Swish…another story. I'm really going to need you guys' opinions on this one. Gonna be a Naruto fic this time around.

My Butterfly

It must have been the way he walked that caught the Emperor's son's attention. There was a sway of constant confidence in his walk that made people turn to look at him. Or maybe it was his eyes; those dazzling sky blue, reflecting eyes. There was no fear in them. Not even when he had been brought before the Emperor and his son and told that he was to become a slave in the prince's household. It was almost like he was purposefully defiant. Even his sunshine blond hair made him attractive and a rarity in these parts. He was uncommon, a gem. And like all gems they had to be put away in a safe place.

Of course, Naruto had totally and completely lost it when they told him that he was to inhabit the prince's harem and actually bitten one of the guards in an effort to escape from what he deemed an unacceptable fate. Although hiding out in the palace didn't work out so well either because you were always eventually found when you tried to jump the wall. Unfortunately for him, they'd also gashed his leg. Yeah, that was going to leave a scar on his previously unmarked skin. Two days later, he heard that the guards that had caught him were beheaded for scarring him. He was still pissed off about almost having his leg cut off though. That always sucked. He'd had some close calls before, but that was the first time the palace guards had ever actually gotten him.

A sudden gonging alerted everyone in the harem that the prince was coming and they should try to look their best. This only made Naruto want to sulk even more. Why the hell did the Emperor's son have to have him as a concubine anyway? He was a guy, dammit! He didn't see any other guy's around here, just women, which only served to add insult to injury. Not to mention, the blonde could barely stand or do anything because he'd been gashed on the leg. All in all, it was just an agitating situation and he just knew it was only going to get worse…even if the pillows were comfy.

The doors swung open to reveal a very tall and slightly agitated looking red head with aquamarine eyes. He didn't have any eyebrows though, which was a source of endless wonder for Naruto. Many of the women giggled excitedly and tried to look seductive, while Naruto just rolled his eyes and went back to looking out the window on his big comfy pillow. He'd been confined to it ever since he came to the harem because of his leg, but he didn't much mind. A light breeze came through and caressed his face, making him close his eyes and lift his head to feel it a bit more. It was a feeling he enjoyed, just like freedom, but it seemed that he would never be free again.

"You there, boy," a booming voice called to Naruto, making him twitch in annoyance. He opened his eyes but didn't look away from the window. "Show the proper respect for his majesty."

"A whore has no right to even look upon the face of royalty. Why should I bow to him now that I am in his harem?" Naruto replied back softly. There were some soft gasps. "Forgive my rudeness, highness, but I am naught but a simple street urchin. I wasn't raised to have any manners."

"Indeed," A somewhat rough voice consented beside Naruto's ear. The male jumped and jerked his head back around to see the Emperor's son leaning over him. He flushed bright red, all the while wondering how he'd managed to get so close without Naruto noticing. It was kinda freaky. "However, maybe that's what makes you so attractive to me. You don't fear anything…however, fear me or not, you will respect me. Do we understand each other?"

"Y-Yes…highness," Naruto replied, leaning back on the pillow. However, the other male, who'd gone from leaning to kneeling over him, followed him. Wonderful. "Highness?"

"I wonder…" the red head above the blonde mumbled softly before grabbing his head and kissing Naruto roughly. More good news for the already injured and somewhat freaked out blonde. Not that he could do much about it either, so he only closed his eyes and waited for it to be over. Not responding might not be the smartest thing to do, but he wasn't about to kiss back. He could feel passion radiating from the other's lips, but it was almost possessive passion, not loving passion. The Emperor's son wanted to own Naruto, not love him.

The kiss ended eventually, leaving Naruto gasping for air and watching to other through slightly hazy eyes. The red head watched back, lightly smirking. He'd enjoyed the kiss, even if Naruto hadn't kissed back. He knew he would be able to get the boy to do so eventually. He wanted the smaller boy beneath him. He wanted to keep him locked away safely in the palace where he wouldn't be stolen away by some woman or another man. He was a gem, underneath his rough exterior. And all gems were meant to be protected, even if it meant that he had to be locked away in the harem.

