Hello peoples! Thanks for my reviewers. I might close this story down because I am not as dedicated to it as I should be. But anyway here we go:

Question 1:

Hello Gaara-sama! I 'm not really a fangirl of your's I just like you. (my sister and her friend are rabid fangirls though) Um I have some questions for Sasuke.

1.) In the manga you said that you didn't kill Naruto because it'd be doing what Itachi wanted you to do, but then you said it was a whim, and then you said that on a whim you then wanted to kill him! Which is it?

2.) After the time skip you've become a complete jerk! Did you know that? I used to respect you, but nah ha nope! Not now mister!

3.) Did you realize in trying to get power to defeat Itachi that you've become exactly like him?!?!

4.) Why did you think that leaving would get you more power? I mean Itachi went and trained in Konoha and he's way more powerful then you!

5.) Did you know that after you kill Itachi that you'll probably waste away into nothing? If you live for revenge and nothing else you'll die after it's finshed- Proved in the Scarlet Letter when Chillingworth dies- and that if you die then you can't complete your second goal?- restore your clan?

Okay that's it for Sasuke... Now I have a question for Sai!

1.) Why do you wear a belly shirt?

2.) Why are you obsessed with men's privates?

3.) Are you gay?

4.) You said in the manga that you'd call a woman the opposite that name then she is.. you called Sakura a 'hag' does that mean you like her?

Okay now to Sakura! My personal fav. character!

1.) You do realize that when you said you loved Sasuke that he was only 12 right? That boys don't mature as fast as girls and that that might be why he calls it annoying?

2.) In fanfics people pair you up with just about everyone.. who besides Sasuke would you consider to be paired up with? Well nothing much really to ask my fav character except to comment and tell her to train up to bring Sasuke back all broken and bruised! I'd love to see her kick ass against him!


Sasuke: To answer question number two I say "I am an ass. That's why." Wait. . . that came out wrong. . .

Gaara: You're a moron.

Sasuke: To answer your first question: I have a friend/enemy thing with Naruto. I don't think I've become like Itachi. . . have I?

Sai: Yes you have.

Sasuke: Shut up. I trained with Orochimaru because I thought I could get stronger with him. I will restore my clan! Believe it!

Naruto: Oh no you didn't! I know you didn't just steal my catch phrase!

Sai: My turn! I wear a belly-shirt because it's sexy!

Kakashi: On girls, not guys.

Sai: Whatever! Anyway I have no idea! I do not like Sakura. Ew. . .

Sakura: Do you wanna make something of it Sai?!?!

Sai: meep. . .

Sakura: I thought not. Anyway, I love Sasuke no matter what age we are. I wouldn't mind being paired up with. . . Lee. His har grew back! Cha!

Question 2:



1 u can kill sasugay without a problem coz ur sand will protect u from them!ur fangirls will protect u too oh do u like donuts?

2 have u ever thought of getting ur eyebrows back?

3 which anime is better?(u can't pick 'or' or naruto) Gakuen Alice or Fruits basket?

4 if u went to the beach can u control the sand there too?


1 r u older than shikamaru? coz my bro thinks ur older

2 who's the first one born between u and ur bros?

3 do u have a fanclub?

4 who cooks breakfest, lunch and dinner in ur home?


1 what's ur favourite doll?

2 how many dolls do u have?

3 why do u like them

4 which is better? Barbie or Polly?


U suck i hate u coz...er...u suck! oh who do u like better? Ino or Sakura?(no picking 'or' or other girls


1 why do u like Sasugay?(not coz of his looks!and if the answer u gave me is not reasonable then i'll kill u painfully!hahahahahahah!)

2 did u know that the circle of ur dress kinda looks like a target?


1 Why did u join akatsuki?

2 how come ur not the leader? is the leader stronger than u?


1 do u eat anything besides ramen?

And this is a question for everybody!

WHY DO U GUYS WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES?!(what i mean was u guys wore the same clothing most of the time...why?i think u guys don't have any fashion sense)bye bye!!


I'm SuGaR HiGh QuEeN

Gaara: I wont kill Sasgay. Sorry, I don't want to be attacked by fangirls. Even though my sand would protect me. I don't want my eyebrows back, it would make me look unbishieful.

Temari: Is that even a word?

Gaara: It is now! I can control any sand I choose.

Temari: Yup, I am older than Shika-kun. I am the oldest of use, then it's Kankuro and finally it's Gaara. I have a fanclub; I think everyone does. . . I cook because when Gaara cooks it usually comes to life and Kankuro always burns stuff.

Kankuro: THERE PUPPETS! My favorite is Karasu. I like him because he's the strongest. I DO NOT LIKE DOLLS!

Temari: Then whats this? (Holds up Barbie)

Kankuro: N-nothing!

Temari: Really? Hm. . .

Sasuke: If I must, Sakura.

Sakura: I knew you liked me better!

Sasuke: Not like I had a choice.

Sakura: I like Sasuke because he's strong and hot. The circle does not look like a target!

Itachi: Because they offered coffee and doughnuts. He just is the leader. We do not doubt Bob! For he is the leader!

Naruto: It tastes good. I LOVE RAMEN!!

