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Ch. 7: Reunited At Last

It had taken him about 10 minutes to run back to the dorms. And luckily the door was open so he wouldn't have to struggle trying to open it. Slipping through he made his way to his room, this time having to stop and open the door, all the while making sure not to harm the fox anymore than it already was. Speaking of the fox, he took a glance at it and noticed it starring back up at him. And before he knew it, he was just standing there with a smile splayed across his face. It seemed like they stood there for ages until Naruto had to blink, and realized that the blood was seeping through the makeshift bandages. Quickly making his way to the bed he laid the fox down. Hurrying to the bathroom he got some first aid supplies.

When he returned he looked down at the fox and studied it. The unusual behavior finally kicking in. So far he hadn't even heard a peep out of the animal and it wasn't struggling as he cleaned the wound. Now, Naruto wasn't an animal specialist, but he knew that wild animals never acted like this. Especially to said someone who took them away from their home and was assaulting them with antiseptic. Blinking he shook his head and wrapped some gauze around the wound, making sure it wasn't too tight. And luckily for him the wound had stopped bleeding to a point, and the gauze wouldn't have to be changed for a while.

Getting up he went to the kitchen to get some water for the animal to drink along with some left over chicken that was in the fridge. Happy with what he had, he made his way back to the room. Gasping when he realized the room was now empty. Dropping the items he scurried around the room frantically searching for the injured animal. For some reason he was really, really worried about the fox. It was like the fox had been there his whole life, but was only a figment of his imagination, and now it was gone.

Entering the living room he sighed in relief, because there on the couch sat his furry little friend. Who seemed to look like he was just sitting there waiting, looking around the room to pass the time.

"What do you think you are doing my friend?" He looked expectantly at the fox, as if it was going to answer back. Smiling as he sat down to hand the fox the bowl of water and the plate of chicken that he had gone back and picked up. His eyes never leaving the fox as it began to eat the chicken like it was the most delicious piece of food that would ever grace its presence.

Looking away from the fox he began to think of the time when he had his own pet fox. She was more to him than any other thing in the world.

Flashback (again!!!!)

"Mama, Papa I want a pet!" announced a overly hyper 4 year old Naruto to his parents. Of course they just stared back at him like he was some alien life form that had replaced their son.

"Now honey, don't you think you are a little young for a pet? You know they are a lot of work and you have to take care of them just like they were a part of the family, like a baby." said his mother who crouched down in front of him, looking him right in the eye. Sighing when she saw the water works slowly start up.

"Naruto, your Mama is right you know. You have to be totally devoted to it and take care of it. Making sure it has food, water, and that it stays healthy. Just like what we do with you."

"But Papa, I already have a pet that I can look after..." both parents turned to look at one another as their son disappeared from their sight. "See, and isn't she just the cutest. I found her in the back yard! She walked up to me and everything! Plus she doesn't have a mommy to look after her. So I thought I would be her mommy!"

Naruto smiled up at his parents as the little kit licked his face. Then turned to look at the elder couple, with a look that almost seemed like it was actually pleading with them to keep it.

"Fine, you can keep it. But, I will warn you now that it is your responsibility to make sure that you take care of it. Because it will be your friend for life if you treat it right." smiled his father as he patted his son on the head.

"So what are you going to name it?" questioned his mother. Naruto gave her a puzzled look for a second but then smiled.

"Her name will be Kyuubi!" Both parents looked at one another once again. Smiling, now their son would have someone or in this case some kit to play with.

As soon as they had situated Kyuubi a bed in Naruto's room, it had all began. Naruto was like a mother, always checking to make sure Kyuubi had food and water and was playing all the time, with the exception of the occasional nap time both of them had to endure.

And as quickly as the kit had shown up, it had wormed its way into the family.

Now two years latter and everything was wonderful. Naruto and Kyuubi were best of friends, no, they were closer than that. Whenever Naruto was down Kyuubi would always comfort him and vice-a-versa. It was actually quite a sight to see. They could be out playing and look like they both knew exactly what the other was talking about or what they were trying to do. It was something that everyone looked at in awe, that is until that terrible night.

Naruto had to leave to go to look at the new school he would be enrolling in for kindergarten. On the way there he had snuck Kyuubi in the car with him, so that she could also see the school Naruto was going to go to. Also because where one went the other was sure to follow.

On the ride there, Kyuubi had curled into a ball on Naruto's lap. Which if you looked you could tell that she was getting a little to big for Naruto's pint sized lap. But if you looked closely, it seemed to not even phase the boy who was buried under the red fur. Both of them were drifting off, one taking in the gentle caresses that the other was giving out. Both asleep in record time.

As the car stopped Naruto's mom looked back to see the two sleeping and sighing at the fact that Naruto had snuck Kyuubi in for the ride. And had not kept Kyuubi more well hidden. In fact if she had looked back sooner she would have noticed that there was an extra something in the back seat.

