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Naruto is a boy of mystery. No one knows anything about him other than his friends knowing hes super smart. But a certain Uchiha has stumbled upon something more. Will it lead them to each other or away and into more pain.

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Chapter 1: Hint of the past

His fingers traced the blade as it lay in his other hand. It shone in the light taunting him to get closer to it. Drawing him in with its bribes. ( Come on ill make you feel better ill take away your pain and suffering. Bring me closer let your pain disappear.) Those words from it echoed in his ear his eyes glazing over with longing. Then all was interrupted as a voice calling his name entered his consciousness.

"Naruto are you there answer me. Your going to be late for school if you dont get up right now!"

Looking to the door the voice just stayed there and then foot steps could be heard walking down the halls and down the stairs. Laying the blade down on the desk the boy named Naruto trudged his way to his room to change into his uniform. Forgetting those inviting thoughts once again.

"Oi, Kiba what do you think your doing you were supposed to wait for me"

Turning around Kiba found the person the disembodied voice belonged to. And watched as the blond boy came straight towards him and just barely ducking away from a punch aimed for his head.

"Hey you were ten minutes late in getting up. If I hadn't left then I would have been late along with you and certainly didn't want to be late, so tough luck."Stated Kiba as his finger thrust towards the blond.

Sneering in reply the blond sat down stealing little pieces of food here and there from his unwilling neighbors. Smiling when thee hands weren't quick enough to smack his away.

They all st there talking about things that interested them. Naruto had lost interest and decided to sort out what had happened this morning. he knew he had woken up and gotten into the shower, and then heading to the tiny kitchen like thing in his dorm. even though it was there it served no purpose for him because he usually ate in the cafeteria. But for some reason he was drawn to this small corner. And then there was nothing he couldn't remember anything in that time frame it was all gone as if his mind didn't want him to remember.

"Hey did you guys know that there is going to be a new transfer student today and I heard he was handsome too, plus ultra rich."

This caught Naruto's attention making him snap out of his thoughts. Turning to look at the pinked haired girl named Sakura, who, for some reason decided to sit with them today. Naruto thought it was probably because her friend Ino and his friend Shikamaru had just recently gotten together.

"What do you mean transfer? Isn't it to late in the year to do that?"

Anyways this school is topped of the line and there even a waiting list to get in."

Everyone looked to Naruto who had been quiet this whole entire time but knew that what he had said was true. Now this kid seemed to be even more interesting. All of them had, had trouble getting into this school, all except Naruto and a few others who had top notch scores. Plus another entry condition had to be that you had money, and tons of it. Brains and money is what this school accepted.

When everyone had passed they were surprised to know that Naruto had passed when they had first met him. He was a total troublemaker and goofball. Never taking things seriously. But all of there thoughts had changed when they had Shikamaru hack into the computers mainframe.

They had found out that Naruto had passed with a perfect score. And that he knew the chairman personally ( Tsunade ). But that was about it.

Otherwise the fox like boy was a complete mystery. Another weird thing they had found out was that only his first name was in the computer. Even the rosters for class were like that. And no matter how much Shikamaru searched he couldn't find anything else. Leaving it at that.

All at once they shook there heads trying to get rid of the memories ( by the way all of the people are: Shika, Kiba, Lee, Choji, and Shino. Remember Ino and Sakura are misfits ). All of them earned confused looks from Naruto, Ino, and Sakura.

Soon there food was gone and it was time to head off to there classes. With only Kiba and Naruto walking to the same class which was with another acquaintance of Naruto. Iruka-sensei.

As usual the class was pretty well behaved when the two entered. Naruto though earned looks from some of the girls and some unbecoming words. But as usual he ignored them as kiba followed him to the back of the class. Snickering when he sat down knowing that his friend and glared at the girls putting them on their place.

"Good morning class. Today as you know, we have a new student joining us."

Everyone looked to their math teacher, waiting for him to go on.

"I hope everyone will welcome him and help him get used to his new environment." Looking to the door he gestured for the student to come in. And so it did.

All of the girls gasped as the boy walked into their class. Yelling out how gorgeuse he was and bombarding him so they could get his number or any information they could.

Iruka decided now was the time to finish up.

"Will you please introduce yourself?"

All attention was set on the new boy as he opened his mouth to talk.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke, please don't be troublesome towards me." Said the boy now known as Sasuke in his low and demeaning voice.

"Oh boy this is going to be a tough year." Thought Iruka as he pointed Sasuke to his seat.

Naruto watched as his teachers hand pointed to the seat next to his own on the other side of the isle. Looking away as the dark haired boy turned to look at him.

"I wonder what his problem is? Does he think he's to good to talk to me or something?"Pondered Sasuke as he looked at the blond boy sitting next to him. Watching him from the corner of his eye as he watched him carry a conversation with the boy next to him.

As the class went on Sasuke looked over to see what the blond was doing. For some reason he couldn't figure out why he kept on looking at the blond. He seemed to remind him of someone he had once met. And during this little sight seeing escapade he saw that he was asleep. But he wasn't the only one to notice. So had his teacher.

"Naruto-kun, if your going to sleep through my class..." He said as he walked closer and closer to the boy. "...then I think you should get up and do all the problems on the board" As the ruler came landing on the boys head.

The whole class had started laughing as Naruto rubbed his head and walked to the front of the class. Overlooking his at hand task.

"Iruka... I have no idea how to do this"

Once again everyone started to laugh. Sasuke even noticed that the boys friend was laughing but from the way he laughed he knew it had to do with something else. Turning to watch the boy walk back up the isle with a look of content and fake embarrassment. And when he finally sat back down he noticed that the blond's friend had an even bigger smile on his face. And turning back to look at his teachers face he saw the hint of a smile but also anger at the same time.

Sasuke was totally confused with his new school. His Uchiha facade was faltering in his own mind and he didn't know why. As he was heading out the class room door he overheard the blond and there teacher talking.

"I know you know all the answers, but I still don't get wh you don't want anyone to know your smart plus you need to get to know people more. Its not like its going to hurt you."

Sasuke watched as the boys face didn't change from a smile but he say a hint of pain in his eyes nut only fro a brief minute as the boy patted his teacher on the shoulder and answered him in a low voice that strained Sasuke's ear to hear.

"But you know I will get hurt. You should know that the best. I'll never be accepted wherever I go no mater how much I change. All I can do is be the fool I am."

And with that Sasuke had to move quickly to get out of the oncoming boys way. Watching as the boys face went from discontent to a smile all in one quick motion. Slowly walking away leaving the Uchiha to this new found secret.


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