A little love

Harley Quinn

It's his laughter yes I know/ it's what keeps me so close by/
And even though the world seems to want to tear me from his side, that can't happen. Least not now, nor ever/
Through all the tears and all those years and years gone by, I love him still. And though these nights are so cold and long lasting as they seem, I can't forget those nights you know where life was but a dream, and kisses came and kisses go/ and though the laughter fades away and comes again someday/
And life hurts hard and deep, tears will fall but all in all there's no need to weep. For though it seems you love me not and though they may all say that his words are lies and cease to say what they can see/
Deep down inside past where I hide, theirs something that I know, he loves me with each passing day. And so they may say what they like, but deep down where no one knows but me, forever that little flame will be…