"Honey, we are here, wake up." She shook his shoulder gently as he stirred. Revealing his stunning aquamarine blue eyes.

Naruto rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with one hand, while the other gently shook Kyuubi awake.

"Honey why did you bring Kyuubi with you. You know she will have to stay in the car while we go in and register you for school."She knew he wouldn't like it, but she also knew that the school would not except a fox in the school, even if it was for a short period of time.

"But mommy, she will get lonely and start to cry and be sad. I don't want Kyuubi to be sad. I wont go in if Kyuubi can't go in!" She sighed, knowing that there might be no way to get him to reconsider.

"Okay but on one condition, she will stay by your side at all times. No exceptions got it?" Naruto nodded his head vigorously, anything to keep Kyuubi with him and not leave her all by herself.

All three of them walked up to the school. Naruto's hand in his moms, and Kyuubi's tail wrapped around Naruto's hand. A sight to see if you had never seen anything like it. Or a sight to see period, since there was fox on school grounds that was tame and holding hands(tail) with a little boy.

Upon entering the school Naruto's mom had let go of her sons hand and let him wonder the halls. It was pretty safe considering there were teachers in the building. And as soon as his mom had let go he was off and running. Nothing could stop him now.

For about ten minutes he wondered the halls and was having the time of his life.

So far no one had told him to take Kyuubi outside and that had made him very happy. Turning down a hall he came across a door that led outside. Peeking out he saw that it led to the playground, excitement took over as he rushed out.

"Kyuubi come play with me on the play structure, lets play king of the mountain, if you can chase me off of this than you get to be the king." His attention was directed at the fox, whose tail was swishing with anticipation. "On your mark..." Kyuubi rose his butt in the air getting ready to run, "...GO!!!!!"

The two chased each other all over the structure, both getting each other out at different times. Neither could stay king for long. But in the long run it was still fun. All the while time had started to pass very quickly and neither even noticed. As far as they were concerned, time was at a stand still for them, they could play all day long, and neither of them would notice that it had gotten dark. That was until they were forced out of their own world.

"Naruto-kun your mom is ready, please come to the front of the school." Naruto turned to Kyuubi and smiled.

"Looks like it is time to go." he turned and looked at the school. "Can you believe it Kyuu-chan, I get to go to school here now, I'll get to make all sorts of friends, and then I can bring them over and we can all play together. Wouldn't that be wonderful!" Kyuubi yipped in response and ran up to Naruto nuzzling his hand. Both of them making their way back to the front of the school.

As they made their way to the front, Naruto seemed to be getting a little more confused as he made his way to the front of the school. To him this hall looked the same as the last one and he was sure he was going the right way, but so far he was getting no where. Turning the corner he was even more confused this hall looked exactly the same as the last.

"Ne, Kyuu-chan isn't this the same as the last hall?" echoes of his feet filled the hall. "Ne, Kyuu?" He turned his head and looked behind him. Horror echoed on his face. Kyuubi had gone missing.

"Kyuubi, where are you? Kyuubi!!! Mommy, where are you?!" Naruto was panicking, not only had he lost Kyuubi but he was lost in the school. So far he was not liking this school, and would sooner like to get out, rather than stay. "KYUUBI, WHERE ARE YOU?!!!Mommy!"

Running down the hall he turned another corner. It was exactly the same, everything looked the same. He was never going to get out. Slumping to the floor, tears started to stream down his face.

"What are you doing here little boy?"

Naruto wiping his eyes as he turned to look at the voice. In-front of him stood a tall man with long black hair. He couldn't see much else, the man had on black clothes and a white coat over them. But what stood out the most was his golden eyes.(yes I am changing it so it actually resembles the actual character- sorry -

"I'm looking for my mom, do you know were she is?" blinking his eyes he looked at the man. "Oh, and have you seen my fox? She should be around her somewhere." slowly he stood and wiped his eyes once more.

"Of course I know where your mom is, I could bring you to her if you want me to?" the mans eyes glimmered for a moment but Naruto didn't catch it. Instead he nodded his head instantly. "Good. Can I ask what your name is?"

Naruto looked at the man, contemplating if he should tell him or not, deciding that it would be okay. He was taking him to his mom after all.

"My name is Naruto." it was a little mumbled but the man heard it none the less.

"Good, good." a smile crept across the mans face as he stretched his hand out to the boy. "Follow me and you will be with your mother in no time."

Naruto felt like they had been walking for a long time. The halls seemed to go on forever and ever, but this man was taking him to his mom so he would stay with him. As they continued on Naruto was just about to say something when suddenly the scenery changed. They were no longer in the school, now they were outside in-front of a house. It was sort of creepy looking and Naruto got the feeling that he was not supposed to be here.

