Memories of The Past

By Melissa


A long time ago, In a parallel world there Lived a Sorceror and Sorceress whom lived in the Realms of Briarwood, they are known as Lord Alianbow and Lady Udonna of Briarwood. within the year that passed, Lady Udonna gave birth to an newborn son, A son whom is twice is stronger than any wizard put together. The strongest of them were her Husband Alianbow her love for him , her son and their Family lasted thru eternity together ,Neilla and Daggeron whom were also apart of the Family helped them much to maintain their lands from evil.

Instead, they were put into battle with the Dark forces as they tried to take over their lands of Briarwood. an Army of the Undead lead by a powerful warrior Known as Morticon led them to fight the Legend Warriors with Alianbow and Lord Daggeron.

Their sights were set of taking over the lands and destroying the Family of Alianbow as he determined that no evil darkness would do such as he fought so hard against them that he himself and a few of his Freinds whom were Wizards known to him fought by his sde including Daggeron and Niella.

Niella whom was Lady Udonna's sister, she fought along with the warriors. she was known as the Gatekeeper.

Even though they fought The warriors battled Valiantly against the insumountable odds until they drove the Darkness away and back from the edge of the Human world. Alianbow managed to cast a spell to draw the Darkness away from the Human realm , he alas had Lady Niella to cast a spell upon the Gates as he decided to pursue the Darkness back into the gates as she placed a spell and closed them behind Alianbow.It was useless for Alianbow to escape ,. The Dark Lord Octmus decided to take Alianbow down with him as he transformed him into Koragg. A might Wolf Warrior as his worthy apprentice.

And now the story Begins