Learning to Live



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SPECIAL THANKS!: I would like to thank my good friend, Melissa (SciFiNinutAlways1999) for helping me create this story.

Summary: Two years after being kidnapped and tortured, two Rangers realize they need help.

Learning to Live

Chapter 1: Needing Help

"ANDROS LOOK OUT!" The Yellow Ranger shouted. Andros hit the ground hard from a blast. "Andros!" She gasped. She ran over to him and looked up at Darkonda.

"You two won't escape," Darkonda laughed.

"We have to get out of here," she insisted.

"No," Andros answered.

The Yellow Ranger shook her head and helped Andros off the ground. "DECA, two to teleport," she instructed. Before Darkonda could throw another blast at them, they disappeared.

(Astro Megaship)

Andros took off his helmet and looked over at the Yellow Ranger. "What was all that about?" He asked. She didn't answer and started walking. "KARONE!" He shouted. The Yellow Ranger pulled off her helmet, revealing Andros's younger sister, Karone.

"What?" She demanded.

"We had him," he told her.

"No, he had us."

"We were fine."

"I'm fine, but you're not."

"What does that mean?"

Karone crossed her arms over her chest and looked at him. "If you're fine, then take your hand off your side," she instructed. Andros sighed.

"Karone…" she cut him off.

"Do it."

Andros let out a sigh and took his hand off his side. Karone saw the gash from Darkonda's blast. "That's it, we're getting help," she informed.

"What? No way!" Andros objected.

"Andros we can't do this by ourselves anymore."

Andros sighed and went down to the infirmary to clean out the gash on his side. Karone went after him with a frustrated sigh.

Andros was trying to take of it on his own, but Karone grabbed his hand. "Let me," she insisted. Andros sighed and removed his shirt so Karone could get a better look at the gash. "He got you good this time," she commented.

"Yeah do we have to observe that?" He asked.


She tried to bypass all the other scars on his body. Andros closed his eyes and tried to ignore it. "You still don't like to be touched hmm?" She asked.

"No," he replied.

"This is going to sting for a minute."

"I've felt worse."

Karone bit her lip as she cleaned out the gash before wrapping it up. "There, done," she informed. Andros sighed as he pulled his shirt and jacket back on. "Andros…I know that you don't want help, but we need it," she insisted.

"We've done fine on our own," he answered.

"Andros! Darkonda's getting stronger. Any minute he'll bring Divatox down here," she told him.

Andros glared at her. "Don't you ever mention that witch's name in front of me," he ordered.

"Sorry, but you know it's true," she pointed out.

Andros rubbed the back of his neck before getting up and walking towards the bridge. "DECA, set a course for Earth," he instructed.

"Acknowledged," DECA answered.

Karone came into the room with a quizzical look on her face. "Earth?" She asked. Andros didn't face her.

"You said we should get help. Well, Zordon always spoke highly of the planetary Rangers on Earth," he replied.

Karone nodded and went over to her controls. "Karone, you don't have to do that. I know where you want to be," he told her. Karone bit her lip and she nodded her head slowly. "I'll take care of things up here," he informed.

"Thanks," she murmured.

Andros nodded and watched her go.

Karone put in the code to the room and stood by the cryogenic tube that the love of her life was frozen in. She touched the ice and a sob escaped from her throat. "I miss you," she whispered. She bit her bottom lip as she just stared at the frozen Silver Ranger. "It's going to be two years in a few weeks. Why can't you just get better? Andros is falling apart slowly and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I try to be there for him like I used to, but it doesn't seem to help anymore. With Darkonda's attacks getting stronger, I can't get through to him anymore. He won't listen to me. He's disappearing before my very eyes and I can't stop it," she explained. She wiped away the mist that was covering his helmeted face. "I wish you'd wake up," she whispered.

Andros was controlling the ship when he thought about all the fights they had up against Darkonda. Karone was right. They couldn't do this on their own anymore. They needed help. Andros rubbed his forehead and let out a frustrated sigh.

(Divatox's Ship)

"You will bring him to me," Divatox ordered. Darkonda let out a small growl.

"I don't take orders from you," he snapped.

"Well, he's still my slave and I want him back."

"Well as long as he keeps that morpher on his wrist, I'll destroy him."

Divatox glared at Darkonda. "I want him back. He's seventeen now," she hissed.

"Yeah? So?" Darkonda asked.

"You idiot. When Karovans turn seventeen they have to choose."


"Yes. I want to be his only choice."

"Then I'll try to bring him back to you alive. As long as you keep your side of the deal."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll capture little miss Karone and send her back to Dark Specter."

Darkonda sneered and walked away. Divatox laughed. "I'll get you, Red Ranger, and you'll have no choice," she laughed.