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His Way

What now?

I forgot would chase me here

While forgetting your kiss could draw me near

Before you forget it's your presense I fear

That last thought is more than mere

Of all places he caught me in the forst. Grasping my shoulders and bringing them into himself, I swear I heard him sigh. It was hard to hear thoughout his panting. He must have opened his eyes when he said, "What the fuck?" because sleeping peacefully on my back was our son. "Who's this?" The product of what our one night stand, I failed to say, the newest Uchiha.

"Your child, Sasuke-san." I replied with a subtle sense of false cheer, antcipicating what I've wished to avoid.

Fear struck his face as he stammered and fell back. His hand reached his forehead and he looked back up, "Are you sure?" I nodded back at him. He smirked, and I stuttered an actual answer, "Why the hell are you and my child in the middle of the forest while it's storming outside?"

"You chased me here all the way from Konoha. I was getting some diapers for him and his sister!" I argued back. I scoffed, remembering I dropped them along the way. Isn't he the biggest idiot for not putting together any clues? I crossed my arms.

His eyes widened more, "B-Brother? Is he mine as well? This is a boy?" He got up to inspect the sleeping infant and took her from the puch on my back.

I giggled at his curiousity and shock, relieved he failed to express any anger, "Yes, we have two children together. Twins, they run in my family. One boy and girl." As happy as he was, I saw sadness in his eyes. He was probably dissapointed he wasn't able to see his children, but they've only been alive for two weeks. "They're only two weeks old."

"Where's his sister?" apparently two weeks is a long time to him. The anger I feared came to his face, "You can't just leave her with any old idiot."

The Hyuuga estate, I wish I could say. Of course he'd be more concerned about his children than-... my thoughts were cut off by his lips, "I'm really happy to see your face again. I haven't felt this happy in a long time, Hinata, and I think this feeling lies with you." He kissed me while sheltering our child between us, for a while at that.

I remember your touch with hands of ice

I remember how a night with you would be so nice

I remember I should never think about you twice

I remember you'll love without a price

By the time we reached the bedroom, I swear he forgot about our children. I think I forgot as well. For the first time I'd get to consciously make love to him. Hopefully the Hyuuga clan wouldn't mind as they were all around. Apparently my father wasn't aware I was here. Hard to say I live in a household of Byakugan users. I left our children in Hanabi's room with her. She's proven herself to be an adequete babysitter. Only a matter of time until she lets the cat out of the bag, however.

Now, I'm not as fearful. With him here.

He laid me on the bed below him and began to kiss me passionately.

Oh, Kami, I needed this.

He brought the sheets back over us, and turned off the lamp beside me.

How could he forget...wait what is there to forget? It seemed I forgot my thoughts each time I felt his touch. The power he possesses over me is amazing. Although didn't he say I have the most power over him? I smiled smuggly and he was sure to question it, "What are you thinking about, hime?"

"Your devotion."

"Finally," he smiled back at me, "I've been waiting for your pride over me." Maybe he had. I'd never imagine Uchiha Sasuke fawning over me so much, "You are my superior after all."

We continued throughout the night.

He held me really tight, however. The bed was only twin sized, but still. He burried his face into my neck, "I can't let you go, Hinata." I had only squirmed once. "I need you next to me forever."

I froze reaching for the door, "But Sasuke, I need to say goodnight to my children." I whined.

"It's four AM. They'll wake everyone up if you try to say goodnight." he smirked into my neck and softly kissed it.

I melted back into his arms, like I had a choice, "..."

"But check on them with your Byakugan. They're two rooms over, right?"

I nodded, but fell asleep before I could do so. Making love takes a lot of your chakra.

Several hours must have passed by because the sun was out and I could hear yelling outside my door. Sasuke was no longer by me. I managed to get a robe to look outside, "Sasuke-kun!" I called out cheerfully, but was met by Neji. Heat rushed to my face.

Sasuke waved over as if they were never arguing, "Good morning, Hinata-hime. Did you have a good night's rest?" My eyebrow twitched, why did he have to emphasize the "night"?

Neji crossed his arms, giving his condescending look, "Hinata, is there any more you wish to disclose to me about what you've been doing? Where were you last night?"

I couldn't lie to Neji. Sasuke looked over, practically begging to tell my cousin himself. I can do this, with a smile, "Making love to Uchiha Sasuke." I said a little too cheerfully. He nearly fell out from my bluntness.

He looked over to Sasuke, who decided it was okay to kiss me against my bedroom door, "Indeed you did." Was that nessecary? Well...yeah, it's true. His bluntness was rubbing off on me. I giggled.

Neji had, had enough. "Damnit, Uchiha, you can't just fuck the Hyuuga heiress whenever you feel like it. Just like you can't take advantage of her. Go mess with some other girl." He didn't display rage well.

"She's my weakness, Hyuuga. With all do respect, I'll fuck her when I damn well please to." he cleared his throat and looked over to me reacting to his odd ways of protecting me, "Or when she wants me."

I crossed my arms looking up to him, "Fuck?"

"Sorry. It's just the atmosphere..."

I put my finger to my chin, "Well I guess they're the same thing. It just doesn't sound as romantic, you know?"

He nodded, "I suppose you're right."

"It is you, Hinata who will have to handle your father's reaction to your sexual relationship with Uchiha. Do you realize the consequences of sex?"

Then, at the worst moment in the world, I heard my daughter begin to cry. Sasuke rushed to her, leaving me alone.

Neji's eyes narrowed, "Who's child is that?" He was suspicious, "Hinata is that your child?"

I bit my lip, nodding, but decided to try and argue back with him, "I'd hardly call them consequences. They're the most important people in my life right now. Yes, they're my children."

"Our children." corrected Sasuke from down the hall while patting my daughter on her back.

I'm not sure if that helped the situation at all, but I nodded him off.

Neji frowned deeply, "Hinata, how long do you expect to keep this from the clan. If you're so committed to your new love and children, why don't you present this to the clan?"

Fear struck my heart. He was using his intimidation method, the same one he used years ago. I looked up to him, as if it were a challenge, "Call a meeting this morning. I'll share the news of my resignation from the position of heiress."


"Yes, I'm abandoning the clan if they're not happy with my new affairs."

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