Memories Of The Past

By Melissa

Chapter 14:

Clare screamed as she now made her way to Madison.

Xander and chip now made their way to Nick as they now held him down.

Chip turned and made his way out as she now stood at the entrance

"Udonna!,Daggron, and Alianbow looked back at Chip . "Whats wrong Chip?" asked Udonna.

"It's Nick his body is bolting with electrical ,Ugh , just come here Hurry!" he snapped.

They rushed into Rootcore as they noticed Clare was near Madison, as they now saw Xander and Vid trying to calm down Bowen's body from jerking wildly.

Alianbow quickly made his way over to his son. There he saw his son's body jerking rapidly once more.

He forcely held onto his son's body as he noticed the powers within his body.

He managed to look over to udonna and to Daggeron.

"He carries the Master's powers" said Alianbow.

"But how? That's impossoble" said Udonna.

Daggeron looked over to Alianbow as he sighed. "Is there anyway to remove this powers before it kills him?" he asked.

"No, there is no way we can remove this power,"said Alianbow.

Alianbow nodded as he looked to Bowen.

Vida, chip, and Xander looked to the Elders as they sighed.

"Wait, wait a minute, If Darkeness is hate and Deceit, then the power Madison Carries is Love and peace" said Xander

"Wha...what happened?" asked Madison.

Vida Looked at Xader with confussion, "Where are you getting at Xan" sai Vida..

"Watch , Madison get close to Nick once more" said Xander.,

Clare looked at Madison as she sighed with relief. " You were knocked out by Bowen" said Clare.

Madison looked at Nick as she made her way back to him as she noticed Alianbow holding him down.

Alianbow saw Madison as she sighed. There she now laid her hand upon Bowen's chest as Madison looked to Alianbow then to her Sister and her Friends . There he now removed his grip from his son, there he looked a Madison as he just watched her.

She carefully put her mind at ease as she now looked to Bowen, there she sighed as she now closed her eyes.

Again th electrical surged thru Bowen and Madison . Somehow Alianbow managed to understand the reason why this was happening.

The Master's power was filled with Hate and Deceit, only one was to destroy the Darkness was by one thing that remained in life for his son was Love.

Love that remained in his son's heart as only one girl and the one who can save him, is Madison..

Within moments everyone now stared to Madison as a fire shoned it's lights above her and Bowen.

The burning power of the master's powers that protested to remove itself from Bowen was now fighting the Phoenix's fire.

The powers began to fade away s Madison now opened her eyes as they now revealed the eye of the Phoenix. Now with risen hands she blasted the darkness away as the brightness of the fire now exploded upon them as it no weakened Madison as she now l slumped onto the ground. Vida quickly made her way to her paternal twin as she now helped her up.

Madison now opened her eyes as she smiled at her sister, "Seriously I didn't know you had that kind of Power within you" said Vida.

"I don't, that power was transferred into me from Bowen" answered Madison.

With that Moment Bowen awoke as he gasped.

Udonna, Daggeron, and Alianbow sighed with releif as they quickly made their way to him. Alianbow helped Madison up as he took her into his arms as he thanked her for helping Bowen to recover.

From then on, Bowen and Madison were destined to be together With the witness of the Powers that they carry , Lord Alianbow and Lady Udonna accepted Madison as the Future Princess The Briarwood Lands...


Within the Years that has passed, Alianbow became a mentor to his grandchyldren

Tobias "Phoenix" and Alliayah "Melody" , chyldren to Bowen and Madison whom carried both Fire ad Water . MainlyTobias's Power was inherited to him at the age of three , as Alliayah's was inherited at the age of five.

Xander and Vida's children became Wizards of Earth as they both inherited their father's and mother's powers. They both realized that their Boys, Lance and Giovani " Twin Earth" couldn't control their Powers so they decided to bind them til their fifteenth Birthday.

Chip and Clare...(whom would of thought ) had Gia "Mooni" shes the youngest Soceress whom inherited her power at the age of eleven in which she can control the moon,

whilst Udonna and Clare became their teachers, they taught them so many spells that they all mastered them. Daggeron became their trainer, he given them so muchtime and Pride on the chyldren, they reminded him of his old Students.

Giovani and Lance were so much as Xander, Gia was more as her mother, and Tobias and Allayiah were like their parents. Unseparated.

They discovered a new Ranger was in town as they went to search for her. Amberly "Silver" daughter of Necroali and Toby. And baby sister to LeeLee.

No one never expected Amberly had powers of a Sorceress, Udonna confirmed to Necroali to have her daughter train with them for the summer.

With the training, she passed with the practiced of flying she aced it. Everyone now accepted her as Power Ranger. She's known as The Sliver Lighting Ranger.

The End

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