Title: High School Adventures

Author: Rottweiler7692

Type: Supernatural/Smallville Crossover but mostly Supernatural

Rating: T (see warnings)

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or It

Warnings: Some swearing: these are the Winchester Brothers! There might be some violence in later chapters.

Spoilers: Maybe for Everybody Loves a Clown

Notes: My first long story. Please tell me what you think! Please be patient with this chapter; it was the background. More action in later chapters, promise. The boys are younger; 14 and 18. I have never seen It.


Fourteen year old Sam Winchester stared out the window and sighed, shifting in his seat for the millionth time since they had left . His brother sitting in the driver's side of his car, a '67 Impala, glanced at him for a second before turning his attention back to the black pickup truck in front of them. "What's wrong with you, you got ants in your pants or something?"

"Why did we have to leave again?" Sam asked. "We were fine in Dodge City."

Dean snorted, "Yeah, if you call being fine getting expelled. Besides, Dad killed the Wendigo. Our job there was done."

"Don't you wish we could stay in the same school in the same town for more than a week or two?" Sam asked his brother, awaiting the answer he knew was coming.

"Are you kidding?" Dean asked incredulously. "Of course not, don't you like the thrill of hunt," he asked, knowing he was pissing Sam off.

"Shut up," was Sam's only frustrated retaliation. "How much longer is it?"

"Dude, have you ever ridden in a car without asking that? Grow up."

"I will when you will," Sam shot back, "which is never," he added under his breath.

"I heard that!" Dean replied as he turned up his tape of Metallica to drown out his brother's voice.

Ten minutes later, a black pickup followed by an old car that would make people lock their doors when it stopped in traffic, pulled into a motel parking lot. A man with a severe and straight look probably from his days in the military stepped out of his pickup. He walked into the motel and registered. When he came out, he said over his shoulder to his sons still waiting in their car, "Room 77, around the back." The two cars pulled out of their spaces and parked in front of room 77. As Dean got out of his car, he stretched his tall frame, cracking his back. Sam smirked at his older brother as he mimicked him, stretching his much shorter body. "Shut up, some day you'll be as tall as me and you'll be sorry," Dean said, "but I'll always be taller than you," he added as an afterthought.

"You just wait, someday I'll be taller than you, and I'll show you."

"Yeah, well - " Dean was interrupted when his dad ordered, "Boys, unload, I'll be right back."

"Yes, sir," Dean and Sam answered together, glaring at each other. Dean carried his duffel bags to the door, where he pulled out the keys his father had given him and entered the room. "Sammy, finish unloading," he shouted to his brother.

"You jerk, help me. It's Sam," Sam answered exasperated. Despite his irate response, the younger boy finished unloading and joined his brother in the motel.

Glancing at the tv, he noticed Dean was watching It. "Dean, change the channel," he said, quickly looking away from the tv.

"Aww, come on Sammy, are you still afraid of the big bad clown?" Dean taunted his younger sibling.

"Dean, change it," Sam pleaded, running over to his brother. As he tried to wrestle the remote away from his brother, who was holding it mercilessly over his head, he said, "at least I'm not afraid of flying." His brother immediately dropped the remote.

"Shut up," he said, walking to the window. "I wonder where Dad went."

"Don't try to change the subject, Dean. I wasn't the one who was too scared to go on the Ferris wheel at the fair."

"Shut up," Dean said walking to the door. When he got there, though, the door suddenly swung open and their father walked in. "Dad, where were you?"

"Checking up on some things. Dean, you need to drive Sam to school tomorrow. You're both going to Smallville High. I suggest we all get some sleep. I'm going to take a shower. When I get back, both of you should be in bed." John strided to the small motel bathroom.

As the boys changed (stripped in Dean's case), they traded a few more insults before getting into the bed farthest from the door. The bed creaked from the combined weight and dipped. Each brother moved to their end of the bed and turned his back on the other. After a few minutes of silence and trying to get comfortable, Sam turned over, his feet straying over to Dean's side. Dean yelped and jumped in the bed. "Dude, your feet are freezing! Put on some socks and keep your feet to yourself." He kicked his brother's feet back to his own side.

"Owww! Quit kicking me, Dean," Sam whined.

"Don't be a baby, Sammy."

"Quit calling me that! It's Sam." Sam shifted again and yanked the covers from his brother.

"What the hell, Sam!" Dean yelled, jerking the covers from his brother.

"I'm cold! You don't use them right, anyway. They're always off you in the morning."

"You don't use them right," Dean imitated his brother.



Seven minutes later, John exited the bathroom and stood for a moment in the doorway looking at his sons sharing the bed. Dean had fallen asleep from the exhaustion of driving all day. He was lying diagonally on his stomach across the bed, his leg over Sam. He was snoring softly. John crept to his bed and got in silently. He could sense Sam tense up as he turned off the light.

Sam lay awake thinking about school the next day. He had just started high school this year and this would only be his second high school because it was early in the school year. He was nervous about being a new freshman to a new school because even though he'd made a couple of friends before they'd left the last school, he'd been bullied. Luckily, Dean was there and stopped the bullies. Sam didn't know what he would do next year when he wouldn't have his brother looking out for him.