Everyone: They are the only cloths we own! But we own multiple ones.

Gaara's-pandachan101: Weirdos. . .

Question 3:

I have a question for kakashi or sasuke:

Have you used konoha electricity for your chidori?


Kakashi: Ummm no.

Sasuke: I tried. I died. Hey that rhymed!

Kakashi: then how are you here?

Sasuke: reincarnation my friend, reincarnation.

Kakashi: . . .

Question 4:

I suppose I have a few things...

For Sasuke-- my name is misleading, I know, but listen. I think I know a way you can beat Itachi. I mean, sure, you'll probably never do it, but, hey. Just act really flamboyantly gay. It'll work like a charm!

For Gaara-- uhm... you're adorable. And, yes, I know you could kill me. I find that cute. Also, do you love Mister Bear? Heh. (If ya do... read my shamelessly advertised story Mister Bear!)

For Lee-- get better hair (yes, that includes your eyebrows-- thin is in, Lee-kun. Thin is in). That's all I need to say, because I like everything else about you.

For Neji-- I love your hair. Mine is similar to yours, so I have to ask... how do you keep it so great? I mean, honestly, it gets so damn hard... xD And yet yours is beautiful! Share your secrets, hun.

For Naruto-- uhm, want some ramen? -holds out a bowl-


Sasuke: That's what they all say. . . you want me to act gay? Like Sai?

Sai: Hey!!!!

Gaara: Ummmm what is this "Love" of which you speak?

Gaara's-pandachan101: I LOVE you Gaara!

Gaara: I'm sorry I asked.

Lee: I don't think so. Last time. . . well. . . Sakura chased me. It was scary.

Neji: Use Garnier Frutice styling products. Works like a charm. (I AM NOT TRYING TO ADVERTISE HERE!)

Naruto: Yay! Thank you! Ramen!

Question 5:

I like this story a lot. You had me laughing so hard that I got tearin my eyes. And my family thought thatI was insane(through colorful

commentary...)Anyway my question would be "Itachi, why does painting younails make you feel special?" and my second question is "What color are shino's eyes? Does he even have eyes?" and " Do you think that Lee has a hairy back too?" and the most important question "WHY WONT SASUKE JUST DIE?!". I'm looking foward to your answers.

-Fluffy Neko

Itachi: Because not a lot of men paint their nails. At least until they copied me.

Shino: I have eyes. Their brown.

Gaara: I hope not (Shudder)

Everyone else besides Lee and Gai: (Shudder)

Gai: A hairy back is sexy and youthful

Lee: Yosh!

Gaara's-pandachan101: Ew. Gai, Lee go be "Youthful" somewhere else. Gaara, are you okay?

Gaara: (IN Fettle position) Ew. Ew. Ew.

Question 6:

SQUEE! GAARA'S AWESOME!... coughcough sorry now that i got the fangirlisum outta my system i got questions.

for Kiba: whats with the red markings?

for Tenten: do you like Neji?

for Neji: can you get your head outta your ass? or do you need Naruto's help for that?

for Naruto: you WILL be the Hokage! wo0t!

for Gaara and Sasuke: will you two join my Emo Club? we meet on wendsdays.

for Gaara: can you please kill my two older brothers!!... PLEASE!

for everyone: my friend would like to know if you would all like some waffles.


Kiba: It's a clan symbol.

Sasuke: An ugly one. . .

KIba: Shut up emo boy!

Tenten: Yes I do. NEJI I LOVE YOU!!!

Neji: Here we go again. Why do you all hate me!?

Naruto: You bet I will! Believe it!

Gaara: I am not emo. (Glare)

Sasuke: Suuuuuure your not.

Gaara: Odd kid. Anyway I would like to. But it could be a problem. Gaara's-pandachan101 wont let me kill people.

Everyone: WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 7:

Okay...my questions:

To Kiba: My cousin is in love with you...seriously... whenever I say you're hot...she gets annoyed and hits me XD

To Kankuro: HIHI! I am still a fangirl of you! And...I don't think you're gay or gender-confused XD Also, who would win in a fight against Deidara and you?

That's all for now XD

- The Most OOC Writer around

Kiba: Not another fangirl! Keep her away from me!

Kakashi: And your not even a bishie!

Kiba: Shove it old man!

Kakashi: I AM NOT OLD!!!!!

Kankuro: Moving on, thanks I guess. I would win. That one time when Deidera abducted Gaara didn't count. (Shifty eyes)

Question 8:

Okay my here is my questions hehe

Gaara...could you please drag ur sexy a$$ over to my place l8ter?

Kakashi: could you PLEASE come read Icha Icha wit me?

-Shadow Willow

Gaara: Should I be scared?

Kakashi: Yes Gaara, be VERY scared.

Gaara: In that case. (Hides under bed)

Kakashi: Sure I'll read it with you!

Question 9:

Hi again Gaara-Danna.

I have some more questions.

1) Do you like coffe? 2) Why don't you use BAM to get the sharpie off your arm? 3) Would you ever fall in love and get married? 4) Can Temari cook? 5) What is you favorite holiday? 6) Do you like to play DDR? 7) What kind of gaming platform do you have? 8) Why won't you marry me!?!?!?!?

