That stuff is bad for you!

Ok! I put this up for artemisgirl. Enjoy!

After an increblyshort battle with mumbo jumbo, the titans retired to the couch. They sat there for a while until beast boy desided to make cookies. It was weird. Everyone eat them. What robin,cyborg,starfire, and raven did'nt know, was that beast boy had put cocaine,and pot in the cookies.

This,apparently produces odd results in tameranians. Starfire, was'nt hallusinating. She was being stupid. She knew exactly what she was doing. She crashed in to walls singing a song called ' ode to a fathead'

A highly amusing song were a young man who is fat, decides to sing to his head. Obviously, the other titans, being partly normal, were just hallusinating.

Beast boy's pov

'dude look at that huge gigantic monster with a hood. Whoa! What the heck is that evil robot? And how did it get here in the middle of the ocean? What's where did neil diamond come from he's currently jumping off the roof and singing about a chair. So, do you come here often Mr. Roboto? Why is a giant cupcake trying to kill me? Oooohhh it has a shiny stick! OW! It hit me! That hurt! Ow! It hit me again!'

Robin's pov

Man, it's a good thing I'm not stupid. I did not eat those cookies. Where did Beast Boy get this anyway? Did he-? Naw he could'nt have. Oh well I gotta watch these crazies t'ill it wears off.'

Raven's pov.

I'm goning nuts! Yay! Also I have the sudden urge to yell at beast boy about two things.

How much I hate what he did to me with his drugs.

how much I am freaking in love with him.

Also, I want to eat the giant spider web that is made of cheese whiz. Where did it come from anyways? Oh who cares? Its tastey! Oh ! a toaster! Um did it just throw out a human hand! YUM YUM YUM! HUMAN HAND!

Star's pov

I Am Neil Diamond!


Cy's pov.

Gawd I think im on drugs. My brain hurts. Also, I want to rip that robot arm in off! Who put that thing on? Oh well, im sure its just a glove. pulls on arm Ow! That hurt! Tries again. Pain! tries again OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!. Pain hurts.

Normal pov

The problem with drugs, is that they don't wear off fast. And it causes a hangover. Headaches galore.

"Yo! Who riped my arm off!" Cyborg yelled after the affects had stopped.

"Um you did Cy." Said a wierded out Robin

"oh my head" said an irate Raven

" O." Said Beast boy. "I feel like pudding. Pudding with nerve endings. Pudding in great pain."(my phares. Don't steal.)

"Beast boy" said Robin " where did you get that crap?"

"Your secret stash why do you ask?"