Title: Even if it isn't said

Author: Viciousdisorder

Disclaimer: Characters, actors and series definitely not mine.

Fandom: Gokusen 1 (jdorama). Based on a flashback sequence from episode 9.

They had left midway through their last lesson and gone to the benches that overlooked Shirokin's sporting field. It was a warm day outside even though summer had not yet come, and it was far more pleasant to be outside than listening to someone attempt to hold their attention on Geography. Not that any teachers had ever managed to hold class 2D's attention anyway.

Hunger appeased by an early lunch the three had been content to lie in the warmth of the sun. It was the perfect spot to avoid most teachers; after all who had the time to chase after three delinquints when it would mean leaving a classroom of the same unsupervised?

"I hate teachers." It was Uchi who made the comment.

"All adults," Kurosaki agreed. "You can't trust them."

"Maybe so, but teachers really are the worst kind" was Shin's reply. "They say one thing but mean another. You can never trust them, but they expect us to believe in them."

It was a common conversation for the three. The similarities across their experiences had been enough to form a sense of comradery between them, even when Uchi and Kuro had first found Shin at their special spot soon after his transfer from Chuo High School. But the day seemed too nice to dreg up their anger and all three were content to simply nap the rest of the afternoon classes away.

At least they were until Washio turned up. The Japanese Language teacher was no doubt looking for a quiet place to smoke his cigarettes without anyone seeing him, and in turn reporting him to the Head Teacher.

"Hey, you! Shouldn't you be in class?"

The voice of the teacher immeadiately woke Uchi and Kuro, both recognising the risks of being caught out of class. Shin, as happened more often than not, had fallen into a deeper sleep. He didn't even wake as his friends shook him and called his name. Nor did he wake up when Kuro and Uchi picked him up, to carry him – between them – away from danger.

It was after a few flights of stairs as they were nearing the school nurse's office that Shin began to stir. Washio was still chasing them, and calling at them to stop, but thankfully no other teachers had joined in the pursuit. Then suddenly they were free of the main building and beginning to run across the school's grassed area.

"Stop!" the shout was muffled and followed by a thump. Turning around Uchi and Kurosaki could not help but laugh at the sight of the little teacher who had fallen over his own two feet. Unfortunately their laughter also meant they dropped Shin. As the last vestiges of sleep left Shin, he too was amused to see a person lying face first in the grass. It was even better to see a teacher in such a position, especially when said individual liked nothing better than to believe the worst of class 2D.

Later that day, having escaped on a "borrowed" bicycle, the trio had made their way towards the riverbank. Washio's fall had provided the afternoon's inspiration; and they happily shared the stupid moments of their teachers, laughing and mimicking the voices as they went.

As the sun began to fade from the sky the three could be found lying on the ground sides aching from laughter, content with each others company.

The teachers, and all other adults, might be against them but whatever the future might bring they would still watch out for each other. Even if they never said it aloud they knew that's what friends do.