K I'm done. (Inner Self- FEEL MY WRATH PANDA BOY! Has a chainsaw)

Bye Gaara-Danna! -

-Desrt Rose

Gaara: WHERE IS COFFEE?! Sense when do I have sharpie on my arm? I probably wouldn;t get married or fall in love. It's un-bishie-like.

Kakashi: Tell me about it.

Gaara: Temari can't cook, neither can any of us for that matter. My fave holiday is . . . Halloween! CANDY! I have an X-box. It's fun to smash aliens on Halo 2. I can't marry anyone.

Kakashi: It is against the code of the bishie!

Gaara: YUP!

Question 10:

ok, I'm sorry but I forgot to ask the most RANDOM question ever Gaara-kun! um if you had the ability to raise the dead and control them, what would you do?... just asking, cuz I'd take over the world with them... XD (JOY!)

Oh and, Gaara, I want to know, if a fangirl came up to you and started singing and dancing to the Macaerna... comment? (LMAO sorry I had fruit loops for breakfast!) XD XD XD I scare people when I'm hyper XD

OI!! SAKURA!! You better give up on Lee-kun! HE'S MINE... I MEAN HE'S MY FRIEND!! ;

Lee-kun, how are you my youthful friend? XD I hope you're doing well! YOUTH!

Gai-sensei, I'm sorry for being disrespectful! I feel bad now! If I don't finish my studies by tonight, I'll do 100 push ups! (and I am a poorly push up challenged person!) YOUTH! YOUTH! YOUTH! XD OSU! XD XD XD (thumps up and teeth sparkle)

Gaara-kun... I think I've lost it... (starts listening to Disturbed and Godsmack) AH... sanity XP OKAY BYE!!


luv u ALL! (pshyco twitch)

Yami no Baiken

(srry i'll be more calm next time XP)

Gaara: Well, I would storm all the cookie industries and steal all the cookies. Then I would destroy anyone who pairs me with Lee. The Macarena? Ummmm have my sand kill her.

Sakura: I will. But when his hair grows back I will love him once again!

Lee: I am youthfully fine!

Kakashi: But not in the head you aren't!

Lee: Be quiet!

Gai: It is ok! (Sun set background; tears yadda yadda yadda)

Gaara: I think you lost it ALONG time ago.

Question 11:

I'm back. The crazy girl who made the important discovery that it was Gai who stole Zabuza's eyebrows.

Temari: I'm the oldest kid in my family too. Tell me, has either Gaara or Kankuro stole your undergarments (from the hamper) and stashed them under their bed? That's what my six year old brother does.

Kankuro: What's up with the hat? I mean, seriously, you look like a puppet wielding Batman or something. The kabuki face paint isn't that bad. Why does everyone call it makeup?

Sasuke: What would you do if I tied you to my computer chair and forced you to look at lemony fanart of you and Itachi? (You can't say that you would close your eyes because I would force them open)

Naruto: (Grabs Naruto and Hinata and shoves them in a closet and locks the door with twelve locks for the same key.) Ha! How do ya like me now?

Hinata: (Same thing as Naruto)

Neji: Hey! There's a sale on lavender scented hair products at Great Clips!

TenTen: You should go with Neji and make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

Gaara: Remember my crazy friend who is one of your crazy fangirls? She's here. Charlotte: Hi Panda-kun!

Akamaru: Aw! You are the cutest little puppy in the world! Yes you are! Yes you are!

Ino: You have the hots for Chouji, I know it. You're just in denial.

Chouji: How do you feel now that you know Ino has the hots for you? No matter what she says, it's true.

I have run out of things to say (for now). Ja ne! ♥


Temari: Yes, Kankuro has. He is such a perv.

Kankuro: It was only once!

Temari: shut up and answer your question!

Kankuro: I like my hat. :P and I do NOT look like Batman!

Sasuke: I would scream. . . LOUDLY.

Naruto: I don't like you at all!!

Hinata: Ummm (whispering) T-thank y-you!

Neji: Cool! Gaara's-pandachan101, can we go get some!?

Gaara's-pandachan101: (Sigh) Sure, whatever.

Tenten: Okay, just to make sure. (Whispering) but maybe I can get some pictures to sell on the internet!

Gaara: Not another one!!! Get away from me!

Akamaru: Bark!

Ino: I do not! Suck it up!

Choji: She says (Munch) she doesn't. But I really don't care either way.

Question 12:

hey gaara... i have some more questions

to tenten: whats ur favorite weapon

to neji: dude u really look like a girl

to lee: whats up with that green spandex thing

to hinata: U ROCK

to sasuke: do us some good and die

to temari: how heavy is that fan

to gaara: who would win.. sasuke's fangirls or your fangirls

to kankuro: name ur favorite puppet

to shikamaru: why are u so lazy

to sakura: ur cool but lose sasuke

to ino: why are u a sasuke fangirl

to shino: whats with the big over coat

to kyuubi: u just plain rock,kitsune 4ever!

thank u 4 ur time gaara

from chaoshyuuga1

Gaara: Oh joy MORE questions.

Tenten: It's gotta be a kunai.

Neji: I do not!

