It wasn't meant to be shippy, but it kind of turned out that way…

Uhh, spoilers for the Arrancar arc, chapter 215 or something.


I try to protect her – I try to make her smile. Sometimes I push her around, just hoping she'll push back. She never does. And sometimes –

'Ururu? Whaddaya want? I told you to go to sleep-' Ururu stands on the roof beside me. Her eyes are wide, her face dazed. Uh-oh…

'Locking onto unusual reiatsu of Arrancaru…Now initiating 'Genocide Mode.''

- She does something like this.


Dammit. Why now? I can't help – I don't have any weapons –

So get one. Run.

As I run my mind chases round in circles, one thought following another endlessly. She lets me push her around…she's too serious…when this happens, does she know what's going on? God, I hope not…shit, where is it? It might not even work…I don't care. I've got to try. They're so different…I can manage Hollows fine, but these Arrancaru? What ARE they? A vice-captain's bankai couldn't harm it…no, remember the limit…more like, quarter of a vice-captain's bankai couldn't harm it…but still!

With a hollow that guy wouldn't have needed bankai at all…

Stop it. I don't care. I have to try.


I jump, catching Ururu just as the monster flips her off its horn.

Please don't be dead.

But even after I hit the Arrancaru-turned-zanpakutoh-thing, he laughs. Then –

'Get outta here, kid!'

That shinigami guy? What use's he been up till now – oh.


The Arrancaru laughs again. 'How do you plan on stopping me, brother?'

Ururu…crap. Please don't die on me, Ururu-chan.


'Jinta-kun?' Her voice is quiet and hoarse, and her eyes flicker.

Thank you. Thank you for living, Ururu.


See what I mean about shippyness?