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"Orochimaru-sama, Sasuke wishes to see you," a ninja with short white hair and purple eyes bowed.

"Send him in," Orochimaru waved for him to come in.

Sasuke approached the desk. His hair was long enough to make a pony tail. His stress was often high, and he trained to the brink everyday earning him dark circles under his eyes.

"Orochimaru, I want a break," Sasuke folded his arms.

Orochimaru licked his lips, "What is it you want, Sasuke?"

"You heard me damnit! I want to leave back to Konoha!" he pounded on the table.

"What for," Orochimaru grinned looking at the young boy.

In return he mumbled something. Then looked away, rolling his eyes. 'Why should I tell him?' he then sighed and looked back at his current sensei.

"Before either A- you take over my body or B- I risk my life killing my brother, I would like to rebuild my clan. To do that I will need to go back to Konoha and choose my bride," he sighed once again, making it clear that the situation he was in right now was unusual and uncomfortable for him.

"Why don't you just mate with a sound ninja?"

"Because, the Uchihas need to keep their titles as the strongest ninjas in Konoha," he sounded irritated that he had to explain this much.

"How many children do you plan to make," Orochimaru again licked his lips and smirked. Offspring of the Uchiha clan sounded like good new vessels to the snake man.

"I knew you would ask that. I have developed a chart on how I will go about the procedure of regenerating the Uchiha clan. I codenamed it Reproduce Uchihas.

I walk up to a girl

I evaluate her to make sure she has a certain amount of strength, stamina, and skill.

I will also do a background check and make sure the girl has a powerful bloodline limit.

Then once the girl passes the test I will marry then impregnate her.

I will immediately leave afterwards.

It should only take a day or two. After I follow that procedure, I will come back here and resume my training to defeat and destroy my brother," he sighed sitting down.

"Ku, ku, ku, how funny, Sasuke. You can't possibly get any soul like that. Especially with humans. Ha I say a young boy as yourself should fall in love. After a few years or so, I expect you to return with your wife and new born child," the snake smirked.

"But Orochi-," he got cut off.

"Leave now! I will spontaneously drop in on you from time to time,"

"What if I don't want to fall in love," he whined.

"You will and that's all! No more!" he ordered the guards to take Sasuke away to Konoha.



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