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'Where's bloody Barbie?!' yelled Jack the following afternoon. 'How bloody long has he bloody been in bloody Port Royal?'

It had been several hours since Barbossa had taken Tara ashore. They had laid anchor in an out-of-sight cove so as to avoid the Naval hub, so understandably, reaching the town would take some time.

But not all bloody day! Jack was beginning to get paranoid. Who knows who Barbossa was talking to, and what he was saying!

Meanwhile, upon hearing a flurry of curses, Will made his way top deck. As soon as Jack saw him, he knew what to do.

'Will! Mate! Chum!' he held out his arms and approached the younger man. 'Would you like to do something brave and incredibly noble?'

Will raised his eyebrows suspiciously. 'What?'


Will fumed as he walked through the streets of Port Royal looking for Barbossa. Who was Jack to treat him like an idiot? Was that man so self-obsessed that he wouldn't even consider saving his own daughter from death, if in fact she was his daughter, if in fact she was in danger of death, neither fact had yet been proven. But then, Jack treated her like any member of his crew, and according to the code, it was the Captain's decision, and it seemed the Captain didn't much like Tara.

Will stopped suddenly. He now stood before blacksmith's shop and frowned, the place seemed horribly familiar.


Will jumped and looked around. His mouth fell open in surprise. 'Tara?'

She smiled brightly as she approached him, wearing a battered, but otherwise pretty dress of dark green. Barbossa followed her closely.

'Found us, have you?' he drawled.

'Are you alright?' Will asked Tara, ignoring Barbossa completely.

'I wouldn't I be?' she replied calmly. 'Mister Barbossa even bought me a dress-,'

'We have more vexing concerns at the moment,' Barbossa interrupted, he looked at Will, 'I'd say it's time you spoke to your wife.'


'My wife?' Will repeated again as he and Tara walked up the path to the doors of a huge white mansion.

Tara glanced at him from the corner of her eye. 'Your wife, the daughter of the Governor, who happens to live next door.' She motioned to her right at another mansion. 'Barbossa said if Captain Sparrow won't help us, we'll need a ship of our own, and if he's right, only my so-called-cousin can help us get it.'

They moved up the stairs of the porch.

'But…my wife?'

Tara sighed and knocked at the door. 'Yes, your wife.'

A tall, redheaded maid suddenly opened the door. 'Yes?'

'We are looking for Miss Elizabeth Swann,' Tara said slowly.

The maid frowned. 'You mean Mrs. Norrington? Come in, I'll call her for you.'

Neither Will nor Tara had heard the second half of what the maid had said but followed her into the house nonetheless. She closed the door and hurried up the stairs. Once she was out of earshot, Tara made a sound of utter disgust.


Will was shocked. 'I think…we need a new plan.'

Tara nodded. 'Ah ha…here it is. We grab a vase…'

Will nodded.


She stopped.

'Then what?' Will asked.

Tara thought for a moment. 'That last task is sure to take all day.'

'That's a good plan.'

They turned for the door.

'Can I help you?'

They jumped and turned to see Elizabeth standing patiently at the top of the stairs. She looked stunning, hair swept up; wearing a gold and green dress. Will's mouth fell open; he knew her, he definitely knew her. But it was more than that…he loved her.

Tara meanwhile, noted his reaction and a stepped past him as Elizabeth descended the stairs. To Tara's dismay, Commodore Norrington himself closely followed her.

'Good day,' he said in greeting.

'You asked for me?' Elizabeth said. 'May I ask who you are?'

Tara glanced back at Will for help but he was still in shock. 'I'm, ah, your cousin, Tara Bell and this is…my friend. I was hoping to catch up.'

Elizabeth frowned, as did Norrington behind her.

'You say your name is Tara Bell?' Norrington asked.

Tara nodded. Something wasn't right.

Elizabeth's next words confirmed that. 'Tara Bell died on the crossing from England.'

It seemed like the plan had hit a brick wall.


'How can they think I'm dead?'

Inside the tiny cell of the Port Royal prison, Tara mused at the circumstances of being placed there as Will sat on the seat beside her silently.

'I'm more interested to know of the circumstances surrounding your so-called death,' Will muttered. 'But first we need to find out why Norrington is already signing our death warrants.'

'I suppose they thought we wanted to die faster so they managed to speed up the process,' Tara said with some amusement.

Will stood up and started pacing before the bars restlessly. 'Why would she marry him?' he asked after a moment, stopping and looking at Tara for an answer.

She shrugged. 'Probably because you weren't around…that's assuming you really weren't around.'

They both looked up as someone approached their cell.

'Attempted kidnapping of a figure of authority,' Norrington stepped closer to the bars, 'is punishable by death.'

'We weren't planning to-,' Will began.

'Which leads me to question your motives,' the Commodore continued. 'Why would you risk such a price for my wife?'

Will moved suddenly, as if to charge at the bars, but did not. Instead he looked down at his boots.

'Commodore!' A soldier came hurrying down the stairs. 'The Endeavour has just returned.'

Norrington did not turn to the soldier, but looked down at the ground of the cell as he spoke. 'Any news on the Black Pearl?'

Tara and Will looked up at each other sharply.

'They lost her south of La Romana, sir.'

There was a moment's silence as Tara considered the situation in her head.

'Perhaps we have just discovered our level standing ground, Commodore Norrington,' she said, surprised at herself.

Will looked at her curiously. Norrington looked interested.

'Oh? And what would that be?'

Tara stood up and crossed the cell to the bars. 'Well, you desire the pirates aboard the Black Pearl, the Captain, more-than-likely, and Mister Turner and I desire something rather…elusive, so…perhaps we can help each other?' She paused, then added, 'As was always our intention.'

Norrington frowned. 'A bribe?'

'A bargain! If you would be so kind as to set us free, my friend and I will tell you the exact whereabouts of the much elusive Black Pearl.'

Norrington considered her for a moment. 'You are sure you know the exact whereabouts?'

'We could tell your men exactly where it is right now and you could be on your way-,'

'Oh no,' Norrington corrected, 'no, if I am to release you, then you will lead us there.'

Tara glanced at Will, who shrugged and shook his head.

'Very well,' Tara said. She held her hand out through the bars, 'We have an accord, then.'

Norrington shook her hand. 'We'll await sunset.'