. And so do I'.

"Not anymore David. We need partners in most of your classes. Be mine?" she asked. David smiled, "Sure". Hermione laughed. The teacher came in and stood in the front of the class. She leaned in to him, "By the way, do you mind if I call you Dave?"

David looked thoughtful, "Dave", he said softly as if testing it. "Dave", he repeated. He looked at her and she startled. His eyes weren't dull anymore but were a light with happiness. "I like it."

"Great," Hermione reclaimed cheerfully. "Great".


Tom sat in the library after classes in the potion section in the deepest part. He wanted to be alone and hated to be bothered by the loud whispering of the other stupid students that attended this school. He sat there trying to do his potion essay but was doing what he had done all day since Transfiguration class.


Nothing and thinking.

Nothing and thinking and staring into space.

He was seated with all his books, parchment, ink, and quill arranged in a way that would maximize his speed but all he was doing was staring at the opposite book case of books. One elbow on his knee, the other on the table with his chin in it and his fingers tapping on his cheek.

And he continued to sit.

Suddenly his entire body jerked upright and he violently shook his head. He slammed his fists on the table, glad that nobody could see or hear him. "Get out of my head!" he growled at his books. Tom ran his fingers through his hair making the usually perfect head look like he just got out of bed. 'Damn her', he cursed. 'Who does she think she is?.' Laura Walker. All day all he could think about was that stupid encounter with her. Transfiguration was the worst. First he had that imbecile Dumbledore as a teacher. He never liked him. And it was right after the episode and he was still in shock. Of course Dumbledore had noticed no matter how hard he had tired to act natural and kept sending him these looks.

'And she kissed me'. Tom's eyes glowed with rage. He almost wished a first year would wander back here so he could hex them. 'She runs into me, knocks me down, apologizes, and freakin' kisses me on the cheek.' Tom didn't want to admit it, but it wasn't so much the embarrassment that was the cause of the anger, but that simple kiss on the cheek was that first kiss he had ever had. And no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get the feeling of her lips on his cheek out of his head. Or the heat that had spread though him, or the feeling of him between her thighs.

Tom was seventeen, and like all other boys his age he had thought about the opposite sex and suffered his own fair share of sexual frustration. However he was never weak enough to fall for them. Spells and charms worked well enough. And when he was in the mood for more, which was not very often he liked to think, he own hand worked just as well as any whiny, don't-ever-shut-up-woman.

Tom had watched her during their potion class together. She was sitting with that disgusting excuse for a wizard that acne geek what's-his-face. She was laughing at something he had said while they where adding ingredients to their potion. Her hair was thrown back and her eyes had sparkled and worst of all, they were shining at what's-his-face who was as red as a tomato and looking as if a goddess had granted him the temptation of her presence. Tom had also seen that he wasn't the only one to notice. Several guys where looked at what's-his-face with envy and spite, and in some case disbelief. Tom quickly looked away so that no one saw him staring.

Now he sat in library cursing the woma- girl all the pain in the world for putting him though all these strange feelings and emotions. Tom shook his head again and picked up his quill. 'Get a hold of yourself Riddle. Forget her. Do this assignment. She may have beat me in answering questions in class', Tom's eye twitched just thinking about it, 'but I'am the best in potions, damn her if she thinks she can change this'.

Two hours later and one finished essay Tom sat in the same chair, staring at the same bookcase hating what's-his-face and that fact that he made Laura laugh, and cursing himself for wishing it was him that made her eyes shine like that for him.


Jacob looked up from his Transfiguration essay as a Riddle walked into the common room. He was surprised. Tom had his own rooms all by himself and hated lowering his mighty self by intermingling with common folks. Jacob looked at Tom and grinned from ear to ear. 'Well, well, well.' He thought gleefully, 'What has Tommy got himself into'. Tom had walked into the room, by passed everyone in the room, not seeming to even notice them and sat of the same sofa by Jacob in the back corner. His hair was slightly disheveled, ('something is definitely up') his arms were folded across his chest in a menacing way, but as Jacob studied him it seemed that they weren't just folded but were touching his sides as if he was hugging himself, as if he was trying to protect himself from something, to shield himself away from whatever was trying to penetrate his calm, well-known world.

The once self-assured Tom Riddle looked like a scared little boy facing the unknown.

Jacob placed his essay and books on the table in front of him. "So Tom," he began, "what brings you here into the company of other?" he asked. He was actually a bit nervous. Having dealt with the emotionless Tom for years this one was new territory so he had to proceed with delicate caution.

Tom didn't appear to hear him. He just kept staring at the wall. Jacob had noticed that he was doing this an awful lot today.

After trying several more times to get an answer and having no success Jacob was nearly startled out of his skin when out of no where Tom asked, "what do you know about the boy in potions. The one with the geeky hair-cut and the bad acne problem?"

He thought for a moment. He wondered what to say. He took a deep breath and said, "I have so sweet clue who in hell you are talking about". Tom's head fell back onto the sofa and he turned to look at him in disbelief. He made a sound that Jacob thought could be a growl. Tom suddenly jerked up with blazing eyes. "The quiet, smart one that always stutters whenever anyone tries to get two words out of the blundering idiot."

It clicked with the "blundering idiot"; Jacob knew who he was talking about. His eyes widened. He knew who Tom was talking about. Who didn't? And he was pretty sure of why Tom had mentioned this. Jacob felt a giddy feeling spread through him. Oh yes. He knew who Tom was talking about. 'Hehehe', he thought mentally. All day long David Hathamen was seen in the company of the new Ravenclaw girl Laura Walker, and surprisingly she seemed to enjoy being around him. From what he was able to get in information they had been partners in all their classes. He had noticed that Tom was quiet today, 'even for him', he thought, and know he believed that he figured it out. Jacob had to restrain himself from bouncing up and down on the sofa. Tom was jealous!!! Yes sirey! There was no doubt about it. He grinned from ear to ear. 'Oh what fun this will be. The all powerful Slytherin God had feelings. He liked a GIRL! Tom was jealous!'

He composed himself as much as he could but was unable to get the grin to go away. Jacob was one of the few people in Slytherin who showed his emotions so freely. However, while he can across was a fun-loving type of person he wasn't a Slytherin for no reason. He was well adapted at hiding his serious emotions and that made him just as dangerous as a person who showed none at all. People trusted him and liked him. This gave him a great advantage over the other people of his house who people didn't trust and so who wouldn't reveal information too. But this was getting off topic.

"Yeah, I know who you're talking about. What about him?" he asked with his tongue in his cheek, desperately craving to know what Tom would say. Tom opened his mouth, "Ah…never mind. I'm going to bed". Back stiff, head held high, eyes cold Tom swiftly walked out of the common room. Jacob smirked as he picked up his still unfinished essay. 'Live in denial all you what Tommy-boy, but you have definitely have it bad for the new girl." He began to whistle the same tune he had when he walked with Tom in the morning to class. "And I'm going to be there every step of the way' he chuckled.

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