After a while, Dean's snores seemed to be getting louder. Sam glanced at the other bed. His father wasn't moving. Sam hoped he was asleep. He stealthily sat up slowly, Dean's leg sliding off him. Grabbing his pillow, he brought it up and whacked his brother with it. Across the room, John suppressed his mirth. He'd also been aware of Dean's snores and Sam's wakefulness. He'd just been wondering about how patient Sam seemed to be. Dean snorted and rolled over, still asleep. Fortunately, his snores had ceased. Sam turned over. He could finally get some sleep.

When Sam finally fell asleep, clowns, fires, and the creatures of the night kept invading his dreams. Sam abruptly awoke with a scream. Awake, John debated whether to comfort Sam and try to keep him from waking Dean. Dean solved his problem by reaching across the bed and putting his arm around his brother. Sam immediately relaxed into his brother's half asleep embrace. "It's okay, Sammy. I'm right here. I won't let it get you," Dean said sleepily. Sam buried his face into his brother's chest. Although he knew his brother would never admit it, Dean felt warm, wet tears soak the front of his shirt.

John observed his sons; proud of who they'd grown to be, even without a mother. He was also glad of how they took care each other without him. Soon, he heard the soft and steady breathing of Sam, secure in his brother's arms from the killer clowns, fires, and creatures of the night. He only heard his elder son fall asleep after Sam. John relaxed; he had a big job tomorrow and he needed to be ready. His last thought before falling asleep was that Dean had better not get expelled from school before the hunt was over again.

In the morning, John was the first to awake. He observed his sons. They hadn't changed positions much and Dean was still holding Sam. John had a flashback to the year after Mary died. Whenever Sammy would wake up screaming, Dean would climb up into his crib and hold him, curling around him. Sammy would immediately stop screaming and crying and relax in his big brother's arms. He would never do the same thing when John held him. John shook his head, trying to clear it from the memories of the hell the three of them had gone through the first few years after Mary died. He decided to leave a note for Dean and Sam saying that he was going on a hunt and he would probably be back when they got home from school. He also set the alarm to go off with just enough time for the brothers' to get ready before going to school.

When the alarm went off, Sam immediately woke up. He quickly turned it off and looked around the room, confused even though he was used to waking up in strange and foreign places. He noticed that his dad was gone and Dean was still asleep. He remembered school and felt butterflies in his stomach. He shook his brother, trying to wake him up. Dean just rolled over, swatting at Sam's prying hands. "Go away, it's too early."

"Dean, it's seven fifteen. That's not early and besides we have school."

"It is early in my world," Dean said, pulling the covers over his head until Sam yanked them away.

"Get up, do you want to be late on the first day?" he asked, tossing the covers and Dean's pillow in the middle of the room where he couldn't reach.

"Don't wanna go to school. You go," Dean whined, curling up into a ball.

"Dude, you sound three years old."

"Don't care."

"Well, I care and you're my driver so get up," Sam pushed his brother off the bed and onto the carpeted floor.

"I'm gonna kill you," Dean grunted.

An hour later, the Winchester brothers stood in the hallway of Smallville High. The bell had just rang and it was crowded with students strolling leisurely to class, talking and laughing with their friends. Dean noticed Sam watching the kids and his heart ached. He wished his brother could be a normal high school kid with his biggest worry studying for the next History test, just like Sam wanted. His thoughts were interrupted when a pretty girl made her way over to them. His spirits lifted.

"Hi, I'm Lana Lang. I'm supposed to show you around." Lana smiled at them, noticing Sam's shy smile and Dean's rugged, handsome features and his slow smile spreading across his face at her. If she didn't have Clark, she definitely would want to get to know him.

"Hell yeah, you can show me around," Dean grinned. Sam just shook his head and rolled his eyes. His brother was hitting on the first girl he saw, although Sam had to admit that Lana was really beautiful. She held out her hand for their schedules. She said that she had the first two classes with Dean and the three walked to Sam's class first. "Have fun, Sammy," Dean grinned at his brother.

"It's Sam," Sam mumbled as Lana and Dean walked to their class together. He was kind of jealous that his brother had found somebody so quickly. He wondered if Lana already had a boyfriend and decided she did. He quickly forgot about them as he entered his classroom.

Two periods went by quickly and soon it was brunch. The Winchesters met up and Sam found that Dean had made friends with Lana and some other people in her group. His became more jealous as he watched his brother flirting. Dean usually didn't make friends or become involved with the school knowing they would just leave but Sam usually tried to be normal. Watching his brother, an emotion made itself known in Sam but he didn't recognize it, instead he stormed away from his brother and new friends and spent his time at the library at lunch.

Dean watched his brother, a little worried. Although he was concerned about his brother, his mind was more on Lana and Chloe Sullivan, whom he had also met. She was a reporter for the newspaper and he knew he had to be careful around her because she really had a nose for news and had asked him for an interview. He had declined but he knew she was still curious about him.

Suddenly, they heard a scream coming from outside. Dean followed the others rushing outside. When they reached the doors, they saw a car speeding towards a kid standing in the middle of the road. Dean could only watch, horrified as the car closed in the terrified and frozen student…


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