"Hnn, indeed…I think you'll be the one I choose," he mumbled with a grin before moving and lifting Naruto off of his big comfy pillow. The blonde flushed and grit his teeth when his leg was moved. It still hurt. He bit his tongue to stop from whimpering, though he knew the one holding him could still hear it somewhat. A light vibration told him the other was speaking again. "You try to be so strong…Why not just cry if it hurts?"

"There's no point telling you. You wouldn't understand…" Naruto mumbled in reply. The other said nothing in reply to Naruto, but began walking out of the harem. Even if he knew what was probably going to come, Naruto couldn't help being afraid and looking back at the harem as he was carried out and the doors shut. He shuddered slightly and tensed in the royal's arms.

"Do you think you can run away still with your injured leg?" He felt the voice in his ear again and shuddered.

"It's not that…." He replied in a hushed voice.

"Oh? Then what is it, pray tell?"

"Anyone would feel nervous when they're being carried to what they assume is their deflowering…and as much as I struggle, I can't find a way to get out of it."

"…You've never been touched before?"

"Of course not! I wanted to save my body and my heart for the person I wanted to share eternity with…I've never let a person touch me more than to hug me or kiss me on the cheek…Maybe you wouldn't understand, but I find something special about saving yourself for that one person in your life that you can confidently say you would share eternity with. Otherwise there's no meaning to it."

"What does it matter if your body is pure or not? As long as you both want to be together, don't the feelings absolve you from physical impurity?"

"You're the only one who can say that, you highness, because no one will question you."

"Indeed…and my name is Gaara. Only you can use my name."

"What makes me so special?"

"You're aesthetic beauty as well as your confident attitude. You're a rarity, a gem. I want you all to myself. You fear nothing, not even me…yet you seem willing to relent and respect me."

"I'm no fool, Gaara-sama. I know that sometimes one must relent in order to survive and keep their head, or else their life has no meaning. And how long are you going to carry me? Is your room really that far away from your harem?" Naruto turned to look out ahead of them into a dimly lit hall. He really was getting sick of being carried. It wasn't that he couldn't walk; it was just really damn painful when he did.

"Impatient?" Gaara asked, highly amused.

"Not at all…" Naruto mumbled in reply, his face flushing. He'd been caught there. It sounded like he was, when he wasn't. He didn't want to be touched in that manner, not even by a king's son. "Gaara-sama, what makes you so sure you're attracted to me in this sort of way…? And what you feel isn't just a sort of blind adoration that you've turned into lust…?"

"I know my feelings, Naruto," Gaara replied firmly, squeezing him a little to make the point even more clear. "If all I felt was blind lust, I would have had you the first night you were here, injured leg or not."

"…Ah. I understand," Naruto flushed and bowed his head.

"I don't think you do, actually," Gaara commented softly before opening a door and entering a somewhat brightly lit chamber. He set Naruto down on what would obviously be called a bed and crawled on top of him. The blond shivered and placed his hands on Gaara's upper arms, as if that would keep him from coming too close. The red head smirked and leaned forward despite his hands to plant a kiss on the corner of Naruto's mouth. "Don't think that just that will stop me."

Gaara leaned forward again and kissed Naruto's lips, pushing them open with his tongue and tasting the inside of the other's mouth. Naruto whimpered and tried to push the red head away, only to find his hands pinned down on either side of him. The tongue in his mouth continued to wander around before pulling out and licking the side of his face lightly. The blond couldn't do anything but look away in some form of shame.

"Is it really so shameful?" Gaara asked lightly as he watched the other male's face. "Is it so shameful to receive my love and to enjoy it?"

"When that love means nothing to me…when I can't return such affection, it is shameful," Naruto murmured in reply. "When I can't feel anything beyond the pleasure of having you touch me, it's nothing but a lustful act. If I were to do something like this with you, I'd want it to be because I have feelings for you. Because I want to spend my life by your side…even if it could only be as your lover because I am a man."

"What makes you feel that way? What gives you such strength to deny even an emperor's son what he wants?"

"Because I am alone…I decided that I would treasure and savor life, which means waiting for the person I really love…And if I never find them, I'll live my life alone."

"But won't that be a meaningless existence?"

"Not so long as I feel satisfied with what I have done in life."