Tenten: You kinda do Neji, no offense.

Neji: Be quiet Tenten.

Lee: SPANDEX IS YOUTHFUL! I really like it and it's comfortable.

Hinata: T-thank y-you.

Sasuke: Why does everyone want me dead?

Gaara's-pandachan101: Hello captain-clueless.

Sasuke: Be quiet.

Kankuro: Karasu. He's my best!

Shikamaru: Because everything is so troublesome!

Sakura: No! Not my Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: Finally! Somebody doesn't want me dead!

Sakura: Sasuke-kun! Does this mean you like me?!

Sasuke: I take that back.

Ino: Because Sasuke is hot. And strong.

Shino: It's to hide my fabulous model-like body!

Kyuubi: Thank you kit.

Gaara: Don't mention it!

Question 13:

Heyy, Gaara.



You've seen those shonen ai pairings with you and Naruto, right? Do you feel flattered, or just disturbed? o.O

Have a good day!

-? (SORRY!)

Gaara: It's gotta be disturbed. I mean seriously; NARUTO?!?!?! (Mutters) Crazy writers.

Question 14:

Oh! i have a question for you Gaara-sama!

many actually... anyway...

first: What's your favorite type of music out of; Rock, Hip Hop, Rap,

Pop, Country, Metal, or Punk?

second: Are you really a crazy murderous weird-o? I personally don't think you are but all the rest of my friends (both Naruto fans and Non-Naruto fans) say you act and look the part. they say I'm insane, but then again I'm also called a freak and don't see much difference.

Thank you for your time,

Wuv, lil'Jin!


Gaara: I like Rock. Because that is what Linchon Park is! Yeah!

Sasuke: He listens to Linchon Park all the time. I'm sick of it.

Gaara: Be quiet emo-kid!

Sasuke: One; I'm odler than you and two; I AM NOT EMO!!!

Gaara: Yeah, whatever. . . I am kind of a murderous weirdo. Yup, that's right: I'll admit it!

Question 15:

dude i have a few questions to ask

1# to chouji- how big of an eater are you? I bet i could beat you in a food eating contest! my friends said that i could be able to beat you easily. so what do you say? how bout it? If you're wondering I'm a girl.

2# to naruto- dude you give good advise right? What would you do if you liked someone but they've been you rival since like forever. By the way ask hinata O-U-T she will say yes!(after she faints)LOL

3# to hinata- stop stutering when you talk it's driving me insane! every time you stuter i will hit you. can you do me a favor kick neji's butt for me ok..ok

4# to neji- Get a hair cut you look like a girl! if you don't i'll come over there and cut it for ya!

5# to shukaku/gaara- shukaku-sama why won't you let gaara sleep?if you let him sleep he'll be more powerful and you will too.

Gaara what do you think of temari and shikamaru going out? i thought i saw them in the park kissing.

6# to ino-pig- you let your friend ship with sakura stop because of some gay guy. god! my friend likes my best friend and were still friends!

7# to sasuke- you look like a with that hair style.LOL why did you run away to a michle jackson wannabe?

8# to tsunade- YOU ARE THE BEST! i wanna be strong like you! what do you eat that makes you so healthy?

9# to itachi- is s-ranked criminals the highest rank or is there more? By the way i'm a big fan of yours! don't worry.. i not a crazed up fangirl.i hate fangirls they are so annoying. tell kisame i had sushi for supper.Mwahahaha (cough cough)

10# to shino- lose the sunglasses and you could become a pimp man! you look better with out them. what is your favorite bug? mines the black widow spider. i can never hold a guy for more than 4 days.

All the fangirls in the world must die by my hands!MWAHAHAHA!

a question for the guys- what do you think of a girl that love to eat, likes kids and animals.And LOVES to fight,killing and blood?



Choji: VERY big eater. You couldn't beat me.

Naruto: Um. . . . rivalry doesn't mean you can't have emotions so. . . Go for it! Just try to down the amount of rivalry into a friendship, it would make it MUCH easier.

Ino: I knew you were gay!

Naruto: Am not! Hey Hinata!

Hinata: Yes N-Naruto-kun?

Naruto: Wanna get some ramen with me?

Hinata: Yes Naruto-kun. Oh, and I'll kick Neji's but for sure (Evil smile that makes Gaara's smile look sugar coated)

Naruto: meep. . .


Shukaku: I don't FEEL like it.

Gaara: I really don't care. As long as nothing like THAT happens, I'm ok.

Ino: Well, I know Sasuke is gay. But seriously I don't know if forehead girl and I could ever be friends again.

Sakura: Grrrr Ino-pig!

Sasuke: I had to get stronger!!!!!!

Kakashi: How many times arr you going to say that?

Sasuke: As many times as it takes to get it into these peoples brains.

Tsunade: Ummm eggs, sake, protein shakes, stuff like that.

Itachi: It's the highest rank.

Sasuke: Then you don't deserve it. You still play with My Little Ponies (AN: WHICH I DON'T OWN!)

Itachi: Hush foolish little brother! We don't want the fangirls after us!

Gaara's-pandachan101: She said that she wasn't a fangirl.

Itachi: Oh. . .

