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Yuki sat on the plane wondering what in the world he was doing. How was it that one sugar haired boy cause him to completely abandon his thoughts of suicide and convince him to come back to Japan? It was infuriating, really it was, so then why couldn't Yuki Eiri stop a small smile from forming when he thought of the pink haired menace? Yuki settled in for the long flight back to Japan, not fully understanding why he so looked forward to seeing his petite lover.

A mop of bright pink hair bobbed up and down as the pop star known as Shindou Shuichi jumped excitedly around the room. The pop star's best friend Nakano Hiroshi shook his head at Shuichi's antics. The hyper-active singer stopped his ministrations, however, when a shining magnum was pressed to his temple.

"Shiuchi," K said overly sweet, "perhaps you should save some of that energy for the stage."

"But K-san, how can I?" Shiuchi exclaimed excitedly, "It's the last concert of the tour! After this I get to go home to my Yuki!" The vocalist couldn't help it, after his proclamation he simply had to display his happiness again… by jumping around the room some more.

Gun shots echoed through the room as K tried to get his lead singer under control; he was failing miserably. A stage hand walked into the room and her eyes widen in fear and shock at the chaos she saw.

"Um… Excuse me, but Bad Luck needs to be on stage in ten minutes…" the stage hand stammered before running off in tears, fearing for her life.

Shuichi immediately stopped his bouncing as soon as the girl's announcement sunk into his mind. In a flash, much quicker than should be humanly possible, he was out the door and running to the stage, dragging Hiro and Suguru behind him. K and Sakano simply stared after the bundle of energy and his poor, poor band mates in silent disbelief. No matter how long the had been working with Bad Luck, the lead singer's moods never ceased to amaze them.

"Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out to see out last concert of this tour!" shouted Shuichi into the microphone. "We're Bad luck, and not it's time for us to rock!" The crowd screamed and went wild as the concert went on through the night.


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