"You really seem so naïve. You should taste all the pleasures in life while you can. Grasp them tightly and bite from the forbidden fruit. You only have one life. Why not enjoy it?"

"You won't always be able to enjoy your life…You'll one day become the emperor, and then you must rule with a firm right hand of justice, but a gentle left hand that shows compassion. You will have to make difficult choices…"

"What would you know of it?"

"Your father conquered the kingdom I came from! How could I not? When I was only a small child I was swept away from my homeland and brought here, to the foreign kingdom that wanted to annihilate the place of my birth. How could I know nothing of it?" Naruto turned to look Gaara in the eyes defiantly. The red head could tell the other was on the verge of crying, but was trying his best to hold back. He chuckled.

"If you have to cry, cry. I won't mock you. I think, Naruto, that I'll keep you by my side as my personal attendant. It is more fun talking to you than trying to force my way into your body. And this way, I can win your heart for real," Gaara murmured softly into Naruto's ear as he nibbled the lobe slightly. "I'll be waiting for the day you say that you love me."

"I'll never say it. Never…" Naruto mumbled back in a soft gasp, still grasping Gaara's upper arms. He pushed on them again. When Gaara didn't move from his position, the blond spoke up again. "I thought you weren't going to force me…"

"And I'm not," Gaara replied flatly.

"But you're still on top of me…" Naruto pointed out, blushing.

"Oh? You are still my property. I'll do as I please with you," the red head replied with a grin.

"…" Naruto turned away, unable to say what he wanted to say for fear of a punishment. He knew that this person could be frighteningly cruel. He'd heard stories. It was only not that Naruto realized that the young heir had been surprisingly gentle with him. It was an unheard of thing. Usually this boy just took what he wanted by force. "Gaara-sama?"

"Yes, Naruto?"

"Are any of those stories true? About how cruel you are? And how you simply take what you want? I heard once that you love to fight and relish in the feeling of being covered in blood…"

"Yeah…it's true. I was born to be a warrior. I take everything by force."

"Then…why not me?"

"Because I like you too much. You're my one precious thing; my gem that I want to keep all to myself. I don't understand anything else but to take and to survive, so maybe you'll teach me love."

"But I don't even understand love…"

"You understand it better than you think you do," Gaara reaffirmed with a smirk before sliding off to lie beside Naruto. "Now sleep. Tomorrow you'll be given clothes to fit an attendant and begin your duties."

"Which are?"

"To stay by my side and serve me."

"You're spoiled."

"Emperor's son, remember?"


"Now, good night, Naruto."

"G'night, Gaara-sama."

next day!

Gaara awoke the next morning to find that he was alone in the bed. He sat up suddenly, whipping his head around to look for Naruto. He didn't see him until the curtains that covered his balcony stopped billowing in the morning wind for a moment and a swatch of blond hair could be seen. The young heir stood and walked over to see what his new attendant was doing. What he saw wasn't quite what he'd expected.

Naruto had taken off his top and was sitting on the railing of the balcony. The breeze blew through his hair and he had a sort of happy, yet longing smile on his face. It was almost like he would jump off the balcony at any moment and try to fly, like a bird escaping from a cage. Slightly tanned arms rose up and a bird landed on it. It chirped before taking off again. The blond looked sad to see the bird leave. Gaara took the chance to look Naruto's body over and noticed the tattoo on his stomach. He couldn't see all of it, but there was enough of it visible that he became concerned.

"Naruto," Gaara called out. The blond jerked to look at the other with a surprised and slightly frightened face. It wasn't a look Gaara liked. It was a desperate look that told volumes about the boy before him. "Cover yourself up…We'll talk about it later."

"Y-yes, Gaara-sama," Naruto flushed and grabbed his shirt from where he'd discarded it, hiding the tattoo on his stomach. He'd been careless to do something like this where Gaara might see him. But it was something he did almost every morning, a habit. He walked cautiously back into the bedchamber, afraid that he might be slammed into a wall and interrogated.

"I'm amazed you've survived all this time with that mark on your stomach," a voice behind him commented in a growling voice. Strong arms wrapped around Naruto and he felt hands slide under his shirt. He shivered and whimpered.

