Ways to tick off Misao

1. Hide Aoshi. Watch as she runs in circles crying "Where's Lord Aoshi?"

2. Take away her kunai knives. Beware she will find something else to use as a weapon.

3. Call her weasel girl. Watch out for flying knives or what ever she can get her hands on.

4. Threaten to cut off her braid. You really don't want to know what will happen.

5. Make her wear all frilly pink western clothes. She may or may not get mad.

6. Do not for any reason put her in the same room with Saitou. One of them will get killed. Most people would bet on Saitou, but Misao could prove everyone wrong.

7. Have Okina follow her all day saying "My Pretty Misao." She will be hiding in her room as a big glob of quivering goo.

8. Tell her you mistook her for a boy. Run for your life.

9. Tell her Aoshi said she looked like a boy. She will burst into spontaneous tears. Then she gets really mad and hunts Aoshi down.

10. Tease her about Yahiko. Say they would make a very cute couple. Make sure there are no Yahiko's or weapons on hand. You will be the one who gets really hurt.