Shino: No, I don't want to. My favorite bug is now the wolf spider. They are so cool!

Gaara's-pandachan101: Then come into the bacement. We have houndreds!

Shino: Yay!

Naruto: Thank you. Now, my fellow bishie, Kakashi, we must finish our prayer.

Kakashi: . . . "and deliver us from fangirls." (I did not make that up people!

Question 16:

Here's a question for Gaara:

Hey! I'm going to ask a stupid question, but is your hair natural? And is Shukaku some kind of sick perv or what? I know he loves blood(I do too! Blood is like, awesome!), but still and I totally know how you feel of not being loved... its really lonely, i hate it and i just wanted to

say, plz dont die you have another purpose to live other than killing...


Gaara: My hair is one-hundred percent Natural. Yes, Shukaku is a perv.

Shukaku: AM NOT!

Gaara: Yeah, RIIIIIIIIGHT. I'm not going to die (If my fan girls have anything tot say about it.)

Gaara's-pandachan101: As long as he's a bishie Gaara is not gonna die.

Fangirls: LONG LIVE THE BISHIES!!!!!!!!!

Question 17:

GAARA-KUN! I LOVE YOU! muhaha i'm one of those seriously obsessed chicks!! mmkay anyway my questions are for,

Gaara- you need to be more friendly. I know your past was like BS but cheer up! oh and kill Sasgay! jeez he's so emo!! AND FINISH KILLING LEE!! damn him for stealing your eyebrows...oh yeah and you are like so fricking hott as Kazekage!! XD

Sasuke- STOP BEING EMO YOU BUTTHOLE!! And stop being such a meanie to Sakura...she just wants to be with you dummy.

Naruto-kun YAY!! you beat Neji in the Chunnin Exam! I HATE Neji all that fate and destiny stuff is a load of bull.

Shikashake!!(Shikamaru)- ASK TEMARI OUT YOU LAZY BUM!


Gaara- 'nother question! you know there's mostly fics with you and Sakura together? i think you guys are so cute together! i know she's psycho and obsessed with Sasugay...but still.

Temari- if Shikashake doesn't ask you out do it for him! 'Cuz he needs to get off his lazy ass.

Shukaku- why wont you let my Gaara-kun sleep?! you so mean...but bad ass!! (lol)

Kakashi- stop reading that book you pervo!

Shino- take off the sunglasses you tardo


Gaara: Well, at least she's honest.

Gaara's-pandachan101: Meh, she's still obsessive. Whoops! Sorry, Gaara answer the question!

Gaara: I can't cheer up. Being angry and slightly emo was what made me a bishie.

Sasuke: But, being emo is what made me a bishie too!

Gaara: Yes. Being emo is a sure ticket to bishie-dom!

Naruto: Your welcome! Hey, do you have any ramen?

Shika: Ummm whats with the nickname?It's troublesome. And I did ask Temari out. We're dating now.

Kankuro: THEY ARE NOT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaara: I don't get your question. Are you asking how I feel about the pairing? Because if that's it then I REALLY don't like it. Seriously people: WHY DO THIS PAIRING?!?!

Temari: Well, sometimes I do have to ask him to go out. . . But sometimes he is a real gentlemen.

Shika: I am?

Temari: Yes you are so shut up.

Shukaku: Meh, I don't feel like it.

Kakashi: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shino: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 18:

OMG!(rolling on floor laughing).That was funny.I loved it.Im not done reading this fanfic yet,but Keep up the great work.Oh and I have a question for Gaara-Sama

My fiend(and partner in crime)and I wanted to know why Kankuro wears that weird lookin kitty hat and make-up?Oh and what's your opinion on the shadow village?Well ja ne...for now

-kage-youkai girl

Gaara: Umm thanks.

Kankuro: It makes me feel SPECIAL!


Kankuro: Shut up.

Gaara: Why?

Kankuro: Oh, not this again.

Gaara: Why?

Kankuro: SHUT UP GAARA!!!!!!!!!

Gaara: . . . Why?

Question 19:


ok , my friend is NOT a fangirl, she is just...has an unhealthy love obsession with you...apparently to her there is a difference...yeah i am on the phone with her right now and ( yeah yeah , i'll say hi to gaara for you now SHUT UP no one likes a backseat typer)yeah she is telling me to tell you she is not a fangirl (She really is )

1) have you ever seen kakashi without a mask

2)( this is from my friend kt) what is the weasel thing that comes out of temari's fan when she is fighting Schicamaru( spelled wrong)whats its name , i want to name my ferrit that ! (

P.s. is it a good thing that i was the only one who asked your favorite color?

- mangagal1310

Gaara: Okay then. It's the same thing (In my opinion) Yeah, I've seen Kakashi without his mask.

Gaara's-pandachan101: It's the reason why Kakashi is a bishie!

Kakashi: (Nods) Yes, I am in fact a bishie!

Temari: His name is Kamatari (No joke) and he's adorabible.

Shikamaru: Yeah, um, remind me why I like you?

Temari: Cuz I'm not as troublesome as other girls.

Shikamaru: true, true.