"Gaara-sama…please, don't do this," Naruto begged, his voice quiet.

"I'll do whatever I damn well please to my property, Naruto," Gaara hissed, squeezing him a little to make him whimper again. "Especially when he bears the royal mark of a destroyed kingdom. We kill members of the royal family, that way the kingdom can never be rebuilt."

"Gaara-sama…I'm not a member of royalty in the sense that you think…I'm the son of a mistress. I was never going to be an heir, however all my father's sons were killed in the war with your kingdom. I'm illegitimate and not an heir to anything. However, because I do indeed have my father's genes, I have to be tattooed with the royal seal," Naruto explained in a pleading voice. "Please, Gaara-sama. I don't have any interest in my old home. I was never accepted there anyways. And wouldn't it work to your advantage to have me by your side now? No one that knows my background is still breathing, save you and me. For the rest of the world, I'm the legitimate successor and a powerful political tool, no?"

"You…what political power could you possibly have?"

"Ask your father. That's the reason why he destroyed my country. We were growing too powerful politically, so he chose a moment when out allies could not send aid to crush us. A beautiful strategy, no? He crushed the epicenter of what could have become the greatest nation of all time. All the kingdoms were beginning to come together to create one nation. However, when my country fell, those dreams were destroyed as well…"

"Then you'd be a very powerful bargaining chip, wouldn't you?"

"I would."

"Why would my father be so careless?"

"I told you that my birth wasn't highly regarded. Why should he know?"

"You're good, Naruto. Almost as good as the bastard, Neji Hyuuga. You two would be able to talk your way out of any situation."

"I'm normally all action, you know. But you overpower me, so I choose the politician's route."

"Then it's good that I choose to keep you by my side. I'll keep this to myself and not tell anyone your little secret. However, you now have no say in what I do to you. If I want you, you simply bend over and take it, got it?" Gaara growled again and pulled the other closely to his body to rock his hips against his buttocks.

"Y-yes…Gaara-sama," Naruto replied, face flushed. He couldn't deny it felt good. Maybe he was just a pervert at heart, but the touch of a man felt better than that of a woman's.

"Such a pretty red colour. You must really like me touching you, even if you say you don't love me," the red head laughed harshly in Naruto's ear, nipping the lobe. Naruto shivered and turned as best he could in the other's grip to touch Gaara's lips to his. The other male responded by pushing his mouth open and sliding his tongue in. Naruto mewled as he felt that warm sensation spreading all throughout his body. It was nothing but a passionate, lustful act but damn it sure felt good.

The sudden sound of the doors to Gaara's room opening made them separate, though the young emperor-to-be kept an arm around Naruto's waist. A messenger servant came in. He bore the necklace that had the Emperor's seal on it. A message from the Emperor.

"Yes?" Gaara asked in a suddenly dignified voice. It was so cold and distant from the one he' d used just a moment ago when he'd been messing around with Naruto.

"You're father request's your presence immediately, your Highness," the servant squeaked out. He sounded terrified. Naruto couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor thing. He peered over at Gaara and saw a frightening look on the male's face. No wonder everyone said he was raving mad and wanted to murder his father…

"Very well. I'll be there momentarily," Gaara paused and looked over at Naruto, who got a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach. "And my attendant will be accompanying me."

Of course. Gaara just had to put him into the snake pit. Naruto was totally screwed if the Emperor found out about his real identity. But did Gaara care? Noooo, of course not! The messenger nodded and scrambled out of the room. Gaara squeezed Naruto's hip tightly.

"Don't even think of trying to get away from me, Naruto. You'll have to be with me around my father sometime. Better now than later when you've become used to the palace and drop your guard. You can never be lax anyways, because you never know when politicians will be coming to visit or courtiers will be out in the gardens," Gaara said flatly. Naruto opened his mouth for a moment, then closed it and nodded hid head. What Gaara said made sense, but that didn't mean he liked it one bit.

"Yes, Gaara-sama," Naruto murmured softly.

"And you can't call me Gaara in front of them either. Only when we're alone. When in front of my father and others, you must use proper honorifics," Gaara added. Naruto tensed. He didn't want to, but he would. He slowly nodded his head. "Good boy. Now, we should be going. My father isn't a patient man."

