This is just a random short little thing. Normal disclaimer applies (I do not own Fruits Basket and I'm not making a profit writing blurbs). The lyrics, if you're curious, are from a Wallflowers song called 'Sleepwalker'.


Sleepwalker, take this knife
You may see someone tonight
You'd be the one that saves my life
When I'm dead asleep dreamin'


Tohru's cheeks were bright pink and there was a smear of drool on Arisa's chin, but Saki didn't mind. The two were asleep in the backseat, slumped against each other with grins on their faces. Their hair was messy and their clothes were rumpled and in the morning they'd both be nursing headaches. One too many sips of "punch". She'd warned them, but did they listen?

The door clicked shut as the denpa girl settled into the driver's seat. She pushed a few buttons, pulled a few levers, checked her mirrors and buckled up before pulling out of the restaurant parking lot. The cool night air felt good against her face; inside it had been hot and greasy.

It was quiet, a nice change from the constant hum of school crowds and the bickering Sohma house. The roads were all but empty at this hour. Saki left the radio off for fear of waking her friends, choosing instead to hum under her breath. She lightly drummed against the steering wheel with her fingers.

Sometime during a light switch from red to green, Saki realized that she'd become an adult. The change was softer than she'd expected and not totally unpleasant. Thinking on it at a stop sign, she realized that there'd been hints. College brochures in the mail, strange looks from strange boys, little sighs her mother made when she thought she wouldn't notice. And then there was today…

Saki took a left turn. The stars faded from the dark sky as city lights swarmed ever closer. Smog and the sounds of road rage rushed in through her window, so she shut it. Looking over her shoulder, she checked on her pickled charges. Still napping.

To pass the time, the denpa girl watched the people on the sidewalks. An old man sat on a bench, reading. Three others stood around him waiting for a bus. As her bumper edged forward, the bus came and went. The last she saw of it, the bench was empty.

When Saki finally pulled up to her house, she cut off the engine and sat back in her seat. She sat there- not talking, not humming, not moving- for a long time.

Her fingers brushed a few strands of hair from her face before grabbing the door handle. She stepped outside, opened the back, and reached in to wake her friends.

"Arisa. Arisa. Arisa."

Two slivers of bloodshot eyes flashed open. The yankee groaned and ground her palms against her organs of sight.

"God, what time is it?"

"Late. You and Tohru are staying the night at my house. You can leave in the morning, when you're sober."

"What'd you wake me for?"

"I need help getting Tohru inside."

Arisa coughed, grinning. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve, raked a hand through her hair, then stumbled out from the backseat.

"That was some strong punch."

Saki nodded.

"I warned you."

"Yeah, I know."

Together, they scooped up their snoring companion from the car and carried her inside. Propping her up against a pillow, the two girls turned the Hanajima living room into a temporary camp. Arisa and Tohru shared a couch while Saki sat curled on a recliner.

The yankee mumbled something that the denpa didn't quite catch.

"What was that, Arisa?"

"Mmm. I said, 'happy birthday'. How old are you again?"


"Right, right. Congrats."

Arisa burrowed under her covers, her blonde hair mixing with Tohru's brown. Saki smiled and thought, 'This isn't so bad.' She turned off the light and went to sleep, dreaming about stars.


Sleepwalker, don't be shy
Now don't open your eyes tonight
You'll be the one that defends my life
While I'm dead asleep dreamin'.