Question 20:

o, me again. A few questions for a few people:

For Sasuke: You're the most pathetic excuse for a living being. Go find a gun and shoot yourself in the head with it, you Emo freak, and if that doesn't work, I'll shoot you myself.

For Sakura: God damn it girl, hurry up and hook up with Lee! You two make the cutest couple and he likes you ALOT!(sry for language)

For Lee: You, with Sakura, NOW! Why you wasting your time? MAke your move before it's too late, and DON'T RUN AWAY!

For Kakashi: Do you seriously love Iruka?

For Gaara: What's your favorite animal, other than a racoon?

For Shukaku: Ever heard of 'exercise'? You look a bit chubby and need to some loose weight, same thing with Choji. (hope I spelled his name right)

For Ino: Who do you like more, Choji or Shikamaru?

For Kankuro: Do have ANY fan-girls at all? It would seem that no one likes you; heck even CHOJI has fan-girls.

For Itachi: You're just like your brother, but my friend might kill me if I tell you to kill yourself, so, why do you paint your nails?

For Gaara's-pandachan101: You win! Gaara's all yours, but he's in my top 5 list, hehehe.

Oh and one more question for Gaara: Do you know what it means when someone, like me, holds up their index finger and moves it up and down while saying 'REDRUM'?

Okay, that's it...for now. Thankies!


Sasuke: I can't die, because then my fangirls would kill whoever killed me OR if I killed myself they would kill Naruto.

Naruto: What! Why?!

Sasuke: Because they hate you.

Sakura: When the time is right (Or when his hair grows back) I'll hook up with him.

Lee: I have to wait until my hair grows back. It all got chopped off :(

Kakashi: So what? Nothing wrong with it.

Gaara: Ummmm maybe a tiger. I dunno why, I just like them.

Shukaku: SHUT UP MORTAL!!!!!!!

Kyuubi: She's right you know.

Shukaku: You be quiet Kyuubi.

Kyuubi: No. :)

Ino: I like Choji more, I guess. But only because Shika-kun is going out with Temari.

Kankuro: I DO! A lot of people have said they are fans of mine!

Sasuke: But not as many as I do.

Kankuro: Shut up!

Itachi: Well, you have already implied that you want me to kill myself so, your friend is going to kill you anyway. And wont we be glad.


Itachi: No! Not her! Anyway, (Shudder) I paint my nails because it makes me feel special.

Gaara's-pandachan1201: Thats better. And thanks.

Gaara: I'm not yours!

Gaara's-pandachan101: You are now (Glomps)

Gaara: Ahhh!!!! Get her off me! (Gaara's-pandachan101 lets go) Thats better. Well, it probably means that they need to go to a mental facility. :)


Gaara: Shut up.

Question 21:

hi ok before I ask some questions I got the weirdest thing to tel ya...well not that weird. but anywho im learning a little japanese right now and I have this book with all these words translating it from english to japanese and I looked up neji and in english it means screw. I thought that was real weird and thought u'd wanna know.ok to the questions!


1.cant u just kill ur fangirls if u dont like em?


1.my sis loves u so much. Will u go out with her? shes youthful!:)

2whats with the spandex?


why kats?


im a character on naruto who am I?

i enjoy long walks along the beach, little boys, and licking...oh and now and then I like to get down and jiggy if ya know wat I mean! O-o

-??? (Damn memory is fading. Sorry!)

Gaara: Lol nice!

Neji: Shut up Gaara!

Gaara: NEVER! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Neji: Grrrrr. You just HAD to tell them that, didn't you?!

Gaara: (Stops laughing) I can't kill fangirls, they're immortal.


Gasara: Meep.

Lee: I don't know. I still want to ask out Sakura-chan. . .

Sakura: In your dreams Lee.

Lee:( But anyway, I like spandex. It's easy to fight in and comfortable!

Gai: He is right!

Lee: Gai-sensei!

Gai: Lee!

Lee: Gai-sensei!

Gai: Lee! (Sunset background that defies the laws of physics.


Sai: Have you been PMSing?

Kankuro: Ewwww.

Sakura: SAI! (All girls proceed to murder Sai)

Gaara: You are OROCHIMARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orochimaru: Who said my name?

Gaara: Never mind gay-snake guy.

Orochimaru: Yeah, whatever.

Question 22:

Oro-chan, you are a rapist!...MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...I'm so sorry, I had tea...Anyway!

Sasuke: I've come to terms with my hate for you. I get to torture you later anyway. You aren't on my people to kill list anymore.

Gaara: HI! If you were forced into a room with me, what would you do to keep from loosing it...That doesn't involve killing me.

Kankuro: My friend insists it would be funny if you had a cat face... And also says you belong to The Village hidden in the Pie, not Sand. I don't know, he's crazy.

Temari: You kick ass! If you were to get into a giant fight with Kankuro, who would win, cause I think you would.

That's all I can think of...BYE!

-FEAR ME- for my name is Jimmy

Orochimaru: AM NOT!

Sasuke: Uhh yes you are.

Orochimaru: Be quiet Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: Nope. Not feeling it. I'm not going to die! (Does dance)

Sakura: O.O I did not need to see that.

Gaara: I would. . . . Talk to Shukaku. It works, sometimes.