"Yes…your Highness," Naruto swallowed. He waited to be released from Gaara's hold so that he could don the attendant's uniform. Gaara held him a moment longer, before letting him go and allowing the blond boy to dress in the appropriate attire. Naruto moved forward a few steps before pausing. He straightened himself up and gathered the clothing from the stone table they were laying on. He slipped out of his top and pulled on the new one. It was simple for the most part. Loose and flowing, allowing air to blow through it since it was still early in the summer months. At the bottom a fancy design danced around the bottom of the sleeve, a butterfly danced up to about the middle. Naruto paused again before quickly changing his pants as well. They were also light because of the summer months and had the same fancy pattern around the bottom.

"Naruto, come here," Gaara called after he noted that the other was finished dressing. Naruto walked over without complaint and stopped in front of the red head. He felt something cold go around his neck and jumped back. A hand shot out and gripped his arm to drag him back. "Stop being difficult and just let me do this."

"No! Even I can't submit to that!" Naruto yelled pushing against Gaara, who only held on tighter and pulled him closer.

"Naruto! Stop struggling, dammit! It will be going on whether you want it to or not. So either stop struggling and just let me put it on and it won't hurt, or continue struggling and have me force you down on the bed and put it on," Gaara growled. Naruto pushed a little more before stopping and holding up his head. This was absolutely humiliating. He also had to wear a few anklets, though those seemed to be just out of Gaara's fancy rather than need.

Once finished with that…task…Gaara headed out for the throne hall where his father would surely be. He seemed preoccupied and agitated, although that was to be expected when one has to struggle to put a marking necklace on an attendant. He peered to the side and saw that Naruto was following after him silently, with his head bowed as he should.

Gaara burst into the throne hall, looking calm and distant. Many of the female courtiers giggled in delight. Gaara ignored them and walked forward, while Naruto walked along behind the pillars. Gaara spotted him occasionally through the sea of courtiers.

"Father," Gaara paused and kneeled a few feet away from the throne that held his father. "You called for me."

"Yes. Neji Hyuuga and Sasuke Uchiha have arrived here in the capital for a war meeting," his father spoke with a flowing voice that could make you roll over in your grave. "You will attend as well and you will keep them company until the meeting in three days time….oh, yes and bring your new attendant along."

"…Yes, father," Gaara said as calmly as he could, but inside he was seething. He knew that both the Hyuuga heir and Uchiha heir would find Naruto as fascinating as he did. He stood and bowed before turning and leaving. He continued to fume inside his mind. Once he was outside, he waited for Naruto to catch up. The blond walked as quickly as he could, stopping just before he ran into Gaara. The red head looked at the blond for a moment, letting his eyes roam.

"H-Highness?" Naruto murmured softly, looking up at Gaara with a blushing face. He stepped closer and spoke in almost a whisper, "Gaara-sama?"

Gaara was about to reply when an amused, cold chuckle broke the silence that had been prevailing. Peering around Naruto, Gaara saw the source of the laugh. Not that he actually had to see to know who it was anyways. There stood Neji Hyuuga, heir to the Hyuuga family and a very powerful family at that. Scowling, the red head pulled Naruto close to his body and kept an arm around his waist. Naruto only turned a deeper shade of red.

"Hyuuga Neji, a pleasure as always, I'm sure," Gaara greeted the noble flatly.

"The pleasure will always be mine, Excellency," Neji replied, bowing slightly. "And might I comment that you have a new attendant."

"I do."

"As we are to be spending the next three days together, should I not learn his name?"

Gaara looked down at Naruto, who was still blushing bright red. He released the male, who took his rightful place just slightly behind his master. He bowed his head and tried to fight away his blush. Gaara began walking towards the teen, brushing past him and going out to the gardens. Naruto followed after him quickly and quietly. He didn't know what else to do, the look in that boy's eyes was somewhat unnerving. It was a look hungry look that blazed even brighter when Naruto looked at him briefly. It was a look that the blond knew would bring bad things. And Gaara's already possessive nature was bound to get worse if this Hyuuga person started making moves towards him.