"Is my mommy here?"questioned Naruto as he looked up to the man.

"Yes she is. And she is waiting for you inside." the mans eyes were directed at the house and his hand loosened around Naruto's.

Naruto ran to the house, flinging the door open, the coming up behind him. As soon as he stepped into the house the door swung shut. Everything was happening to quickly for him to react. A shiver ran down his spine as he felt a pair of arms encircle his waist.

"Finally I have you my sweet little angel. You are all mine and I will never let you go, you will stay her with me forever." Naruto started to cry once again as the mans arms tightened around him. He had been tricked. This was all wrong.

Suddenly he was no longer standing, the man had picked him up and started to walk up the stairs. Everything was wrong, he supposed to be with his mom and Kyuubi in the car one the way home. Deciding what he was going to tell his dad when they got home.

Now he was no longer in the mans arms, they were to busy stripping him of his clothes.

"NO!! Stop! What do you think you are doing???!!!!" tears were streaking his face as he struggled to keep his clothes on, but the man was to strong.

"We are going to become one my little angel. We are going to join each other and our souls will blend together. Like I said you are mine and it will always be that way.

Naruto had no idea what the man was talking about. His eyes widened as the man in turn started to take his own clothes off. His mind was screaming for him to run. That this was wrong, that he needed to get away and quick. But his body would not listen. He was to stunned to move. His mind was alert but the shock was to much.

The man was now leaning over him, his mouth on his own. His hands in places they weren't supposed to be. Everything was over, Naruto had a feeling that he would never be free again, that this man would make true his word and keep him here forever.

Now his hand was on his back side. And that was it, unimaginable pain shot through him as he blacked out.

End flashback (wow that was long, hope that cleared up something)

He hadn't even noticed how deep he was getting. Sweat had started to pour down his face as his mind wandered even deeper. It was yelling at him to stop while he was ahead. And he would have gone deeper if not for the fox.

Cradling his hand he looked at the fox and nodded a thank-you. At just the right time it had bitten him on the hand, snapping him out of it before he could cause anymore damage. He hadn't meant to that much but once those memories surfaced then they just kept flowing, luckily the fox was there to help.

"You know you remind me a lot of one of my old friends. I found her when I was little, or maybe it was her who found me. Anyways, we would do everything together, but one day I left. And on that same day I lost her. My mom told me that on the day I left she too left. It was like she never existed and disappeared without a trace." he looked at the fox then down to his hands. "I miss her so much."

Tears started to flow down his face. He couldn't believe how much he was been crying. Ever since he started to remember what happened all those years ago. It was all rushing back and bombarding his mind.

As he buried his face in his hands he felt pressure on his leg and slowly lifted his head to look up. His eyes met the red ones of the fox, next thing he knew the fox was licking his tears away. After it nuzzled his cheek and laid its head down on his shoulder. His eyes widened. It couldn't be could it?

"Kyuu-chan?"his voice quivered with the words that came out of his mouth. Could this fox in front of him actually be his long lost friend. The one he lost that day when his whole world had changed.

The fox lifted its head up off Naruto's shoulder and looked him in the eye. Its tongue licking the rest of the tears away.

Naruto lost it. His arms moved without him even thinking, wrapping around the fox, no not the fox, Kyuubi.. All at once he started to cry again. His Kyuubi was back, they were both back together, and he would make sure it would stay that way.

Kyuubi nuzzled his cheek, her tail swishing back and forth. She too was happy to be reunited with her boy. For so many years she had searched for him and now she was back with him and it was the most happiest time of her life.

Backing away Naruto noticed that his hug had done more damage than it was supposed to. The wounds had reopened and now blood was seeping through the bandages.

"Kyuu-chan what did you do. You are a mess, the wound has reopened. We sholud go and re-mummify you." a snicker escaped his lips at the look Kyuubi gave him. "Don't look at me like that. Its your fault for even having these wounds in the first place right?"Kyuubi lifted her head and looked the other way. Naruto couldn't help but burst out laughing. Kyuubi acted so much like a human that it was just so funny.

For the rest of the night Naruto had brought Kyuubi into his room and told her all about his life without her and all the things she had missed while she was gone. He made sure not to say anything about the time he was separated from her.

All thoughts of the letter were forgotten. Right now he was just to happy, the actual thought and feeling of having his long lost friend back was something he didn't want ruined.

Kyuubi listened and nodded taking in everything her boy said, she was just as happy as him. But something seemed off, she felt that he wasn't saying everything. Even though she was been gone for a long period of time, she could still tell when Naruto was keeping things under blankets. She figured it had something to do with when they were split up. But for now she would let it slid. She didn't want to take away his happiness. In due time he would tell her, once he felt he was ready to. She would be there to listen. Even if they didn't speak the same language they had a special connectionthat let them understand what the other was thinking or saying.

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