Kankuro: Tell your friends to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not from the village hidden in the pie!

Temari: For once, he's right.

Kankuro: Thanks! Wait. . . Hey!

Temari: Poor naive brother.

Kankuro: You don't say that about Gaara!

Temari: Duh, he'll kill me. I'm to cool to die.

Kankuro: Yeah whatever.

Temari: I would win in a fight any day.

Kankuro: No you wouldn't. 9safe falls from the sky and squashes them)

Gaara: That's quite enough of that.

Question 23:

Gaara-sama and Shukaku-dono,

I have a few more questions for you. I hope that no one will start singing this time around however. Well, here goes!

Kurenai- Who does your hair? Seriously, it's really pretty!

Shino-You freaking rock, so if I had an ant(which I did) and he died (Which he did!) could I have one of your kikai bugs to play with every once in a while?

Kiba-I love dogs and I was wondering if you'd wanna hang out some time.

Sasuke-Does Orochimaru sleep with a teddy, or what? Cuz he seems like the type.

Well, that's all for today.Oh, and I have pocky. Yay for pocky.

Much love and Pocky to all,

Tsukiko-chan (Uchiha Tsukiko)

Kurenai: I do it myself. I was going to be a beautician but being a ninja pays more.

Shino: No. I think he would get hurt.

Gaara's-pandachan101: Shino, be nice.

Shino: Fine, whatever (Gives bug)

Kiba: Ummm sure I guess. If Gaara's-pandachan101 will let us.

Gaara's-pandachan101: Sure I will.

Kiba: Yes!

Gaara: Why don't you let me go anywhere?

Gasara's-pandachan101: Because I wuv you too much!

Gaara: Never mind then. . .

Sasuke: Ummm (Whispering) it's a plushie snake.

Orochimaru: HE LIES!

Sasuke: No I don't (Holds up pictures)

Orochimaru: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaara's-pandachan101: YAY POCKY!!!!!!!!!!

Question 24:

Heyy Panda chan,

it's me again i just have a few more questions...

1) Gaara you are still my favourite character and i'm wondering...who would you pick , Nice lil ol' me. or . the girl who raped your plushie...?...

2) Temari how do you manage to be pretty and kick a? I know you like shikamaru... well everyone knows that...

3) Hey Kankuro, why do you play with dolls and wear make up?...

4) Kisame: YOU ROCK!



Gaara: If I had to (Takes deep breath) You. But that's just because I had to.

Temari: Nice choice little brother.

Gaara: You're just saying that because they called you pretty and kick ass.

Temari: Pretty much. . . Yeah.

Kankuro: I DO NOT!

Sasuke: You need anger management.

Kankuro: Yeah, well you need therapy emo-boy!

Gaara's-pandachan101: SHUT UP YOU TWO!!!!!

Kankuro and Sasuke: Meep, yes ma'am.

Gaara's-pandachan101: (Evil smirk)

Kisame: Thank you. I know I rock.

Deidera: I am not gender confused!!!!!!! I had to kill Gaara!!!!

Gaara: But I came back.

Deidera: exactly! So why are you mad at me!?!?!?!

Question 25:

Hi, Garra, well...i was singing at my school talent show, and was wondering, do you write or sing, and is it okay to sing Eyes On Me from FF 8 on new years to you all?

-mist village cruxis angel

Ummm I don't sing. But I do write. It's a fun thing to do.

Gaara's-pandachan10!: We all here think it is a good thing for you to do. Go for it!!! I love singing a lot so I support your singing.

Question 26:

Hey Gaara. Yeah, so I have some questions for you... What do you like to do in your spare time? Can you sleep now that Shukaku is out of you? If you could go out with a girl, what would she be like?

Some questions for Saskue:

Why do you like tomatoes? And since when did you start likeing them? Also, would you rather go out with an OC girl or Sakura. (It better be Sakura Put fist in front of your face menacingly.)

Question for Temari:

Do you ever get annoyed with Gaara for always threatening to kill you?

Question for Naruto:

Will you teach me how to do some pranks? I need to prank one of my teachers...


Gaara: In my spare time I. . . Surf fanfiction, read some of Gaara's-pandachan101's books, listen to music and write my book. When Shukaku leaves I don't sleep. It's just a habit. (You try sleeping after not sleeping for all these years.) If I HAD to go out with a girl she should be. . . Her own person. I have no prefrences.

Sasuke: I dunno why I like tomatoes. I just do. I started liking them when I was really little. It would depend on the girl.

Sakura: Grrr Sasuke-kun!!!!!!!!!!

Sasuke: Ummmmmmm buh bye now! (Runs away)

Naruto: sure, but be careful how you use them.

Iruka: Naruto, did YOU put this tack on my chair?!?

Naruto: Uhhh (Runs after Sasuke)

Question 27:

Konichiwa Gaara-kun and Shukaku-sama! How are you both? 'ne way...

I have a favor to ask of Sakura...


LATELY CUZ I HAVE NO ONE TO SPAR WITH! you better watch your back! stay

away from Lee-kun...You never know when I'll come and get you (grins

psychotically... hee hee hee hee hee)


How are you? I feel bad for you Lee-kun! Please come back! I made some

curry for you! You like it spicy right?