A sudden brushing movement along his ass made the boy jump. He turned to look at who had done it, but saw no one there. This was just getting better and better. The only person he could think of who would do that, would be Hyuuga-sama. Naruto shuddered. He was not happy about this.

"Naruto," Gaara called out. His voice was echoing, which made Naruto realize that he'd stopped to see who had touched him and hadn't gone back to moving just yet. He flushed yet again and hurried down the hall to Gaara's side. "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Highness," Naruto murmured lightly. "There was something that diverted my attention. It won't happen again…"

"…I see," Gaara frowned, not liking the reply one bit. He couldn't ask in front of Neji, so he'd weasel the answer out of the blond later when they were in the gardens and managed to lose Neji for even a few minutes. "See that it doesn't."

He turned again and headed out to the gardens, making sure that Naruto was following him and not being lead off somewhere by Neji. He growled in annoyance just thinking about it and reached back to grab Naruto's wrist, practically dragging him down the steps and into the garden. Naruto followed after as best he could and tried not to trip over his own feet, which was getting harder and harder with Gaara picking up the pace and pulling him along.

"Highness, I'll trip!" Naruto called out, trying to reclaim his wrist and save his dignity, as he really was about to fall. However, Gaara didn't stop, he didn't even pause to let the blond regain his footing. He just kept going, and as a result, Naruto finally fell in a heap on the ground, completely embarrassed and still having Gaara tug on his wrist. He tugged back the get the red head to turn around. "Please let go of me, Highness."

Gaara was somewhat confused, if not surprised when he felt something tug back on his hand. He turned back to find that Naruto had tripped and fallen, and was the one who had tugged to get his attention so he wouldn't just keep walking. Neji kneeled down next to Naruto, making Gaara scowl. The Hyuuga just didn't know when to leave things along, did he?

"Are you alright, Naruto?" Neji asked gently, placing a hand on the blond's upper arm. Naruto flinched away.

"I…I'm fine, Hyuuga-sama," Naruto replied quietly, trying to move away without making it obvious that's what he was doing. He pushed himself up and dusted off his backside before looking at Gaara again. "Highness, if you don't have any immediate need of me, may I go back to the room and tend to myself? It seems that my ankle got twisted when I fell. How clumsy of me."

"…Can you really make it back with a hurt ankle, Naruto?" Neji spoke up from his position of still kneeling on the ground. Gaara glared at him to keep out of it.

"I'll be fine, Hyuuga-sama," Naruto smiled at the noble momentarily. "However, it's only up to his highness. I'll stay, if he needs me."

"Go back to the room, Naruto. But you had better come right back here when you're finished," Gaara replied, looking away.

"Yes, Your Highness," Naruto consented and bowed. He turned and slowly limped his way back towards Gaara's bedchambers. Neji watched him leaving and looked up at the young emperor's heir.

"You're certainly a cold one. You'd make him limp all the way there and all the way back. If he were my lover I'd carry him to the room and keep him there," Neji replied with a cold tone, though there was a sense of longing in it as well.

"Stay out of, Neji. We aren't lovers," Gaara growled.

"Oh? Then I guess he's free game. I imagine he tastes great though," Neji grinned, watching Gaara's expression darken considerably. "You have no right to look at me like that, Excellency, if he means nothing to you. He's free game to have fun with then, and I like his look. I bet that even though he acts subdued, he's really full of fire and spunk."

"I'm telling you now, Hyuuga, I could care less about your political standing and what my father tells me to do, I will kill you if you touch him," Gaara snapped spinning around to fully face the person he'd been conversing with this whole time.

"You worry about me so much, but what about the other predator that you know so well? After all, you sent your poor Naruto out without any one to protect him from that charmer Sasuke. He has more standing than me and it's more likely that Naruto would like someone like Sasuke than some one like you. He'd choose someone who isn't so possessive, even if Sasuke is still somewhat possessive as well. He sure as hell isn't as bad as you," Neji laughed. As if on cue a loud yelp echoed through the hall and out into the gardens. Both boys recognized the voice and ran to see what had happened.

Sooooo….this is chapter one of My Butterfly. It makes absolutely no sense, but it's fun to write and so I write it. Yay for Othello!