Why haven't you tried to help out with Lee-kun's "Haruno problem"?

That's not youthful, not helping your own student Gai-sensei! (I'm

saddened...) I thought you were better than Kakashi! HELP LEE!! (starts crying

youthful tears)


Would you please be kind to all of us in the world, (and your friend, me) and just... KILL Sakura before I do? (twitches)sorry, my psycho mood is kicking in... by the way what would you do if your so called "best friend" calls you a lazy ass loser and says you can't do anything right and that you're stupid and doesn't talk to you for a year and a half? (that's why i'm a "kill the sakura" rampage) XD


have your bugs ever bitten you? (that was a dumb question O.o)


What type of music to you prefer, old school rock (Kiss, etc) or rap (i loath rap)

What kind of face paint is that? I like it you look cute and why won't take off your hat! I wanna see how your hair looks like! (the kitty ears are cute by the way)


How can you handle two little brothers? One that's obsessed with puppets, wears cat ears, and wears face paint and the other who is insomniac, demon possessed, AND a cookie fanatic? I admire your strength!!


Chouji-kun! I think you're awesome! I don't think anyone has asked you a question yet!... anyway, I want to invite you over for thanksgiving! LOTS of homemade family recipes (I CAN'T SPELL XD) and my uncle makes the BEST turkey EVER! With both light and dark meat... and there's ham... and mash potatos... and usually three to four different stuffings...

You know what! I'mma invite everybody! Oi, Gaara-kun! My mother makes the BEST BEST BEST! Best cookies ever! And at least two the three different kinds! (wink)

Lee-kun! I'll make you curry!

Sakura, STAY AWAY FROM LEE! (I give your warning... XD evil laugh)

Bye every one!'

Yami No Baiken

Gaara: I'm afraid I can't. I would get murdered by all the Sakura fan-boys (And girls). Personally I would kill them, but that's irrational. You should try and be friends again. It's not worth throwing away a friendship because your friend is being an ass. TRY to talk to them.

Naruto: WOW Gaara, you should take over for Dr. Phil!!!

Gaara: Ummmm no.

Shino: Sadly, yes. It was a giant tarantula (I have BIG issues with that species.)

Kankuro: I like, old school rock better. Yeah, definitely better. He paint is kabuki face paint, I like it a lot. But I will NOT take off my hat.

Temari: Why?

Kankuro: Ummmmm it's glued on.

Temari: Yeah, Riiiiiiiiight.

Kankuro: Hmph!

Temari: My ability to handle the boys comes from an ipod and a locked door. Yeah, I just ignore them.

Choji: I'd love to come, but Thanksgiving is over. (Here comes the sarcasm) Thanks Gaara's-pandachan101 for not letting us answer these questions along time ago!

Gaara's-pandachan101: I'm sorry, really. I was busy; REALLY busy.


Tenten: (Eye twitch)

Question 28:

have a few questions

for temari: isn't it hard 2 carry that fan all the time , like how heavy is that fan?

for shikamaru: when did u first start watching clouds?

for tenten: up 2 this point how many weapons have u mastered?

for lee: did u really steal gaara's eyebrows?

for naruto: if u could control an element what would it be?

for neji: whats ur favorite food?

for kakashi: why are y always late?

for shino: why do u always wear sunglasses?

for hinata: y dont u tell naruto u like him?

for kiba: the fur on the hood of ur jacket, whats it made of?

for tsunade: why do u have a pet pig?

and for u gaara: how heavy is ur gourd?

thank u 4 ur time gaara-sama


Temari: Yews it is. But I'm a kounoichi, I can handle it.


Naruto: H-hinata, did you j-just.

Hinata: Hell yes I did!

Naruto: (Faints)

Hinata: Naruto-kun!!!!

Shikamaru: When I was just a lad. . .

Temari: Ooooook then. (Backs away)

Tenten: It's hard to say. Ummmm I think around a thousand. HA! BEET THAT!

Lee: No I did not!!!!

Gaara: Lee, it's un-youthful to tell lies.

Lee: Right then. I did it!!!!!

Naruto: Um probably the element of. . . RAMEN!!!!! No, it's gotta be lightning.

Neji: Mine is. . . (Mumbles)

Shizune: We can't hear you.

Neji: It's. . . RAMEN!!!!!!

Naruto: O.O Friend (Hugs Neji)

Kakashi: Ummmmmm I get lost on the road of life. A LOT.

Shino: So I don't get fangirls.

Some random Shino fangirl: A little to late for that Shino-kun!!!! (Squeels)

Shino: Oh shoot. . . .

Hinata: I did. But, he doesn't listen a lot. But I will make him hear. (Takes out chain-saw) Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Kiba: It's. . . . fox fur. . .

Kyuubi: HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

Kiba: Crap. . . .

Tsunade: It's kawaii! Awwww how could you not think this face is cute??

Gaara: Ummm (Takes out scale) Lets find out. . . (Weighs) It's one-hundred and sixtey five pounds.

Kiba: Haha! You have a fat gourd!

Gourd: Shut up dog-boy!!!!!!!

Everyone: (Eye twitch)

Gourd: What?

END! (For now!)